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July 15th (Thursday), Part 2 (7月15日(木) その2 Shigatsu Jū-go-nichi (Moku) Sono 2)[1] is the thirty-second episode of Diamond is Unbreakable and the one hundred and sixth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. It covers Chapter 401 through Chapter 406, Chapter 412 and half of Chapter 413.


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With Mikitaka pinned to Super Fly, Josuke decides to rush in and confront Toyohiro, against Mikitaka's wishes. Josuke and Toyohiro square off, with Toyohiro having the upper hand due to him being better-adapted for life on an electrical pylon. During their fight, Toyohiro peels off his face, revealing that he actually wears a multitude of latex masks to conceal his identity. Toyohiro fires multiple reflected cuts at Josuke, only for him to be defeated when Crazy Diamond is able to use its reparation ability to direct the attacks back to their original locations. Defeated, Toyohiro reveals that he actually lives on the pylon due to his aversion to society and only sided with Yoshihiro because he was promised help with assimilating into Morioh. Toyohiro also reveals that Yoshihiro mentioned the fact that Koichi has already been defeated by another enemy Stand user, at which point Josuke and Okuyasu rush off to look for him. Toyohiro, meanwhile, continues life on the pylon with Mikitaka, having become a living landmark due to his unusual lifestyle.

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Meanwhile, Rohan meets Masazo Kinoto, who has come over to plan out the reparations to his house. Sensing something strange about Kinoto, Rohan uses Heaven's Door to read his memories and learns that Kinoto has a fear of people seeing his back. As a precautionary measure, Rohan writes "cannot attack Rohan Kishibe" into Kinoto before returning him to consciousness. As their meeting progresses, Rohan becomes increasingly perplexed at Kinoto's constant hiding of his back, and develops a desire to see the man's back out of sheer curiosity.


With Koichi nowhere to be found, Josuke enlists the help of Yuya Fungami and his abnormally-sensitive nose. Despite having exacerbated Yuya's injuries during their last confrontation, Josuke earns the latter's trust by healing him with Crazy Diamond, at which point Josuke and Yuya head off to look for Koichi. During their search, Yuya realizes that they are being followed by Terunosuke Miyamoto, who reeks of Koichi's scent. Knowing this, Josuke chases Terunosuke down, only for an unconscious Tomoko to appear in his place, catching Josuke off-guard. Terunosuke then contemplates how his Stand, Enigma, is able to turn people into autostereograms if he can catch them displaying tics they show when afraid, and that he was able to easily capture Tomoko and Koichi through this method. By releasing Tomoko, he is able to detect that Josuke bites his lower lip when afraid, but is unable to catch him in the act. Thus, Terunosuke releases a folded sheet of paper for Josuke to pick up. Josuke takes the bait and begins to open it, while Yuya warns him of the danger that it holds.


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Josuke Higashikata Okuyasu Nijimura Koichi Hirose Mikitaka Hazekura Toyohiro Kanedaichi
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Yoshihiro Kira Rohan Kishibe Masazo Kinoto Tomoko Higashikata Terunosuke Miyamoto

Yoshikage Kira Yuya Fungami Akemi, Yoshie, and Reiko
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Crazy Diamond Highway Star Enigma Super Fly

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Changed the flow of the fights to be more dynamic by showing the Cheap Trick story arc in between the fight against Super Fly, although Cheap Trick was said to take place an hour after. In the manga, the Cheap Trick arc was only shown linearly after the Enigma Boy arc.
  • Removed Rohan asking Kinoto to show him his business card or ID before using Heaven's Door on him.
  • Removed Rohan asking if something is up with Kinoto's back with the architect replying that he just likes having something solid behind him. Also removed Rohan's monologue that Kinoto's fear reminds him of Duke Togo from Golgo 13 with the quote "Do not stand behind him if you value your life". Rohan wonders if the architect was hiding his back the whole time on the way to his house but doesn't really care about his habits if he's not an enemy.
  • Removed Okuyasu commenting that Super Fly has got to be the #1 defensive Stand, and that it's like a pyramid in Egypt that will still be standing in the same location after thousands of years.
  • Removed the majority of Chapter 403, which was how the fight with Super Fly ended. In the manga after Josuke manages to reflect the rebounding energy back at Kanedaichi, Josuke's hand slips on a puddle of Kanedaichi's blood and thinks he left his blood there on purpose as revenge. After getting angry at Kanedaichi, he falls off the tower leaving Okuyasu and Mikitaka in fear. Kanedaichi quickly tells him to punch the tower. Crazy Diamond punches it causing Super Fly to reflect the punch back at Josuke, sending him back up to a beam of the tower.
  • Removed Kanedaichi offering to heal Josuke with his herbs, but Josuke refuses because the tower sprayed toilet waste all over the herbs earlier as fertilizer.
  • Removed Kanedaichi offering to cook for them but Josuke says he doesn't have to because he's not really hungry, while Mikitaka also has the thought that his vegetables are all covered in poop. Also removed Kanedaichi saying that he feels bad letting them go without helping, so he offers to catch birds for them before Josuke asks if the old man in the photograph told him anything.
  • Removed Kinoto saying that repairing one of Rohan's rooms is worth 20 million yen, with Rohan responding in anger that it's all Josuke's fault.
  • Added Rohan making tea for Kinoto.
  • Added a scene with Kira at work, seeing a female employee and getting urges to kill her as his nails continue growing.
  • Added a scene with Mikitaka staying in the tower along with Kanedaichi cooking, hoping that Josuke and Okuyasu will be able to find Koichi.
  • Added a scene of Okuyasu alone in the streets shouting for Koichi and that he'll find him no matter what.
  • Removed Josuke giving Koichi's schoolbag to Yuya in his hospital room so that he can track Koichi's scent. Instead, he takes Yuya to where they found Koichi's bag on the ground and Yuya tracks him from there.
  • Changed the chocolate brand that Akemi gives to Yuya from a generic "choco" logo into "Cit Cat".
  • Removed Rohan dropping his pen and Kinoto bending backwards to grab it for him. Changed Kinoto awkwardly smiling to be in the scene of Rohan giving him tea instead of after picking up Rohan's pen.
  • Removed Rohan thinking that he won't be satisfied using Heaven's Door to see Kinoto's back, and that he'll have to see it using his own power.
  • Removed Rohan telling Kinoto that to sign a contract, they'll have to go to his signature stamp on the 2nd floor. Rohan then drops his eraser as they go up the stairs but Kinoto bends backwards all the way to pick it up for him, telling Rohan to walk ahead of him. The anime skips to Kinoto crawling up with his back toward the stairs.


Eri Nagata was in charge of the directing for this part and despite the complexity of the tower itself, she did an excellent job. I love how the tower is visually represented and the fight's overall direction.

Mikitaka’s face is also really cool. We can see that the animation director who was in charge of it loves the character. (laugh) We actually broke some taboos during this part of the series and even the animation directors were busy animating.

The Enigma fight consists of targets being turned into paper and imprisoned. Once again, Mr. Soejima was responsible for the storyboard and the directing, giving us a result worthy of JoJo.

Fungami also returns in this part. Looking back at his face, he really is a handsome guy. I too would like to brag about girls following me everywhere like him! Am I the only one..? Nah, that’s a typical reaction. (laugh). But at the same time, he also really loves his girls, which is part of his charm.

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