'Chocolate Disco.' That's all I'm going to say.


D-I-S-C-O  (ディ・ス・コ Di-su-ko) is a minor antagonist featured in Steel Ball Run.

D-I-S-C-O is one of Valentine's henchmen. He confronts Gyro, separating him from an injured Johnny, near Independence Hall, Philadelphia. He is a Stand User, wielding the gauntlet-like Chocolate Disco.


Overall D-I-S-C-O is a tall, rather handsome, slim man. He has messy, medium-length, curly dark hair, with a large rectangular hair clip/accessory sitting on the left side of his head. He also has blue eyes and a shaved beard with mustache.

He wears a long coat similar to ones worn by the police officers from the 18th century. A belt designed with a handcuff shaped belt buckle is strapped around his waist to hold his coat together. He also wears his Stand, Chocolate Disco, like an arm brace on his left forearm.


D-I-S-C-O has a rather expressionless face and personality. He is a man of few words and very quiet, speaking only to reveal his Stand's name.

It is unknown what kind of relationship or past he might have had with the President, likely another one of his loyal Stand users, though Gyro Zeppeli believes him to know nothing about Valentine's true plans.


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D-I-S-C-O's Stand is Chocolate Disco, a device shaped like an arm brace that can project a type of grid, similar to a cargo net in appearance, over a limited space in front of him. With a target trapped in the confines of said net, he can use the console on his arm brace to send objects he holds to specific coordinates throughout the grid to attack. This grid ability was also seen briefly being used to wrap around himself as a type of defensive manoeuvre, though he was quickly defeated by Gyro before he could demonstrate this fully.

Should his target find a way to escape Chocolate Disco's range; he also carries a revolver as a precaution, but seemed to hesitate in its use.


Steel Ball Run

As soon as the president manages to find the head of the corpse, he decides to take the last missing part from Diego Brando: the left eye. In order to do so, he ambushes Johnny Joestar and tricks Diego and Wekapipo using his Stand's power. While Valentine confronts them, D-I-S-C-O is sent to take care of Gyro Zeppeli in order to prevent him from helping Johnny and the others.

D-I-S-C-O skips presentations and immediately activates his Stand's ability. Gyro hears gunshots and rushes to help Johnny. He tells D-I-S-C-O to stand still, but since he doesn't listen to him, Gyro throws a Steel Ball, trying to get rid of him. However, Chocolate Disco changes the Steel Ball's direction, causing it to hit Gyro instead.

D-I-S-C-O's next move is letting some nails fall to the ground: he then proceeds to reactivate Chocolate Disco, so that the nails will hit Gyro's leg, preventing him from escaping the Stand's action zone.

As finishing move, he breaks some bottles containing a very powerful acid: should the liquid hit Gyro directly through the use of D-I-S-C-O's Stand, it would mean death. Fortunately, Gyro understands that, since he is unable to defeat Chocolate Disco's power, he will try to trick its user instead. D-I-S-C-O becomes unable to discern Gyro's position when the latter uses an "air lens" created due to the heat given off by the Steel Balls' rotation. He manages to confuse D-I-S-C-O about his actual position, and D-I-S-C-O is defeated. However, he refuses to say anything about Funny Valentine's plan and is eventually knocked out by Gyro.


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  • D-I-S-C-O's name is written as "Di-Su-Ko" (ディ・ス・コ) to mimic PerfumeW's stacattoW singing of the word "disco" (ディスコ disuko) in their song "Chocolate Disco".
  • D-I-S-C-O's Stand, Chocolate Disco, was the first Stand to be named after a Japanese musical reference.
  • According to a comment from the end of the Ultra Jump issue of March 2010 Araki mentioned having a run in with Ayaka Nishiwaki, one of the members of Perfume, by chance. During their conversation she metioned that she was a big fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and that her fellow bandmates were as well, this conversation was what inspired him to create D-I-S-C-O as a tribute. Likewise, apparently one of Araki's daughters was also a fan of Perfume beforehand, although his meeting with Ayaka was the main inspiration for D-I-S-C-O.
  • In the song "Chocolate Disco", the title is repeated many times in the lyrics; it is for this reason that Araki decided that D-I-S-C-O would not speak any more than necessary.[1]


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