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An Engagement with Death: The Wedding Ring (死の契約・結婚指輪(ウェディングリング) Shi no Keiyaku Wedingu Ringu), originally The Wedding Ring of Death (死の結婚指輪(ウェディングリング) Shi no Uedingu Ringu) in the WSJ release, is the twenty-sixth chapter of Battle Tendency and the seventieth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


As the mine cart spirals deeper into the cave, Wamuu tries to understand why Joseph is sacrificing himself. He guesses Joseph's plan and hits the brakes before Joseph does, sending both flying and also guesses that his enemy plans to use the stick of dynamite behind him, spoiling Joseph's plans. They crash into a court under Esidisi and Kars' watch. Wamuu knows that Joseph has lost too much blood to survive, and wonders why he still has fearless eyes. Joseph tells Wamuu that if given one month, he would have been strong enough to defeat him. Using Wamuu's pride, Joseph provokes the Pillar Man into allowing him one month to live and train. Esidisi appears and asks Wamuu why he is taking his time, and, seeing the lit dynamite stick, eats it. The dynamite explodes in Esidisi's stomach without damaging him.

To ensure that Joseph will fight him again, Wamuu places a Wedding Ring of Death on Joseph's artery. The outer part of the ring will melt in 33 days unless Joseph defeats Wamuu and drinks the antidote found in his lip piercing. Amused by this trial, Esidisi also decides to participate and places his own ring of death on the inside of Joseph's throat. With that settled, the Pillar Men jump into the sky in search of the Red Stone of Aja. A little later, Caesar arrives and helps the unconscious Joseph, having developed respect for him.


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