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Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface), Part 5 (間田敏和(サーフィス) その⑤ Hazamada Toshikazu (Sāfisu) Sono 5), originally Radical Runner (過激なランナー Kageki Na Rannā) in the WSJ release, is the twenty-eighth chapter of Diamond is Unbreakable and the two hundred ninety-third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


While Jotaro is waiting near the Morioh train station, Josuke and Koichi see Hazamada and Surface running toward the plaza by the shortest path, meaning they won't be able to catch him. However, Josuke tells Koichi that he has a plan. Hazamada constantly looks behind him to check if Josuke is pursuing him, but the latter is out of sight. Hearing the siren indicating an approaching train, he decides to use the overpass instead of waiting two minutes near the railroad crossing. However, it is Echoes which has mimicked the sound of the siren and fooled Hazamada into taking a longer path, enabling Josuke and Koichi to use the railroad crossing and meet Jotaro first.

Josuke tells him about Surface but suddenly pulls a pen out of Jotaro's jacket. He realizes that Surface is now controlling him from afar through one of the gallery's windows. When Jotaro and Koichi turn their heads away, Surface forces Josuke to lift up his arm, preparing to stab Jotaro in the back with the pen. Surface then makes a stabbing motion but is interrupted when the two bikers Hazamada threatened barge in and smack him in the head with a motorcycle helmet. They thank Josuke for healing them and tipping them about Hazamada's destination earlier and drag the powerless Hazamada into an isolated place for a well-deserved beating while Josuke destroys Surface with Crazy Diamond to vent his frustration.


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Jotaro Kujo Josuke Higashikata Koichi Hirose Toshikazu Hazamada Bikers

Tamami Kobayashi
(Disguised as Josuke Higashikata)
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