The Boom Boom Family (ブンブーン一家 Bun Būn Ikka) is a family of minor antagonists featured in Steel Ball Run. They were hired by a foreign country as assassins to kill Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar. All three members share the Stand Tomb of the Boom.

The Boom Boom Family

Andre Boom Boom Benjamin Boom Boom L. A. Boom Boom


The Boom Boom family acquired their collective Stand at a certain point in the past, killing one prospector by disemboweling him.

During the first stage of the Steel Ball Run race, they kill two other racers, attracting the attention of the local sheriff and bounty hunter Mountain Tim, who is also a participant in the race.

During the second stage, Andre approaches Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli claiming to have been bitten by a lizard and asks for some fire to cauterize the wounds. This turned out to have actually been a plan to make them touch Andre and become prey of his Stand.

Not too long after the encounter, the other two family members came in to intercept Gyro and Johnny with their magnetic Stands. Although both manage to flee, Benjamin manages to drop some of Andre's blood on Johnny, maintaining their Stand's power on the duo. Moreover Benjamin tricks Mountain Tim into chasing Johnny by attacking him while disguised, also having planted some blood on Tim. Andre faints from blood loss and is presumably left behind.

Benjamin and L.A. catch up to Johnny, Gyro and Tim and manage to trap and disable all three. However, Johnny awakens his Stand Tusk which takes the Boom Boom Family by surprise. Benjamin is cut in half and dies while L.A. gets one foot cut crippling him. Before Johnny, Gyro, and Tim leave, an enraged L.A. swears revenge on them and inadvertently indicates that other killers are on their trails. However Tim remarks that L.A. has no way to rejoin civilization, thus will die of thirst in the desert. This is the final time a member of the Boom Boom Family is seen.



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