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Hey, Jorge Joestar...I'm afraid you're gonna die here. And after you're dead, I'm gonna kill your family, too. Their deaths will be even worse than yours.

—Antonio Torres in JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 11: Gremlin

Antonio Torres (アントニオ・トーレス Antonio Tōresu), later revealed to be Anthony Hightower (アンソニー・ハイタワーAnsonī Haitawā) is one of the main antagonists in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. He plays his initial role in Chapter 1 and is known for bullying George.


Antonio appears as a very skinny boy with short blonde hair that is swept to both sides. He is seen wearing a T-shirt with stripes on it.

As a Zombie, Antonio appears with no eyes, and is naked, with no muscles, bones, or blood. He has claws and fangs, with his skin being stretched.


Antonio was a violent child because of his continuous abuse from his family. He was very aggressive towards others, especially to Jorge when he bullies him with his gang. He always ends up being beaten up by Elizabeth who has to constantly save him.[2]

Even after over 20 years, Antonio still maintained his child-like personality when he encountered Jorge again; via puking on his exposed crotch when he strips him.[3]


Skin Cell Production: After being continuously abused by his mother, Maria Torres, Antonio's metabolism began to accelerate very quickly. Allowing his mother to peel off all of his skin from his toe all the way to his head. Antonio's skin cells are healed every month, instead of healing every seven years like an average human. After continuing this cycle for a while, his skin begins to adapt to shedding off on the same day, every year.


In Chapter 11, Antonio makes his sudden reappearance on the side of Jorge's plane as he is flying back to his base with his navigator Jim. He sucked out all of the fuel of Jorge's plane and then disappears, leaving Jorge to die. As a zombie, he is weak towards sunlight like any other zombie. [4]

  • Skin Clones: With the skin Antonio sheds, he is able to create zombie clones of himself. Each clone is able to clone itself and continue this process. In Chapter 11, by 2012, Jorge and Lisa Lisa calculate that Antonio had made over 919,040 copies of himself.


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Antonio Torres, born Antonio Hightower, was born in England, later on ending up in La Palma because his family had gone bankrupt. His family change their name to "Torres" to blend in with the Spaniards.

Ever since he was a baby, Antonio's mother had peeled his skin from head to toe, leaving only blood, flesh and his bones intact. She then carefully put the pieces together, used oil to keep it from drying up, and connected them with medical glue. She used Antonio's hair, which had fallen off, and placed it on the skin to complete the creation; which she decides to name This Years Antonio. She continues this cycle throughout his life. [5]


In the beginning of Chapter 1, Jorge explains that he had been bullied by a boy named Antonio Torres and his gang. Antonio attempted to feed Jorge dog feces but ended up just smearing it on his face. Jorge returns home and gets a lecture from Erina for not standing up for himself. The next day, Jorge walks to school early in attempt to avoid Antonio and his gang. He is confronted by Julio Gonzalez and is interrogated by him. Jorge is confused and is told that Antonio had been murdered that morning. Julio suspects that Jorge and Lisa Lisa had killed him because they had come to school early.


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