DIO's Mansion (DIOの館 DIO no Yakata) shelters the eponymous character DIO during the events of Stardust Crusaders. As the hidden lair of the main villain, it is portrayed as the final stop for the protagonists and is the setting of a few pivotal encounters.


DIO's Mansion appears as an extravagant three-story mansion made of terracotta, noted to be quite old, situated in one of the older districts of Cairo. The main building is surrounded by a wall and an extensive garden which includes numerous palm trees and other exotic plants. There are four towers on each corner of the rectangular main building. The mansion is ferociously guarded by the falcon Stand User, Pet Shop.

The interior mixes the derelict and the luxurious with most of it either dimly lit or pitch black due to the vampiric nature of its proprietor.

Its rooms include the coffin room situated at the top of one of the mansion's towers in which lays a coffin, and Telence T D'Arby's underground room which mimics a tropical island in the middle of the sea, probably due to Kenny G's Stand.

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