The Warrior Returns to the Wind (風に帰る戦士 Kaze ni Kaeru Senshi) is the sixtieth chapter of Battle Tendency and the one hundred fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Wamuu explodes, losing the fight with Joseph. Joseph approaches Wamuu, his head being all that remains. Joseph strikes his hand on a rock, wounding it, and pours the blood into Wamuu's neck wound, soothing the pain. Wamuu gets mad, not wanting to accept an enemy's pity, but Joseph tells him he is only honoring him as a warrior, the same Wamuu did for Caesar when he left the crimson bubble intact. The vampires, angry at Wamuu's defeat, retaliate against JoJo, but Wamuu, even though he is only a head, kills them, despising them for meddling in his affairs. As Wamuu dies, JoJo drinks the antidote, and subconsciously falls into a salute pose. Kars reminisces of Wamuu's pure warrior spirit, and how it was his greatest weakness. Kars then approaches Lisa Lisa in order to begin their fight.


Kars Vampires
Vampire Horses
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Lisa Lisa Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli Ripple Clan


  1. 1989年の週刊少年ジャンプ

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