The otherwise unnamed Crybaby Boy (なきむしぼうや Naki Mushi Bōya) is a character featured in The Book: 4th Another Day novel, based on Diamond is Unbreakable.


The Crybaby Boy was traumatized by his past, so he cried every night. He eventually got over his trauma thanks to Takuma Hasumi.



The Crybaby Boy was a kid who was abused by his parents. He was eventually sent to the same orphanage Takuma Hasumi lived in.

The Book: 4th Another Day

The kid, traumatized by his past, had a habit of crying at night. This earned him the nickname Crybaby Boy. No one could sleep with him crying, so the boy was bullied by the other kids and hit with soap at night. Takuma used his ability to remember everything he saw to tell the boy stories, so the boy wouldn't cry anymore. The friendship of them eventually attracted the attention of everyone else, the kids even stopped bullying the boy to listen to Takuma's stories. This made the staff think Takuma was a genius for remembering so many stories, telling one every night. The Crybaby Boy gave a pen to Takuma as a reminder of their friendship and was adopted by a relative. Now he is living in his relative's house in Kyushu.


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