Bug-Eaten (虫喰い Mushikui) is a minor antagonist from Diamond is Unbreakable, the 4th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Bug-Eaten is a rat nicknamed by Jotaro Kujo. It and its companion were made into Stand users by Akira Otoishi, acquiring both the same sniping Stand, Ratt. Jotaro Kujo and Josuke Higashikata hunt him down before it can procreate and make a swarm of rat Stand users.


Bug-Eaten is a brown rat approximately 20 cm long. It possesses a strange protuberance on the forehead as well as an abnormally large nose. Its right ear has been chewed out in a fight, earning it its nickname.

Bug-Eaten is aggressive and cunning, being on the offensive against Jotaro and Josuke. Despite being a rat, acquiring the Stand made it confident enough to take on humans and kill to eat them as a result. It is also intelligent enough to commit basic hunting tricks and use sniping tactics like frequently switching position or rebound its darts against obstacles to hit from blind angles.


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Ratt is a rifle like Stand enabling Bug-Eaten to shoot corrosive darts which can melt anything they touch.



While Akira Otoishi had Keicho Nijimura's Arrow in his possession, he tested its powers by using it on two rats. The arrow pierced the rats, granting them both the Stand Ratt.

Believing that only one rat exists, Jotaro and Josuke go hunting for it for damage control after Jotaro questions the defeated Otoishi. In the process, the two rats had managed to meld together the bodies of other rats into cubes of flesh.

Diamond is Unbreakable

Jotaro and Josuke follow a drain pipe to an empty house and discover a rat in the kitchen in the process of testing its Stand ability on humans. Josuke quickly disposes of it but is surprised by the presence of the second rat, whom Jotaro names Bug-Eaten. After moving their battle outside, a deadlock commences with both sides refusing to move from their cover. Bug-Eaten is eventually shot and killed when Josuke tricks the rat from moving from its cover.

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  1. Chapter 325: Let's Go 'Hunting'!, Part 1

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