The Devil, Part 3 (悪魔(デビル) その③ Debiru Sono 3), originally Confess Your Vengeance! (恨みをぶちまけろ! Urami o Buchimakero!) in the WSJ release, is the twenty-second chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the one hundred thirty-fifth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Silver Chariot and Ebony Devil continue to fight. Polnareff thinks of a way to cut the cords tying him but is constantly being attacked by his opponent. Unable to see anything, Polnareff has Silver Chariot attack randomly in all directions, smashing mirrors around him, but this also proves ineffective. While evading Silver Chariot's attacks, Ebony Devil breaks numerous bottles of wine, juice, and beer, spilling the liquids along the floor. Silver Chariot cuts the cords tying Polnareff. He then notices all the liquids around him. Ebony Devil taunts Polnareff, telling him that it is going to bite off his testicles. It reveals its plan to electrocute Polnareff by throwing a hairdryer into the liquids, but Polnareff surprises it by stabbing the hairdryer in mid-air. He reveals that he broke the mirrors on purpose to see what was happening above the bed. He stands face-to-face with the Stand.

Ebony Devil tries to run away, but its leg is cut by Polnareff, who questions it about the Stand of the man with two right hands. Devo says that none of the Stand users have any knowledge of each other; they only know about all the weaknesses of the Joestar group. Polnareff, for example, is protected by Silver Chariot's armor, and would already be dead otherwise. Polnareff taunts Ebony Devil, asking why it doesn't try to attack one more time and try to bite his dick off, as it threatened earlier. Polnareff decides to destroy the doll by attacking "everywhere but there".

A scream is heard coming from a bathroom, and one of the workers from the hotel checks it and finds Devo's dead body. Polnareff goes to meet the rest of the group, who tell him how slow he was to join them. The group now wants to discuss how they will defeat Devo. Seeing no one saw his injuries and that he already beat Devo, Polnareff calls everyone a "bunch of assholes" and falls unconscious from his injuries.


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Jean Pierre Polnareff Devo J. Geil Muhammad Avdol Joseph Joestar

Noriaki Kakyoin Jotaro Kujo
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Ebony Devil Silver Chariot Hanged Man


  • In the original Weekly Shōnen Jump publication of this chapter, Polnareff is unable to see underneath the bed and describes himself as Mekura Meppō (めくらめっぽう (盲滅法) lit. blind). The term is removed from the volume version, likely due to its usage as a derogatory term for the visually impaired.[2]


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