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Señorita...Have you seen my son...He's all right looking, but such an awful brat. I didn't like his guts so I ate him whole, but then I heard he went to school this morning. I know he can't be alive, so this is quite odd.

—Alejandro Torres to Lisa Lisa in JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1: Tsukumojuku

Alejandro Torres (アレハンドロ・トーレス Arehandoro tōresu) later to be known has Alexander Hightower (アレクサンダー・ハイタワー Arekusandā haitawā), is a secondary antagonist of the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He is the father of Anthony Hightower, who later eats him after becoming a Vampire. He is then killed by Lisa Lisa.


As a Vampire, Alexander appears similarly to his son, he has blonde hair and thin eyebrows. In the illustration, he appears naked, with a somewhat muscular torso, and has fangs just because he is a Vampire.


Alexander is a cunning, negligent, and cruel father. Allowing his wife to abuse their son, and states to have hated him and called him a brat. Pretending to be Spanish, he manipulates Antonio's teacher, Mr. Fernandez, into closing the curtains of the classroom so he would be able to enter without worrying about sunlight.



Alexander was born in England, who later marries a woman named Mary. They later have a son in 1889, who they name Anthony. After going bankrupt from his railway business, they move to La Palma, and change their name to sound more Spanish. He suddenly becomes a Vampire later on, possibly because of Dio Brando.


Alexander eventually eats his son, accidentally turning him into a Zombie. He goes to Antonio's school to look for him after hearing that he was alive. He confronts Lisa Lisa, who confuses him into thinking his son is alive. She calls him a terrible father, and then he attempts to attack her. Only to be disintegrated by Lisa Lisa's Indigo Blue Overdrive (possibly Turquoise Blue Overdrive). [1]


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