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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 18 February


bro, the OVA was so weird, but it was great. The Stand designs were crazy, but similar enough to the manga. Like, i will 10000% take OVA The World over the plain old ANIME design anyday.

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SlleepyHollow SlleepyHollow 21 January

Using this to earn the "Blog Post" badge..

I love jjba :)

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discord acc

i got permanently logged out of my discord account, if you wanted to add me, add me at azalea33 :^ im usually active there

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QueenKoshi QueenKoshi 30 October 2023


Hello everybody, my name is SRJF and welcome to this blog. If you've been here before. Welcome back lads! I just wanted to say I'm reviving this.

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QueenKoshi QueenKoshi 30 October 2023

Blog: I am an anarchist.

Welcome welcome.

Editing lat r

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QueenKoshi QueenKoshi 30 October 2023

Blog: First day in PR, answer to Babysharks question, and sad news.

Hey everyone, welcome welcome. This is my second blog post (I know I'm hella late but bare with me) so, I arrived in Puerto Rico today with and I'm staying at this awesome house with a pool, hammock, and river in the back. It's pretty awesome considering I'm in the same town where you can actually stand right in the middle of the island at, not trying to dox myself so I won't say the name of the place. Anyway, I didn't just become gay/bi out of nowhere, I'd actually been contemplating about whether or not I should consider my sexuality and stuff. Naturally, a death robot with insecurity and a surprisingly non-hostile nature finally made me start to question myself after I got something I can't talk about on this wiki. Anyway, I recently fo…

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QueenKoshi QueenKoshi 30 October 2023

Hey guys, starting a blog!

Welcome, welcome. My name is [redacted] and welcome to my blog. I'll be posting here every week probably on Wednesdays in the afternoon around 3PM EST. So, I recently got into murder drones (a web series by Glitch Productions that is surprisingly good in both animation and story, if a little too meta, and relatively unknown apparently) which lead me to having an identity crisis because I was on the verge of having one anyway and then I saw Serial Designation N and I think I'm either Gay or Bi now I have no idea. I may even be trans, at this point I'm just spending my nights lying awake in bed trying to discover my identity thinking it will just come to me. It probably won't, for those of you who have been in my position (if there are any) …

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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 1 August 2023

The AGE old question..................

SP or TW!? Which is better?????



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Dniuhfdsehefeu Dniuhfdsehefeu 13 July 2023

I am angry

I am angry

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Tusk Act Minus 1 Tusk Act Minus 1 11 July 2023

Stands if they were named after memes


Exposure to "dead memes" may cause severe symptoms of cringe.

  • 1 Stardust Crusaders
  • 2 Diamond is Unbreakable
  • 3 Vento Áureo/Golden Wind
  • 4 Stone Ocean
  • 5 Steel Ball Run
  • 6 JoJolion

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Noobwantpets Noobwantpets 23 May 2023


Did JJBA end yet

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Tusk Act Minus 1 Tusk Act Minus 1 19 May 2023

Stands with hearts

Every single one of them is OP in some way or another.

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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 1 May 2023

May 2023 art thread

Greetings once more! Happy May! The merry month of May. I am back hosting the art thread. As normal, this is a place to show you're badass edits, art, digigtal art, sketches, JJBA OC's, etc. NOTE: This is a art THREAD. this is 10000% seperate from @RhinoShniderthelll's Art CHALLANGE.

Da rules:

  • NO NSFW, period. failure to this will be reported, and deleted, and cringed.
  • IT HAS to be JoJo related. Its ok to have art of Jotaro meeting batman, or a jojo OC. But this is not a place for you to just dump some sketches of unrelated things like naruto, sailor moon, etc.
  • Be KIND. some critism is fine. its one thing to say "huh, its cool, but, maybe have Jotaro's hat at an angle" and another to say "THATS WRONG! His foot is BAD!! make better plz."
  • Have fun…
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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 25 April 2023

Jonathan vs Jodio Joestar. (AI generated rap battle.)

I decided to make more content for the blog posts. So here ye go! A rap battle between the first and mos recent Jojos! The link is below:

ANNOUNCER: And now, presenting the ultimate showdown of the Joestar family, it's Jonathan Joestar versus Jodio Joestar in the rap battle of the century!


Yo, Jodio Joestar, you think you're so tough

But everyone knows you're just a big old fluff

Your rhymes are weak, your flow is slow

I'll knock you down like a domino


Oh, Jonathan Joestar, you're naive and mild

But you're no match for an MC that's wild

I'll blaze through these beats like a speeding bullet

While you're stuck in the past like an antique relic


You may be brash, but I stand for honor

Unlike …

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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 1 April 2023

April 2023 art thread

Hello, and its April. So its time for YOU'RE art! you can post ur JOJO related art. wether it be a fan-stand, OC, or just plain old art! this is seperate from Rhino's art ocntest, so if you want to enter her contest, dont put you're submission here. there are rules

  1. no NSFW art
  2. it must be related to htis wiki, or JJBA in someway
  3. no trolling
  4. all wiki rules still aply.
  5. have fun!!

have a good month!

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Dio thinks your cool Dio thinks your cool 19 March 2023

With Part 9, Jodio is basically giorno?

So since Part 7 is jonathan AU, and part 8 is josuke AU, wouldn't part 9 be giorno AU?

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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 15 March 2023

small rant

So i've really been trying to write a good ending or climax for Sam's journey but it's been so damn tough. i also dont want to just RUSH Sam's journey as i dont want to do that, nor do i think you people want that. i spend so much time thinking of new stands, and characters, and reaserching gods/goddess so i dont want to waste any of it. and introducing new characters are also getting harder. for instance Bell'e: She was supposed to be a GIANT core ally for the rest of the story. but then i had trouble fitting her in, and i introduced her too late. she was supposed to spend most of the rest of Sam's journey recovering memories, and exepting her sexuality (idea i scrapped)!!! Bell'e was planned to be my Gappy, but then i got writers block a…

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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 14 March 2023

Purple Haze: FeedBack page one

There were two figures in the Temple of Apollo.

One male, one female.

It was night; a new moon.

The female lay on her side, barely visible in the faint light of the stars; the man stood looking down at her.

She groaned, in pain.

"Call him," the man said, his tone cold.

She groaned again.

"Call Fugo. Call him here. Scream, and beg him to come save you."

The man’s voice betrayed no hint of mercy. Only hostility and murder calcified into dark cruelty.

The girl only groaned. She did not move. Her arms and legs were twisted in directions they were not meant to go. She could not escape on her own.

"Don't try and fight me," the man said. It was not a threat, but a statement of fact. "Manic Depression can control you completely. You no longer have free will…

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King Gloomba King Gloomba 28 May 2023

jojo links :3

since the original post by PK oof is pretty buried i'm just reposting it here

hi welcome to my blog post, im just using this to store some links

parts 1-8:

and those are my links! (not really) Im keeping them here because of school. (original by PK oof)

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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 7 March 2023

Jotaro VS drugs

Jotaro Kujo was a seasoned Stand user and had saved the world multiple times with the help of his Stand, Star Platinum. However, he had a new challenge to face - drug abuse.

Jotaro received a call from a worried mother whose son was a drug addict. The mother pleaded with Jotaro to help her son, who had been using drugs that were causing him to hallucinate and become aggressive. Jotaro knew that he had to act fast and decided to investigate the source of the drugs.

Jotaro's search led him to a shady street dealer who was selling the drugs to unsuspecting teenagers. Jotaro approached the dealer and demanded that he stop selling the drugs immediately. The dealer refused and called his Stand, a powerful creature that attacked Jotaro.

Jotaro's Sta…

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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 27 February 2023

March 2023 Art Thread

hello and Welcome to the first ever JJBA wiki ART THREAD. for those who dont know me, my name is Babysharkboss2 or Jax and am trans/bi. but this is not about me, this is about YOU. YOU ( and me ) can post your art HERE. because for the first time it is truly a place for artists. although of course there are rules.

  1. no NSFW art
  2. no graphic art ( a bloody fight or bloody decaptition, etc )
  3. must be JJBA related. ( of course there are exceptions such as Fan-stand art, or edits, or Jojo OC´s, etc )
  4. all of the wiki rules STILL apply here and this will still be watched by mods and admins. basicly if you cant say it normally dont say it here either.
  5. please no doxxing on other people art
  6. have fun

but yeah. i do have some volunteers and helpers ( jody, E99he…

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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 21 February 2023


i saw in the top of my screen there is an opiton called PURGE. and if i had to geuss it destroys the page. so i made this burner blog to purge.

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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 21 February 2023

art thread of the month (BETA)

Hello! for those who dont know me im Babysharkboss2 or Jax. And this is the beta version of my (un)offical art thread! i had an idea for it but i decided that before i truly start it that i would try it in a blog. so feel free to post any Jojo art you want! ( provided its SFW ). you can post animations, comics, sketches, or just JJBA art you made.

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Babysharkboss2 Babysharkboss2 19 February 2023

Some lore for my stand

although i already made a post, i'm going to copy paste it here for your convience

A man walks down a long street. the year is 1888, and it is a cold, wet, rainy night in Londen. While walking the man hears a shriek, and turns around to see a teenager dead on the ground, and a shadowy man, with a bow in his hands, and a quiver on his back, running away. The man tried to catch up with the mysterious man but to no eval. because this is 1888 there were no phones. so the man continued his walk and entered a bar. the bartender greeted him cheerfully, ¨Jax, buddy how are you? see anything?¨ Jax smiled and replied, ¨meh, saw another kid being sniped by that archer the Newspaper was talking about.¨. Jax then asked for a drink and continued his sto…

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Jody Narushiso Jody Narushiso 14 February 2023

People Ask what "JS. JOEN" Means on Jody's Green Hoodie

On Jody Narushiso's green hoodie, the letters of "JS. JOEN" is meant to serve as a name of a past relative, or more of a company that a relative founded.

JS. Joen is the initials of one of Jody's gaurdians from 12 years ago.

J = Jeremy

S= Slav

FULL NAME: Jeremy Slav Joen.

It was made when Jeremy SJ. died from a heart attack when she was 5. Jody still wears it to honor the great memories that lay within her from Jeremy. Jody's full name is Jody Joen Narushiso, as the most important part to her name was her middle name.

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Dictator Red Dictator Red 14 February 2023

Dictator Diamond

peak stand fr it should be in JJRZ not gonna lieeee

it won't be...........

but maybe one day I could make a story with DD hmmmmmmmmmm

anywhom I just saw this as an ez achievement so ye

love u dictator diamond ur my fav stand

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Faiafokkusu Faiafokkusu 24 January 2023

My OC Stands

Clover Club/ Clover Party

Power--C Speed--S Range--S Durability--B Precision--A Potential--C

Core Pride/Center Pride

Power--B Speed--S Range--A Durability--B Precision--S Potential--B

3bun 29byou

Power--B Speed--A Range--S Durability--A Precision--A Potential--S

Weekend Whip/Vacation Vhip

Power--S Speed--S Range--A Durability--A Precision--A Potential--D

Jingo Jungle/ Jingle Jungle

Power--C Speed--B Range--A Durability--B Precision--A Potential--A

Hebereke Junkie/

Power--C Speed--A Range--A Durability--S Precision--B Potential--C

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QueenKoshi QueenKoshi 30 October 2023


The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Me…

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PK oof PK oof 5 January 2023

very awesome blog post

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Faiafokkusu Faiafokkusu 15 December 2022

I now have created 5 custom stands

The Stands I have made

Clover Club

Core Pride

3-bun 29-byo

Jingo Jungle

Weekend Whip

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I frew up( joke)

Anyways here are some mid animations I have done

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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 11 October 2022

Novel Dio WWW Catalogue

Ties will be in italic and winners will be in bold.

  • Dio vs Bully Maguire
  • Dio vs Dio Brando (Canon) (DIO was used)
  • Dio vs Popeye (Speed and power was equalized)
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AtlasFlame14x AtlasFlame14x 15 September 2022

La Isla Bonita

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LF89Thunda LF89Thunda 27 July 2022

Beat It stand concept

Beat it is a fan made stand concept by lf89thunda. it is a reference to Michael Jackson's song beat it.

it would have the ability to turn anything he touches with his ring finger into whatever the user desires. he can also revert it back if he wants to by tossing it up and punching it. although not being able to create big things out of small objects.

Beat It can also slam the ground so hard debris coming out will enhance his fists.

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LF89Thunda LF89Thunda 20 July 2022

The Hand Requiem

The Hand Requiem is my concept if, 1 okuyasu was smart, 2 if he was in part 5. it gains the ability to erase with both hands now, as well as to stop time, and for okuyasu to gain a similar ability to cream. except that instead of eating himself, he erases himself. then creating an erasure ball.

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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 19 July 2022

HA DIO WWW catalogue

I have not done a www catalogue in awhile so I will do 1 on HA DIO because I don't want to do a dio 1 yet. Winners will be in bold while ties will be in italic.

  • HA DIO vs Aslan
  • HA DIO vs Zeus (Greek Myth)
  • HA DIO vs Chuck Norris (Fact Book)
  • HA DIO vs Hirohiko Araki
  • HA DIO vs Bully Maguire
  • HA DIO vs 1 millon Part 1 Dios
  • HA DIO vs Enrico Pucci (MIH Pucci was used)
  • HA DIO vs Abyss (Marvel vs Capcom 2)
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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 22 June 2022

Major Wammu wwws I did

Ok, so I wanted to catalogue some other part 2 character so I decided to do Wamuu because he is cool and he is also a pillar men. So here we go. Winners will be in bold and titles will be in italic.

  • Wamuu vs. Giant Praying Mantis (ARBS)
  • Wamuu vs. Godzilla (Showa)
  • Wamuu vs. Chaka
  • Wamuu vs. Josuke (DIU)
  • Wammu vs. Mechagodzilla (Monsterverse)
  • Wamuu vs. Tama
  • Wammu vs. Jotaro Kujo (Part 3 Jotaro was used, speed equalized)
  • Wamuu vs. BOS Knight (Fallout 4 BOS Knight was used)
  • Wamuu vs Die Glocke
  • Wamuu vs Guido Mista
  • Wamuu vs Stroheim
  • Wamuu vs Polenareff (HFTF) (Black Polnareff was used.)
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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 22 June 2022

Major Doppio wwws I did

Yes, yes I know Doppio and Diavolo was the same character but this wiki list him as a different character. So yeah I can this without Diavolo. This will be short so hope u will enjoy. Winners will be in bold and ties will be in italic.

  • Doppio vs. Dan Backslide
  • Doppio vs. Heavy (Heavy was restricted to melee and lunchbox items only)
  • Doppio & Bret Hart vs. Giorno Giovanna & Shawn Michaels (Giorno had no GER, this was a tag team match)
  • Doppio vs. Jonathan Joestar
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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 20 June 2022

Joseph Joestar www catalogue

This will be my biggest catalogue yet. Joesph Joestar is one of those characters I do alot. So this will be big. Winners will be in bold while ties will be italic.

  • Joesph Joestar vs. T-Rex (Real Life) (Part 2 Joseph was used. Joseph had 1 hour of prep)
  • Joseph Joestar vs. Jobin (Part 2 Joseph was used)
  • Joseph Joestar vs. Enrico Pucci (Old Joseph was used. Pucci had Whitesnake and a handgun)
  • Joseph Joestar vs. Bret Hart (Part 2 Joseph was used, This was a TLC match)
  • Joseph Joestar & Caesar Zeppeli vs. Bully Maguire (Part 2 Joseph was used)
  • Joseph Joestar vs. Bug-Eaten (Part 2 Joseph was used)
  • Joseph Joestar vs. Kakyoin (Part 2 Joseph was used)
  • Joseph Joestar vs. Mr. Krabs (Old Joseph was used)
  • Joseph Joestar vs. Akuma (Part 2 Joseph was used.)
  • Joseph Joestar vs.…

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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 19 June 2022

Major Bug-Eaten WWWS I did

Ok, so I want to do a catalogue on some character I barely do wwws on. So I will do the best minor part 4 Villan Bug-Eaten.

Winners will be in bold while ties will be in italic.

  • Bug-Eaten vs. 100 Rattlesnakes
  • Bug-Eaten vs. Joseph Joestar (Part 2 Joseph was used)
  • Bug-Eaten vs. Sagat (Sagat had knowledge)
  • Bug-Eaten vs. Hirohiko Araki with Boehiman Rhapsody
  • Bug-Eaten vs. Hol Horse
  • Bug-Eaten vs Sea Bear
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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 18 June 2022

Major Hirohiko Araki WWW catalogue

Ok so this will be the last thing I'll post today so I will be doing a WWW catalogue for the creator for Jojo. Hirohiko Araki. Updates will be frequent.

The winner will be marked in bold and ties will be italic.

Hirohiko Araki vs. Abraham Lincoln

Hirohiko Araki vs. Betty White

Hirohiko Araki vs. HA DIO

Hirohiko Araki vs. Bug-Eaten (Araki had Boehiam Rhapsody)

Hirohiko Araki vs. The Rock

Hirohiko Araki vs. Shakespeare

Hirohiko Araki vs. Stan Lee

Hirohiko Araki vs. Jack Black

Hirohiko Araki vs. Stephen Hillenburg

Hirohiko Araki with Hevans Door vs. Shakespeare with boemian rhapsody

Hirohiko Araki vs Big Show

Hirohiko Araki vs T-Rex (Real Life)

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  • 1 Jotaro Kujo with Star Platinum Over Heaven vs Giorno Giovanna With Gold Experience Requiem
  • 2 Jotaro Kujo with Star Platinum vs Giorno Giavanna Gold Experience Requiem
  • 3 Jotaro Kujo with Star Platinum vs Giorno Giovanna with Gold Experience
  • 4 Jotaro Kujo with Star Platinum vs Diavolo With King Crimson

Jotaro Kujo owns the Stand of Star Platinum Over Heaven Which Is the Same Type of Stand as The World Over Heaven. Star Platinum Over Heaven has the Ability to manipulate reality and fate itself. Added with its bizarre Speed, Strength, Precision , and ability to Stop Time, it Truly stands out among the the rest of the stand in line. Giorno Giovanna has the ability of Gold Experience Requiem which is to revert all will and action to 0. Simply getting …

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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 17 June 2022

Major Josuke WWWs I did

Ok, so I decided to catalogue all of my WWWs. Which is hard but still. So I decided to catalogue Josuke's first cause why not. So here's going to be the format. I will be link linking Josuke's opponent and teammates and List the winner as bold. Ties will be italic. As adding notes for context, if needed. These will be updates a lot. Anyways lets go! Also this is part 4 Josuke. (If ur confused)

Josuke vs. Santana

Josuke vs. Dr. Octagonapus

Josuke & Jotaro Kujo vs. Zilla (2004) (Part 4 Jotaro was used)

Josuke vs. Wamuu

Josuke & Hol Horse vs. Ken Oyanagi

Josuke vs. Jotaro Kujo (Part 6 Jotaro was used)

Josuke vs. Poplo

Josuke vs. Jotaro Kujo (Part 3 Jotaro was used without Time Stop, Josuke was MFTL)

Josuke & Okuyasu vs. Jotaro Kujo (Part 3 Jotaro was used)

Josuke & Oku…

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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 27 April 2022

Hol Horse meets The Giant Whelk

Hol Horse was walking around India to kill some high schooler.

“What a beautiful day.” The cowboy said. “Now where’s those Joestars?”

Suddenly a giant portal came and started to suck everything inside it, consuming Hol Horse and everything around him. Hol Horse woke up in an alien jungle, tired and not wondering what had happened.

“What happened? Where is everybody? Where am I?” Hol Horse asked while questioning his life choices.

A roar blasted out of the alien jungle shocking Hol Horse.

“Who’s there?” Hol Horse asked, shocked again.

Hol Horse looked at the one who made the roar. There standing right in front of him with big black beady eyes with a shell on its head as well as having a large mouth and gray skin stood the evilest creature to ever…

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PK oof PK oof 16 March 2022

very secret blog post

hi welcome to my blog post, im just using this to store some links

parts 1-8:


sime stuff:

and those are my links! (not really) Im keeping them here because of school.

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I Eat Fujoshis I Eat Fujoshis 10 December 2021

Funny Valentine or Aya, who’s more attractive?

Leaving it there for now lol

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Greenmintetea Greenmintetea 20 August 2021

I'm the new kid-


I'm pretty new to the JJBA community, and would like to know more about this Fandom. What should I know about the community?

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Ya Boi King Kai Ya Boi King Kai 18 July 2021

Roleplay Related Pages

Out of Character Talking Post Link:

Roleplay OC/Stand Submission Post Link:

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GarfieldTC GarfieldTC 7 July 2021

Regarding the Discussions/avatars issue

Hey there y'all,

Just wanted to give y'all a heads up regarding the discussions issues.

As you may have noticed, all avatars and some usernames are not showing up, and discussions are not accessible. Sometimes it seems resolved, then it goes down then next minute.

This is a known issue. The Fandom Technical team is aware, and it should be back to normal soon.

Just informing y'all.

Thanks, and sorry for the disruption!

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CoolManIsCool CoolManIsCool 18 June 2021

STAND CONCEPT: London Calling (Named by the song from the band The Clash)

NAME: London Calling

STAND USER: Jed Hirose


Destructive Power: C

Speed: B

Range: B

Durability: D

Precision: A

Developmental Potential: D


-London Calling is a tall (6'2) humanoid figure. It's face is coverd with 6 mouths with teeth. Color scheme: green,white,black.


-1st ability:London Calling can imitate the voice (sound) of a person,animal,object.

-2nd ability: London Calling can create a high pitched sound wave that can damage anything it hits (range: 150 m.)


-To imitate the voice or sound the user has to hear that particular sound.

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