A Letter from the Past (過去からの手紙 Kako kara no Tegami) is the second story arc in Phantom Blood.

It narrates Jonathan Joestar's discovery and efforts to prove that Dio Brando is trying to poison his father George.


Dio and Jojo playing with one team

Jonathan and Dio during their school's rugby match.

It is the year 1888, a time of the infamous Jack the Ripper killings. Seven years have passed since Dio Brando came to the Joestar mansion as he and Jonathan Joestar have grown into young men at Hugh Hudson Academy: Jonathan is writing a thesis to become an archaeologist while Dio is graduating as a top law student. Both behave like the best of friends in public, but Jonathan still doesn't completely trust Dio while the latter prepares to steal the Joestar's fortune. For some time George has been feeling ill and is bedridden.

Jonathan suspecting

Jonathan realizing Dio's murder plot.

Studying the Stone Mask in the library, Jonathan accidentally finds a letter to his father from Dario Brando and reads it. The content of the letter shocks Jonathan as he finds Dio about to enter George's room to give him his medication. Jonathan reveals that he's found out that Dario suffered the same symptoms as his father and has unveiled Dio's paricide and his ploy to poison George. Dio denies the accusations, warning Jonathan that their friendship will end here and now if he insists to investigate the medicine's legitimacy.

Unable to look Dio in the eyes since his claims lack evidence, Jonathan agrees to back up on his accusations on the condition that Dio swears on Dario's honor as a gentleman. As Jonathan expects, Dio angrily refuses to say anything nice of his father as he lunges at Jonathan. But Jonathan has become stronger since their last brawl, and throws Dio off the second floor of the mansion with only one hand. Jonathan and Dio's enmity resurface. While Jonathan is resolved to protect his father, Dio plots to murder Jonathan to get away with his crimes.


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