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Baoh (バオー来訪者 Baō Raihōsha, lit. Baoh: The Visitor) is a single-episode OVAW adaption of the manga series Baoh: The Visitor by Hirohiko Araki. It was produced by Studio PierrotW and was released on September 16, 1989.

It was released in English for VHS and laser disc in 1995 by AnimEigoW, and then licensed for DVD release in 2001.


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In a bid to create the perfect warrior, the Doress foundation implants an experimental parasite called Baoh into a boy named Ikuro Hashizawa. However, Ikuro escapes due to the interference of a little girl with precognitive powers called Sumire. Afraid the Baoh parasite will be discovered by others, the Foundation sends leagues of assassins to kill the boy. Luckily for Ikuro, the Baoh creature becomes active, transforming him and giving him amazing powers that he uses to fight off his attackers as the organization gets increasingly desperate in their aim to kill him.


Cast Japanese English
Ikuro Hashizawa Hideyuki Hori Brian Hinnant
Sumire Noriko Hidaka Kem Helms
Kasuminome Ichiro Nagai Mike Way
Dordo Shuichi Ikeda Dave Underwood
Sophine Yō Inoue Sara Seidman
Walken Yusaku Yara Chuck Denson
#22 Ikuya Sawaki Sean P. O'Connell
Masked Men Shinya Otaki
Masaharu Sato
Ikuya Sawaki
Marc Matney
Mark Franklin
Paul Johnson
Technician Kōzō Shioya Patrick Humphrey
Soldier Michitaka Kobayashi Jim Clark
Kevin Greenway
Nick Manatee
Motorcycle Girl Tomoko Maruo Sandy Clubb




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