Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 2 (吉良吉影は静かに暮らしたい その2 Kira Yoshikage wa Shizuka ni Kurashitai Sono 2)[1] is the twenty-second episode of Diamond is Unbreakable and the ninety-sixth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. It covers the second half of Chapter 345 through Chapter 347, and Chapter 354 through first few pages of Chapter 355 of the manga.


Killer Queen Bomb

Having been discovered by Shigechi, Kira sends out his Stand, Killer Queen, to eliminate him before word gets out. However, Shigechi summons his own Stand, Harvest, to try and incapacitate him. Kira deduces from his incident in the school that Josuke and Okuyasu are also Stand users while revealing a 100 yen coin. Shigechi orders Harvest to take the coin, right before Kira reveals Killer Queen's ability to turn anything it touches into a bomb. The coin explodes, maiming Shigechi but not killing him. After revealing his knowledge of Reimi, Shigechi uses Harvest to distract Kira and hide. He then hobbles to the high school section of the school, aiming to warn Josuke & Okuyasu, but the moment he touches Josuke's classroom's doorknob, Kira detonates the bomb he planted on it, causing Shigechi to explode from the inside-out without leaving a trace.

Shigechi's death anime

Josuke hears his cries for help and is greeted by the last member of Harvest, who delivers a button taken from Kira's jacket before disintegrating. Josuke & Okuyasu note that the way Harvest disappeared was atypical of a Stand and investigate Shigechi's whereabouts, only finding his possessions on his classroom desk. Meanwhile, Reimi witnesses Shigechi's ghost disintegrating in agony while ascending to Heaven, immediately realizing that this was Kira's doing.

Kira arc

Josuke organizes a meeting consisting of himself, Okuyasu & his dad, Koichi, Jotaro, Joseph and Shizuka, Yukako, Hazamada, Tonio, Aya, and Rohan and brings them to meet Reimi. They are all informed about the killer and deduce that he must be a Stand user. The deduction prompts Jotaro to decide tracking down the culprit using his button. While Josuke leaves, he briefly crosses paths with Kira.

SHA initial appearance

Four days pass with no results before Koichi runs into Jotaro and accompanies him on his search for someone who may have repaired a jacket with similar buttons. The two find a shoe store that also specializes in tailoring. Jotaro admits that while he did check every tailor in Morioh, he did not consider a place like this, and goes in to try and find some leads. There, they learn that the store owner recognizes the button, pointing out the recently-repaired purple jacket that the button came from. However, the store owner decides to check the tag on the jacket to ensure that he's remembering the owner's name right, only to have his right hand suddenly blown off. As it turns out, Kira had been hiding in the back room and had deployed another bomb in the event that someone would use his lost button to track him down. Killer Queen's second bomb, a miniature tank-like object, rushes into the unconscious store owner's mouth before Kira grabs and shakes his jacket to bait Jotaro & Koichi within the bomb's range. Koichi runs up to try and take the coat back, but is pulled away by Jotaro as the bomb goes off.


Yoshikage Kira Shigekiyo Yangu Josuke Higashikata Okuyasu Nijimura Koichi Hirose
Jotaro Kujo Joseph Joestar Reimi Sugimoto Arnold Rohan Kishibe
Yukako Yamagishi Tonio Trussardi Aya Tsuji Toshikazu Hazamada Shizuka Joestar
Shoe Guy AV
Nijimura's Father Centipede Shoes Store Owner Kai Harada
SheerHeartAttack After

Killer Queen Sheer Heart Attack Harvest

Manga/Anime Differences

  • When Killer Queen is revealed, its skull is shown briefly before forming skin and morphing into the iconic face.
  • Kira's neck injury done by Harvest remains through the rest of this arc, even including him licking his own blood when interrogating Shigechi and having neck bandages after the gathering of the protagonists.
  • A sign warning middle-schoolers from going to the high-school section is included when Shigechi tries to escape Kira.
  • During the gathering of Josuke's comrades, Aya Tsuji is included; making a statement foreshadowing her encounter with Kira.
  • When Kira crosses paths with Josuke in the manga, he is seen wearing a different tie and shirt. The anime replaces this with his outfit from the Sheer Heart Attack arc.
  • Kira is shown destroying his previous hand before following the woman complaining about her boyfriend.
  • During the scene of the woman complaining about her boyfriend, the anime added a background character. This character is also shown before Koichi meets Jotaro.
  • Added scenes with Kira and the hand of the woman who was complaining about her boyfriend, a Morioh Radio segment and Koichi walking through the streets before finding Jotaro.
  • Before meeting up with Jotaro, a scene with Koichi walking past St. Gentlemen's where girls are talking about their friend is added.
  • Added that Kira has been found four days after Shigechi's death and 3 days before the 1st of July.
  • Added that the tailor can not see Sheer Heart Attack but only its trail.


This is the episode where Shigechi meets an unfortunate end. The series director, Toshiyuki Kato, handled the storyboard this time, we're pretty familiar with his style. Seeing Shigechi being pulverized in the corridor was so sad I was tearing up. I was also touched by the scene where all the Stand Users gather after Shigechi goes to heaven.

The drawing of Shigechi’s father and mother on his desk was an idea from Mr. Kato. It was here that I realized that Kato was an expert when it came to making the audience cry.

We designed Killer Queen’s explosions to be out of the ordinary, that's why the colors are different. We returned to an effect that was often used back in the day: explosions with black smoke.

In this episode, Jotaro changes clothes. This signifies the day changing as well.

For the record, we asked permission from the manufacturer to use their brand of children's biscuits that the shoemaker eats. I believe that it was starting from this episode that we’ve done this more and more.

Naokatsu Tsuda, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries



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