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Yellow Temperance, Part 2 (黄の節制(イエローテンパランス) その② Ierō Tenparansu Sono 2), originally Cannibalistic Temperance (人喰いテンパランス Hitokui Tenperansu) in the WSJ release, is the twenty-fourth chapter of Stardust Crusaders and the one hundred thirty-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Kakyoin asks Jotaro why he's angry, as he just punished a criminal. He excuses himself for his impatience, explaining that he is tired because of the trip. Jotaro goes to buy tickets while Kakyoin stays behind with his coconut. Anne sees Kakyoin devouring something and assumes he really likes coconuts, but is surprised when she sees a Hercules beetleW inside his mouth. She disregards it, telling herself it was probably just the coconut shell. However, she notices the beetle she had seen before had vanished from the tree they were on and hugs Jotaro, frightened. Kakyoin just looks at her while saying he loves coconuts.

The three decide to take a cable car. Kakyoin suddenly tries to push Jotaro from the building after taking a cherry from him. Jotaro manages to prevent himself from falling. Kakyoin starts licking the cherry while making "rero" sounds, saying he's just kidding and can't understand why Jotaro is so mad over a simple joke. Jotaro punches Kakyoin, causing his jaw to unhinge unnaturally. This causes Jotaro to realize that he is not the real Kakyoin.

The man presents himself as Rubber Soul, the user of the Stand Yellow Temperance, which can assimilate flesh and eventually make him bigger, explaining that that is why he is growing taller the more he eats. He warns Jotaro that a piece of Yellow Temperance attached itself to his hand after the punch and will slowly consume him. Meanwhile, Anne calls Joseph and tells him what is happening. Faced with the danger of being devoured by the Stand, Jotaro jumps out of the cable car.


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