Baby Face (ベイビィ・フェイス Beibyi Feisu) is the Stand of Melone, featured in Vento Aureo.

Baby Face is a highly unique Stand, functioning as a computer that can generate a secondary, sentient Stand capable of development.


Baby Face primarily takes the form of a laptop equipped with a trackball, in which there is a hole where Melone can insert a small bottle of sampled DNA. From the bottom of the computer protrudes a large face, and occasionally limbs. It is notable that Baby Face can be seen by ordinary people.

The homunculus it generates takes the form of a humanoid with no noteworthy features save for the crest of spikes on its head. Its midsection is composed of several cables attaching the two halves of its body. It's designed as an evil version of Echoes ACT3 or a demonic child.[2]

Baby Face and its spawn are both presented as being light blue in the colored manga and lavender in the anime adaptation. While Baby Face itself is not shown in the PS2 game, the homunculus is shown as being white with lime green spikes.


Baby Face itself has no personality to speak of.

However, the homunculus it generates is an independent Stand; it also holds separate sentience from its user. Since it is born with intellect but no knowledge, it requires proper education to ensure positive growth. The one shown homunculus also had a murderous instinct.[3]

Otherwise, it will become disobedient and uncontrollable. It also takes its personality from its "mother"; the one used against Bruno Bucciarati's group had a hotheaded "mother" and demonstrated such personality traits.


Baby Face

Baby Face's base entity is an automatic Stand with little combat ability, therefore it isn't suited for direct confrontation. Its strength resides in its ability to create secondary Stands for Melone to sic on a target. It is laborious to set up, but inherently very safe as a trade-off.

Homunculus Generation

Baby face computa

Melone can create a specially tuned human-Stand hybrid

Through its computer Stand, Baby Face has the ability to generate a secondary Stand that will fight in its place.[3] By researching a suitable subject through the pseudoscience of examining a woman's characteristics ranging from one's age or health to their blood type, personality or their horoscope, Melone gathers information and predicts the future homunculus' predispositions. If the data predicts a strong child who is "incompatible" with Melone's target, Melone unleashes Baby Face on the woman and impregnates her with Baby Face's child through undisclosed means.[4] Though the child is progenated through undisclosed means, it is stated that the insemination holds no similarities to human reproduction, as Baby face's victim expresses relief that she had not in fact been raped upon waking up post-Stand encounter.[2] The child also appears to develop within or around the mother's head, approximately towards the back. This is hinted at when Baby Face's speech seemingly originates from that point, and urine trickles down the target woman's neck when it relieves itself. Baby Face asks for the mother’s preference of karma sutra positions, however the relevance of this is unknown.

The development is fast, taking three minutes for a fertilized egg to fully develop into a new homunculus[4] that then appears near the host.

Moreover, if Melone possesses a sample of his target's blood, he can incorporate it into the homunculus so that it automatically feels the target's location and can track them.[4]


Baby Face is not only responsible for the Homunculus Generation power, but is also used like a regular computer, capable of holding and interacting with the data gathered by Melone.[4] The computer Stand also maintains contact with the homunculus, as if Melone was having an online discussion with the homunculus' spirit. A webcam and microphone allow Melone to show the homunculus images and converse with it orally.[3] It also monitors the homunculus' status, allowing Melone to watch its growth.[5]


The secondary Stand or homunculus that Baby Face creates is an independent, long range and power-type Stand that acts as a surrogate fighter for Melone. It is powerful by default, can develop further depending on the progenitor, and its demise doesn't affect Melone, making it useful as a proxy assassin.[6] On the other hand, because of its independence, it can disobey its creator but is also a hassle to create and educate. As a unique mix of human and Stand, the homunculus can be seen by anyone.[6] Unfortunately for it, the homunculus is also vulnerable to mundane things most Stands are immune to like burning.[5]

Matter Manipulation

Baby face powa

Bucciarati is turned into nondescript cubes

Upon birth, the secondary Stand is capable of breaking matter apart into cubes while keeping lifeforms alive.[3]

The homunculus creates a square-shaped vacuum that forcefully divides anything it touches into cubes, or merely extracts a single cubic part of the target.[7][8]

Upon dicing something, Baby Face is capable of rearranging and reconstituting the structure of said objects into anything it desires (Baby Face cubed and transformed Trish into a table), and can even apply its powers to itself, reproducing the appearance of anything and blending in with the environment.[7][8] The homunculus can thus hide inside an object and go into any adjacent object to evade attacks.[9]

Although cubed people typically stay alive despite their condition,[10] this can also be used as an attack by removing key parts of the body like the throat.[8]

The homunculus can dice people then absorb the cubes for nourishment.[3]

Physical Growth and Aging

The homunculus starts as a small baby able to hide inside someone's hair. Over a short period of time, it will grow both physically and mentally into a fully aged adult.[3] Aside from developing physically, it will grow as a Stand itself. While most autonomous Stands, such as Killer Queen's Sheer Heart Attack, lack precision or the ability to allow their users a sense of awareness to their current condition and status, Baby Face is able to assimilate information witnessed or heard. Through that learning and Melone's counsel,[8] the Stand will become more powerful and efficient in combat. It can also acquire other skills separate from fighting such as driving a motorcycle.[9]

On the other hand, it is free-spirited and may go berserk[6] and disobedient if Melone cannot rein it in. For better or for worse, the Stand will then follow its instinct alone when battling an enemy.[5]

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