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Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 2 ((ファイアー)(アイス) ジョナサンとディオ その② Faiā to Aisu Jonasan to Dio Sono 2), originally Fire and Ice! ((ファイヤー)&(アンド)(アイス) Faiyā Ando Aisu!) in the WSJ release, is the fortieth chapter of Phantom Blood and the 40th chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


With Dio holding onto his carotid artery, Jonathan is grounded. He tries to kick him, but Dio retaliates with his own knee, and, in the process, freezes both of Jonathan's legs. Speedwagon tries to help, but Dio's zombies surround the heroes and keep them at bay. While still holding onto Jonathan's artery, Dio uses his hand to put his vampiric essence into him. He is stopped short, however, as Jonathan reveals that Luck & Pluck which had been piercing Dio is now conducting heat from the torch behind him. As his body thaws, Jonathan explains that it was due to Dio's mistake of not having completely frozen him that he was able to free himself.

Dio panics and shatters the sword, which frees Jonathan and allows him to follow through with "Sunlight Yellow Overdrive". Jonathan's punch hits Dio's face but, much to his dismay, is frozen on contact, leaving Dio unscathed. Dio uses his blood vessels to retrieve and reattach his severed arm, and then slides the two halves of his head back together. The two foes launch at each other for a final attack. Jonathan quickly spins around and uses the flames from a nearby torch to light his fist on fire. Jonathan ignites his other fist as well to counter Dio's flash freeze. Dio blocks the attack momentarily, but the strike eventually pushes through and straight into Dio's chest. Jonathan's Ripple-infused fists go straight through Dio, completely impaling him.


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