The Devil, Part 2 (悪魔(デビル) その② Debiru Sono 2), originally The Shadow of Vengeance (恨みの影 Urami no Kage) in the WSJ release, is the twenty-first chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the one hundred thirty-fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Polnareff calls Joseph and Avdol's room, warning them about Devo, but is unaware of the razor-wielding doll under his bed. After setting a meeting with his group, Polnareff then calls the hotel's room service for anti-inflammatory medicine and bandages for his ankle injury. Meanwhile, Avdol thinks Polnareff may have been tricked by Devo. As the two already know each other, Avdol, who has encountered Devo before, tells Joseph that Devo's Stand, Ebony Devil, works through the hatred he has for his victims; thus, he needs to be hurt by them to have a reason to hate them. Joseph and Avdol decide to wait for Polnareff, who agreed to meet them in five minutes.

Polnareff is attacked by a doll bound with Ebony Devil, who lures him under the bed by placing his room key here then ties him and throws shampoo in his eyes. It then saws the foot of the bed, which crushes Polnareff under its weight, but a man with medical supplies for Polnareff arrives and is quickly killed by the demonic doll. Polnareff tries to fight with Silver Chariot but is unable to properly hit his enemy without his sight.


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(Mentioned only)
Muhammad Avdol Joseph Joestar Jean Pierre Polnareff Jotaro Kujo Noriaki Kakyoin
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