In every tankōbon (volume) of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the front folded flap of the dust jacket usually contains a picture of Hirohiko Araki himself, and more than often a note by him addressed to the reader.

These are always different, and usually involve Araki expressing his opinion on various subjects, which can include information about JoJo characters or the story itself.

The English volumes published by VIZ Media, lacking dust jackets, place this content inside the first page of the volume itself.

The Author's Notes below are split up into the respective Parts each tankōbon belongs to:

  1. Author's Note, Phantom Blood
  2. Author's Note, Battle Tendency
  3. Author's Note, Stardust Crusaders
  4. Author's Note, Diamond is Unbreakable
  5. Author's Note, Vento Aureo
  6. Author's Note, Stone Ocean
  7. Author's Note, Steel Ball Run
  8. Author's Note, JoJolion 
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