California King Bed (カリフォルニア・キング・ベッドちゃん Kariforunia Kingu Beddo-chan) is the Stand of Daiya Higashikata, featured in JoJolion.


A toy-like apparatus, California King Bed is composed of a head and five smaller connected units, loosely representing a torso and limbs; all bearing a smiley face. The head is composed of what looks like a U-shaped travel cushion, both ends topped by a simple daisy-like flower; bordering a sort of smiley, surrounded by four large petals, with a cheerful open-mouthed smile (comparable to that featuring in Takashi MurakamiW's work Smile.

In the colored manga, California King Bed is purple, bright yellow and pink.


California King Bed's ability allows for it to steal particular memories from a person under certain conditions. While fairly harmless and fitting for the playful Daiya, it becomes rather menacing on people like the amnesiac Josuke, as Daiya can effectively brainwash them.

Memory Theft

California King Bed's ability manifests as a mock game, allowing Daiya to take away a random memory from someone anytime they "fuss over" her.[1]
The "fussing over" may range from being concerned about Daiya's well being to being wary of what she does as an enemy.[2] Daiya must be sure of the concern in order to steal a memory.[1]

When activated, a chess piece subsequently exits the victim's body through an eye socket,[2] ear hole, or mouth[1] and is embedded with a pearl containing a fleeting image of the stolen memory.[2] The stolen memory itself can vary in nature: it may be the memory of a dream, or the memory of a particular event, or the memory about a particular subject, object or person.[2] Meanwhile, the target will forget about whatever the memory is about, although the feeling of having forgotten something remains.[2]

By touching a chess piece, Daiya may perceive the memory stored inside it. If a piece is destroyed, the memory is lost forever,[2] and damaging the pieces hurts whoever the pieces are from.[3]

The only way to return the memory is to have Daiya step on the target's shadow.[2]

Although it is harmless to the average person as the memory is likely to be mundane, California King Bed is more dangerous against someone with few memories. The amnesiac Josuke was manipulated into being seduced by Daiya as she kept taking away his memories.[1]


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  • California King Bed's design was primarily chosen because Araki wanted to make it "cute and fluffy", since it belonged to a little girl.[4]
  • It's one of the few Stands to be named after songs which came out after the year 2000. Born This Way, Chocolate Disco and Tomb of the Boom are the others.  


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