Andre Boom Boom (アンドレ・ブンブーン Andore Bun Būn) is a minor antagonist from Steel Ball Run.

Andre is one of the competitors of the Steel Ball Run race. Alongside the rest of the Boom Boom Family, he tries to eliminate other jockeys to get ahead in the race and attacks Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar.

Andre is a Stand User wielding Tomb of the Boom.


Andre appears as a young man in his early twenties, notably having aligned columns of freckles that cover his face. He has unkempt hair. Andre wears a spotted shirt with a target imprinted on the chest, with a corresponding cap on which two bow ties are attached; he also wears a plain vest.

He has the odd ability to make his nostrils flat and stuff his whole ear in his earhole.

Just like the other members of the family, Andre is a murderous and greedy man who murders the competition for the prize money. He shows a little more intelligence than his younger brother, L. A. Boom Boom. Andre seems to practice erotic asphyxiation. 


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Andre shares his Stand with the other two members of his family, making it the first Stand to have more than one user at the same time. Andre's power is to magnetize anyone his blood touches.


Andre is one of the Steel Ball Run racers that ambushes Gyro and Johnny during the course of the second stage. After letting himself be bitten by a poisonous lizard, he approaches the protagonists, asking for fire to clean his wounds. To fool them, Andre fakes healing himself and plays dead, luring Gyro into coming closer and touching Andre's bloodied knife with his foot.

While Gyro is turned into a human magnet, the other members of the family attack them on their horses. Andre quickly regains consciousness, but Gyro quickly disposes of him, using his Steel Balls to throw rocks at great speed and pierce Andre, leaving him with a big hole in the stomach.

Andre doesn't immediately die from his injury, but he mentions going unconscious from the blood loss and is never seen afterward. After their father's death, it is unknown what happened to him and his brother.


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