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Darlington Motorize (ダーリントン・モーターライズ Dārinton mōtāraizu) is an ally featured in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR. She is one of George's friends and had a crush on him at first. She becomes the wife of William Cardinal and is the younger sister of Steven and Kenton Motorize.


Darlington is a beautiful young girl with blonde, curly hair. She wears formal clothes and is seen wearing dresses.




Darlington is the third child of Ben and Harriet Motorize. She was born in 1889 and attends the same school as George. She at first has a crush on him, later on, has a crush on William Cardinal.

Meeting George[]

Darlington is first introduced when George visits the Motorize's mansion. She offers him tea and introduces herself to him. Even though she is in the same class as him, George does not remember her. She notices Steven's back covered in blood and lectures George about how long it takes for it to heal. Darlington is teased for having a crush on George and only served tea just to talk to him. [1]

Darlington tries to talk with George more, and talks about planes. Instead, they discuss about novels. Darlington offers to loan him books in which he had read back at the Canary Islands. It is revealed that Darlington had only lent him books just to talk to him. George visits their manor one day, Darlington asks him if he is in love with anyone. As he declines, she reveals that she now has a crush on a boy named William Cardinal. She claims that William believes that George is odd about his opinion over a novel. George calls Darlington out, telling her to use her own words to criticize him instead of using someone else's words.

After he had left, Darlington sees George's Star Shooter glide towards her house. Half an hour later, Kenton's body is found on the glider. Making George the prime suspect. Darlington does not speak George for another two years.

Marrying William[]



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