Cheap Trick (チープ・トリック Chīpu Torikku) is originally the Stand of Masazo Kinoto and temporarily of Rohan Kishibe, featured in Diamond is Unbreakable.


Cheap Trick is a Stand bound to its user's back. It resembles a humanoid frog with mechanical features and suction cup fingers allowing it to cling to someone's back. It has lazy, semi-closed eyes, and a kind of mechanical apparatus strapped to its chin, as well as relatively large teeth. It is visible to others while clinging to its current user's back, and if anyone else sees it the user will be killed and the Stand will transfer itself to its new target.

According to JOJOVELLER, its concept is based on Onbu-Obake.

In the colored manga, Cheap Trick is blue. In the anime, Cheap Trick is portrayed as brown.

Color Schemes

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Cheap Trick is obsessed with killing the one whose back it is attached to by making others see it. Its personality is vicious and sadistic, using any possible tactics from repeatedly taunting and disorienting its "user" to predicting their death. It also seems to take extreme pride in its "talking" as it often comments on how weak yet how effective it is.


Cheap Trick was the Stand of architect Masazo Kinoto.[2] Created when Yoshihiro Kira hit Kinoto in the back with an Arrow, it was dispatched to kill Rohan Kishibe and destroy the photos Rohan had taken in the search for Yoshikage Kira's new identity. Kinoto was unaware of the Stand's presence but instinctively felt that he needed to hide his back and managed to reach Rohan's house that way. After Kinoto's death, Cheap Trick attaches itself to Rohan and tries to trick people into looking at Rohan's back.[3]

After much struggle, Rohan manages to take a path to Reimi's alley. There, he willingly shows his back to Koichi Hirose, but when Cheap Trick tries to attach itself to Koichi, it finds itself facing backward into the alley. It is torn off his back by ghostly hands and dragged into the afterlife. As this happens, Rohan uses Heaven's Door to command Cheap Trick to go to Hell (although whether or not Hell exists is unknown even to Rohan himself).[4]


Cheap Trick is a unique Stand in that it can change user and actively seeks its current user's demise. Its sole purpose is actually to single out a victim and wear down its user's psyche until it can kill them and carry on to another hapless user.

Although very weak (it cannot even pull off a sticky band-aid),[5] it is also quasi-invulnerable and only needs someone to see its user's back to kill it, making it very dangerous.


Cheap Trick's signature ability is to attach itself to its user's back, beginning with Masazo Kinoto.[3]

Cheap trick

Cheap Trick is practically impossible to get rid of

When it attaches itself to someone's back, Cheap Trick becomes the new host's Stand even if the individual already has a Stand and can only be seen by the User.[2] As the Stand of the host, it cannot be attacked by the host without said host harming themselves since it is technically a part of them.[2] Cheap Trick can also not be removed from their back and forceful removal would simply rip the user's skin off, killing them. However, it is susceptible to the malicious spirits of the Ghost Girl's Alley and it may be the only way to safely remove it.[4]

Cheap Trick then actively and relentlessly seeks to make someone else look at the user's back, being especially dangerous when the host is asleep because it can then act unnoticed.[5] If it happens, Cheap Trick detaches from the host, killing them in the process, and attaches itself to the looker's back, beginning its process anew.[3] Previous users are reduced to a dried-up doll-sized version of themselves as a result of Cheap Trick sucking their life force out upon detachment.[2]

Universal Speech

Cheap Trick's other ability is its power to make itself heard and understood by anyone, even animals.[6] It describes "talking" as its main ability.

Cheap Trick's modus operandi is to verbally pester its host to wear them down psychologically, but can also do other things with its speech ability.

Unlike other sentient Stands, Cheap Trick can converse with everyone, even non-Stand users.[5] Because people usually mistake Cheap Trick for the host, Cheap Trick can insult people so they try to attack the host. At one point, it even told the animals of the neighborhood that Rohan was cruel to them, unleashing every surrounding stray on the mangaka.[6]

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  • The way its users use staircases without showing their backs is a reference to a deleted scene from The ExorcistW.


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