Coniglio (コニーリオ Konīrio) is a character featured in GioGio's Bizarre Adventure 2: Golden Heart, Golden Ring, a light novel-based on Vento Aureo.

A young girl from Rome with an unstable Stand ability, Coniglio is unwillingly roped into the fight between Team Bucciarati and Sogliola Lopez.


Coniglio (Coni) is a 17-year-old Italian girl and the wielder of the Stand, The Cure, a little rabbit capable of healing any disease or injury almost instantly. However she doesn't understand the true nature of her power, nor is she able to control it very well.  When she was little she used to always get into fights with the little boys in the neighborhood. Because of her never reporting injuries from these fights (The Cure healed her after every battle), she was nicknamed "Coni the immortal". One day, while attending Junior High School, Coniglio used her Stand to heal the scratched knee of her best friend: the friends got scared and told the classroom about the accident. Since that day, Coniglio has earned the nickname of "Coni the witch", losing all of her friends and becoming more and more introverted.

Through a series of bizarre events, she went from Rome to Venice to work as a cleaning woman in a hotel, taking the place of her grandmother who died in a car accident. Sogliola Lopez, the Passione member who was given the task to kill Bruno Bucciarati's gang, discovers Coni's powers and wanted to exploit her Stand to wipe out the traitors of the organization. Using Pannacotta Fugo as a hitman, Sogliola kills many people, including Coniglio's friend Winona, causing Coniglio to lose control of her Stand.

After having lost consciousness, the girl recovers inside St Mark's Basilica with Bucciarati's help. She manages to tame her Stand and regains control of the situation. At the end of the story, Giorno tries and tells her that she shouldn't blame herself for what has happened. Coniglio leaves Italy and immigrates to a small village in Illinois, where she will try to understand her power and use it for good deeds.


  • Coniglio is an Italian surname derived from the Latin cuniculus, meaning rabbit.



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