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My mouth is a portal into a dark dimension. Even I ignore where it leads. I sent your friend in here... and you are next.

—Vanilla Ice explaining Cream to Polnareff, Chapter 240

Cream (クリーム Kurīmu) is the Stand of Vanilla Ice, featured in Stardust Crusaders.


Cream appears as an exceptionally tall, skull-faced humanoid monster with a mask akin to an executioner's cowl. Two protruding horns are also visible on the mask, and much like Atum and The World, has heart-shaped motifs on its body. When using its ability, Cream takes the form of a moving sphere of emptiness that cuts its way through any objects or people it passes through. This second form is actually a void made by Cream eating itself and Vanilla Ice, like an OuroborosW.

Its design is based on common images of executioners and DeathW, notably the concept of medieval French executioners cutting the heads off of the condemned.[2]

In both the colored manga and anime, as well as subsequent video game adaptations, Cream has a white body with a dark blue cowl, and yellow eyes. In the OVA, Cream has a dark green cowl.


Cream is a fairly powerful short-ranged Stand, able to perform feats such as decapitation with a mere chop to the neck.[3] However, its true power lies in its unique void ability that makes it one of the most dangerous Stands of Stardust Crusaders.


Cream powa

A deadly mix of invisibility and void power

Cream is able to become a portal to a void-like dimension; anything that passes through this portal is disintegrated into nothingness, the sole exception is Vanilla Ice himself, who can use the void dimension as a hiding place.

The actual portal is situated in Cream's mouth, so its modus operandi is to devour itself and its user to become a ball-shaped floating portal.[4]

Because Cream functions as a portal that indiscriminately transports matter to another dimension, it has incredible offensive power because it can effectively disintegrate everything and cut clean through them. Only Vanilla Ice is shown to be unharmed when inside the void dimension[5] and can also undo Cream's self-devouring if needed.[6]

When entering its void state, Cream is invulnerable and almost undetectable as it exists in another dimension: it cannot be seen, heard, or even smelled by Iggy.[5] Despite this, Polnareff is able to detect it by scattering sand inside the room and following the trail the devouring sphere leaves.[7] The void sphere is shown to be rather fast as it was capable of pursuing Polnareff as he ran.[5]

However, becoming a sphere has one major drawback. Although it is invisible, Vanilla Ice is also blind to his surroundings and must regularly take a peek, leaving himself briefly vulnerable to attack.[7]

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  • There's a pun where if "Vanilla Ice" (Cream's user) is placed in front of "Cream", the result are the words, "vanilla ice cream".
    • Additionally, with the Capcom game changing its user's name to Iced, it created a variation of the pun: iced cream. And with the English version of All Star Battle changing the name again to Cool Ice, the pun now has another variation: cool ice cream.
Cream's card in the Capcom game.
  • Since Cream is the only major Stand in Part 3 not to be based off a Tarot or Egyptian god, on the official anime's website, its tarot card is represented by a blank grey card with a black orb in the middle; depicting Cream's void form.[8]
    • The Capcom game gives Cream and Tenore Sax their own Tarot cards, created specifically for the occasion.


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