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I am an emperor! My only goal is to remain at the top!

—Diavolo, Chapter 585

Diavolo (ディアボロ Diaboro) is the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo.

The first boss of Passione, Diavolo seeks absolute security and superiority by eliminating all traces of his past, including his daughter, Trish Una, and attempts to retrieve her via manipulating Team Bucciarati through his orders. He and Vinegar Doppio are two souls inhabiting a single body, and while Doppio can only partially manifest the incredibly deadly King Crimson, Diavolo is the Stand's primary User and wields its brutal power in full.


Diavolo is a tall man with a lean and semi-muscular build. He has long hair, leopard-patterned with various spots, parted in a zig-zagging manner; the bangs of which are propped and parted slightly to the side. The rest of his hair is cut straight across at his shoulders. His shirt, hidden under Doppio's sweater, appears to be made of complex mesh-wiring: it covers his shoulders and torso but down his back and abdomen are linked circles that are tucked under his belt, which in the back end in two~three long "coat tails". On his arms are floral sleeve tattoos leading down to a pair of gold wristbands. He also shares a pair of studded pants and seemingly sock-less loafers with Doppio.


In order to grow, we must defeat the mistakes of our past. The past... even when you break it to pieces and entomb it in stone, it crawls out like a worm.


Diavolo secrets

Diavolo will violently protect his secrets

The biggest personality trait Diavolo shows is his obsession with erasing any trace of his history and keeping his presence a secret from the world, a compulsion he tries to fulfill by any means. As he believes the mistakes of the past or simply the past itself is something to be defeated and destroyed in order for human beings to grow, he is exceptionally anxious about his past, linking it to fear, and being apprehensive of anyone learning of him. Even in the already secretive Passione hierarchy, Diavolo goes to excessive length to hide his identity and his face, issuing orders through several proxies or by computer so that nobody ever meets him personally. Diavolo lives most of his life in the shadows, hinted to perpetually travel across Italy hidden in Doppio, his alternate personality, and sleep in motel and hotel rooms exclusively. This compulsive trait of erasing his past is also an allegory to the inherent imperfection in King Crimson, specifically Epitaph's ability; While he can see into the future so as to avoid any mistakes, Diavolo's Stand ability cannot erase any low points or 'ebbs' in his life that have already occurred, forcing him to try to fix his errors through his own personal, manual efforts.

Passione orders

Subordinates never interact directly with Diavolo, not even capos

Diavolo has a violent tendency to hunt and kill those who try to uncover any kind of personal information, or are merely susceptible to lead his enemies to him, as shown by his will to kill even his own family if it means keeping his identity safe - something highly vocalized through his attempts to murder his daughter, whom has never even met Diavolo herself and only knew things her mother passed down. This is however partially justified since family members within the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure universe share a mystic spiritual link, with Diavolo and Trish being able to sense each others' souls and know where the other is as well as if they are alive. Nevertheless, Diavolo is sufficiently pragmatic not to go on a killing spree every time he's about to be discovered, notably only using his power to confuse a hotel cleaning maid just for as long as he needs to erase any trace of his presence. As soon as he learns of a Passione member trying to investigate him, they will be dubbed as traitors and made examples of his wrath and absolute power. Most notable are Sorbet and Gelato, whom Diavolo had killed and in the case of Sorbet particularly, cut into pieces and framed in formalin, then delivered to Squadra Esecuzioni as a grim warning of the fate awaiting potential traitors. Diavolo is also persistent in keeping himself a secret even from Doppio, his most trusted subordinate and second soul.


King crimson behind diavolo


Main article: King Crimson

Diavolo's Stand is King Crimson, an extremely powerful Stand with tremendous physical strength and the ability to erase time up to a 10 seconds time frame as well as predict anything that happens over the following 10 seconds. Although it has some limitations, King Crimson renders him essentially invincible in a fight as he can either foresee and counter the enemy's actions or render them meaningless by erasing the timeframe in which they happen.



Part 5: Vento Aureo

Video Games



Early life


Diavolo as a baby

While a majority of Diavolo's background is vague, some facts are made clear: born in an all-female prison during the summer of 1967, his Mother claimed she had been pregnant for two years and there was no father, both within the jail and outside, that could've fathered her child. Because she still had years on her sentence, Diavolo was sent back to Sardinia to live with the priest in his mother's hometown. According to neighbors and friends, Diavolo was frank, yet timid and not too bright; he had also desired to be a sailor rather than a priest like his father wanted him to be. At some point Diavolo met his mother and buried her beneath his house.

In 1984 to 1985 (roughly when he was 17~18), Diavolo met Donatella Una, who was vacationing in Sardinia when they met. Donatella fell in love with Diavolo, who was under the assumed name of "Solido Naso", and they interacted enough to sleep together and have a daughter named Trish Una, whom Diavolo was never aware of. During this period of time, Diavolo took a picture of Donatella at Costa Smeralda in Sardinia and told numerous lies about himself, all of which Donatella believed, and when they departed, Diavolo made a promise to return and never carried through with it.


The fire that erased all traces of Diavolo

In 1986, when Diavolo was 19, the priest (who by then had completely adopted Diavolo as his son) spotted Diavolo walking on the beach with his girlfriend Donatella. Believing it was time to get Diavolo a car, the priest began to construct a garage, only to find a young woman, Diavolo's mother, buried alive in the dirt with her mouth sewn shut. That night, a fire broke out and razed the village, killing the priest and five other people. Diavolo was listed as a casualty as well, but in reality had slipped off to Egypt to join an excavation.[3] During this, he found six arrow heads by chance; He stole them, fled, and soon met Enya Geil, who told Diavolo of their use. He then sold five of the six to Enya for a very large sum of money and very likely returned to Italy to create Passione, a gang that would later become a dominant force in Italy. The arrow he took likely created his own Stand, King Crimson, as well as Mr.President, which was given to Polpo and his Stand, Black Sabbath, to form the initiation test of Passione.

When he had formed Passione, he quickly sent his growing number of subordinates off to find and erase other Mafia families in Italy. During the entire time he ruled Passione, no one had ever met him in person or had seen his face due to his Dissociative Disorder. He also had Passione clean the streets of drugs and do various charity activities (while secretly selling drugs), which gave the outer impression of Passione being a just and virtuous system. This allowed Diavolo to gather many wide-eyed idealists like Bruno Bucciarati and have them join Passione.

In the 1990's, Polnareff and Jotaro Kujo set off to find the remaining Arrows that Diavolo had dug up. Polnareff had noticed that in Italy, crime and death rates had been rising to a point where they were 20 times higher than the average. As such, he set off to investigate Passione and Diavolo, eventually causing the two to meet face to face. In retaliation for nearly discovering him, Diavolo gouged Polnareff's right eye, ripped off his arm, and threw him off a cliff - breaking Polnareff's legs in the process - and declared him dead. However, Polnareff survived and found, as he suspected, another arrow.

In 1994, Risotto Nero joined Passione and Diavolo instated him as the leader of Squadra Esecuzioni, an assassination team for Passione, giving him several operatives to run including Sorbet and Gelato. However, Diavolo never granted them territory, something all other units were given, and after five years the group sent a request for territory and a raise. When Diavolo rejected this offer, La Squadra retaliated by attempting to discover whom their Boss was so they could extort these gifts. Unfortunately, Diavolo caught on and kidnapped Sorbet and Gelato, eventually torturing them and killing Sorbet while Gelato committed suicide. He then left Gelato's body at the assassins' shared apartment and delivered the thirty-six individual pieces of Sorbet, embalmed in frozen formaldehyde and framed, back to La Squadra's base. When La Squadra rebelled, Cannolo Murolo assisted them in turning against the Boss; regardless of whether Diavolo knew this fact or not, he dubbed La Squadra traitors.

At some point during the previous events, Vinegar Doppio "became a member of Passione"; i.e., Diavolo begun to use him to carry out missions in privacy and go out in public without anyone seeing him in person. It is unknown when Doppio fully formed and 'joined' Passione, and how many years he had been working under Diavolo - however, assuming Diavolo had treated him right, it was a long enough period of time for Doppio to become both fiercely loyal and completely believe that he was the Boss's most trusted subordinate.

In January 2001, Donatella died due to an illness and Trish begun a quest to find her father. Due to his ties through Italy, Diavolo learned of this and sent Pericolo off to find her before La Squadra could.

Vento Aureo (2001)

Because of his drug ring plan still reaching people, particularly children, Giorno Giovanna became attracted to the events around Passione. The death of Luca prompted Diavolo to send Bucciarati to kill the one responsible, which resulted in the officer ultimately allying himself with Giorno. Giorno passed the initiation test, killed Polpo, and became a member of Team Bucciarati. After the defeat of Mario Zucchero and Sale, Pericolo met with them, graduated Bucciarati to Polpo's occupation, and gave them Trish Una as well as Diavolo's mission to Polpo to deliver her to him. This plan was done for a two-fold reason of killing off both La Squadra and Team Bucciarati and to personally kill Trish due to her being a blood relative and sharing his genes, thus giving any of his enemies a clue to his identity.

Dealing with Trish

During this time, Diavolo traveled to various locations and dropped off objects to be used by Team Bucciarati; these include the key used to activate Mr. President in Pompeii, Coco Jumbo in a train station at Naples, and a disk located in Venice that would tell of his ultimate location where he hoped to finally dispose of Trish.[6] Team Bucciarati soon managed to collect all these whilst taking out the members of La Squadra whom would try to capture Trish, leading to Bucciarati himself going with Trish to meet the Boss; However, by this point, Bucciarati had become part of Giorno's plan to kill the Boss, something Diavolo wasn't aware of.


The Boss deals with the traitor, Bucciarati

During the elevator ride up a tower where Diavolo said he was, he kidnapped Trish and slipped down the elevator shaft and into the basement. Bucciarati, finally fed up with the Boss, followed suit and refused to leave, instigating a fight in order to protect her. Diavolo easily overpowers Bucciarati and delivers a fatal blow, before attempting to kill Trish. However, he is stopped by the abilities of Gold Experience, Giorno's Stand, and stalled long enough for Bucciarati to take Trish and flee. Due to King Crimson's issues with dealing with substantial numbers, all of Team Bucciarati in this case, Diavolo allows them the chance to escape and brands the group traitors, sending his elite team to kill them and his daughter with the promise of monetary reward.

Targeting the Traitors

At the same time, Diavolo orders his alter-ego Doppio to look into a particular matter: the house Donatella lived in in Sardinia still stands, and if Moody Blues was used at that spot, Leone Abbacchio would reveal Diavolo's face.


The Boss kills a prying fortune teller

Along the way, Doppio is questioned by a fortune teller who reveals that they're searching for their daughter. Diavolo temporarily reveals himself and kills the fortune teller, but not before learning from him that an encounter with Risotto Nero is close. On the way to Donatella's house, the driver of the taxi that Doppio takes attempts to con him, believing the envelope containing the picture of Donatella to be full of money. Once again, Diavolo intervenes and almost gouges out the eye of the driver. However, he notices that not only did the taxi driver not see the contents of the envelope, leaving no reason to eliminate him, but that that they were being watched. Risotto was planning on intercepting Team Bucciarati to make one last attempt at capturing Trish. At first, Risotto simply assumes Doppio is a tourist, but upon seeing him react to the sounds and sight of Aerosmith, realizes that Doppio is a Stand user and attacks him. The fight with Risotto is long and he nearly succeeds in killing Doppio multiple times, if not for Diavolo's interventions. He gives Doppio the use of Epitaph and throughout the fight encourages Doppio to get close so that King Crimson can defeat Risotto in one fell swoop, or orders him to flee when Doppio is at risk of injury. However the fight is largely in Risotto's favor, from the power of Metallica to Doppio's lack of battle experience playing for the traitor.


Risotto's last attempt to kill The Boss

Diavolo throws knives created by Metallica in the direction of Team Bucciarati. This causes Aerosmith to intervene and shoot Risotto, leaving him dying and defeated. As Diavolo emerges from Doppio, he stands over the traitorous assassin, offering him a quick death with his dignity intact in exchange for the restoration of the iron content of his blood lost in the battle. However, Risotto has Metallica hijack Aerosmith and attempt to shoot Diavolo. In response, King Crimson erases time so that the bullets pass through Diavolo and finish Risotto off. Diavolo is disappointed that Risotto died with not only his honor intact, but without needing to help his former Boss. Left extremely fatigued and weak, Diavolo replenishes some of his supply of iron by devouring nearby frogs. When followed by Bucciarati and his men, Diavolo attacks a child playing soccer, steals his uniform, and drinks much of his blood to restore his own iron. This gives him a chance to kill Abbacchio while using Doppio as disguise in an attempt to remove Bucciarati's group's chance to unveil his face. This fails, however, as an unknown third party begins assisting the traitors in gaining the power to defeat King Crimson.

Showdown with the Traitors

At some point after Bucciarati's group leaves Sardinia to follow their revolutionary's instructions, Diavolo gives Doppio back control and tells him to investigate the house. However, he knows they are moving towards Rome and he orders Doppio to get moving via plane, as well as ask Cioccolata and Secco for assistance, despite expressing disgust as the former for his past actions. However, when Doppio arrives in Rome, he's held hostage by Secco and is soon lending a hand in helping a once-again dying and unknowing Bucciarati. Diavolo uses his soul's resemblance to Trish's to fool Bucciarati into letting him help in order to find out whom has been assisting the traitors. He is then able to sneak past the rest of Team Bucciarati and bring him to the Coliseum.

When they get there, Diavolo takes notice of a person watching them, and orders Doppio to stay cautious. The unknown individual calls out and asks Bucciarati for the identity of the person with him is. Diavolo takes a closer look at the individual and notices the Stand-granting Arrow, shocking him and bringing only one person to mind: Polnareff. Though Bucciarati tells Polnareff that it's Trish and Doppio convinces him that he is a girl, he demands to see her Stand. It is in that instant that Doppio disappears.


Diavolo finally revealed

Doppio reappears on a set of stairs leading to Polnareff. In Diavolo's voice, he begins speaking about how everyone must defeat the mistakes of their past as he begins taking off his sweater and passes by a column. When he emerges from the column, Diavolo has fully revealed himself to Polnareff, knowing that he could not keep himself completely hidden in the ensuing confrontation. Though he is only slightly taken aback when he sees that Polnareff is somehow still alive after their last encounter, he nonetheless prepares to attack him a second time and make sure that he stays dead. Before Diavolo begins his assault, he questions Polnareff why he would have an Arrow when there was one already in Italy and all of his allies were already Stand Users. When Polnareff refuses to answer, Diavolo charges at him. Before King Crimson could erase time, Polnareff bites his own finger and holds it over his other hand. Diavolo takes notice of this and positions himself behind Polnareff. He is then attacked and has his arm sliced open by Polnareff's Silver Chariot when time is restored. Diavolo instantly figures out that the blood drops from Polnareff's finger allow him to know immediately when time is erased. Before Polnareff can escape, Diavolo erases time once more, and flings the blood from his arm into the path of Polnareff's eyes to make sure that he wouldn't be able to see when time returns. However, as Diavolo prepares to deliver a finishing blow with King Crimson the instant time returns, he notices that Silver Chariot has been stabbed in the face with the Arrow, and narrowly misses the Stand.


Diavolo faces off against Polnareff

Seeing it leap past the average Power-type range limit of two meters, he decides to mortally wound Polnareff by punching him through the chest to prevent it from going any further. Making sure his enemy is dead by checking his pulse, Diavolo wonders aloud is there might be some other ability of the Arrow besides granting Stands to normal people, then takes it for himself. He thanks Polnareff for bringing another Arrow to him before leaving. However, it is then that Diavolo notices a mysterious individual covered in black begin walking away from him. Though he angrily demands the entity's identity and commands it to face him, he suddenly drops the Arrow as his legs go limp. Diavolo falls asleep before he could make sense of the situation.

Chariot Requiem is Polnareff's last resort to keep the Arrow from falling into Diavolo's hands, and renders everyone in Rome unconscious while switching their spirits around. Upon reawakening, Team Bucciarati in their switched bodies figure out the workings of the soul-switching and their temporarily new identities. Coming to the conclusion that Diavolo's soul would be in Bucciarati's due to it being vice versa, Guido Mista, in Trish's body, immediately fires several rounds into the defenseless body as it's getting up. However, Diavolo's soul was piggybacking with Trish in Mista's body; He very likely comes to the conclusion that they're firing at Doppio and, enraged, breaks a nearby fence and impales Narancia Ghirga (in Giorno's body) on it, killing him instantly. With Giorno back to normal, the group realizes they were wrong and must retrieve the Arrow from Chariot Requiem, taking along with them Polnareff in Coco Jumbo's body. Diavolo, having become a separate soul, begins to sabotage the group's attempts to defeat Chariot Requiem.

Upon the first signs of Requiem's true ability to transform people and animals into "something else", Diavolo becomes the first to figure out its weakness. However, Giorno stops the group when he himself figures out that Diavolo has been sabotaging them. Giorno tells everyone to stay at least five meters apart from each other as Diavolo, whom split from Doppio during the soul switch, is now possessing one of them. It is then that Diavolo realizes that Giorno Giovanna was his greatest obstacle due to his perceptiveness.


Diavolo as a rogue soul

The young boy attempts to reveal the Boss by touching his allies, sensing if there are two souls. Diavolo, whom is in Mista's body along with Trish, severs Giorno's arm and bashes him in the head when he approaches Bucciarati so that he is not cornered. He is also able to grab Trish's own Stand, Spice Girl, and take complete control Mista's body. Upon figuring out that he is able to move Mista's various parts, Diavolo has him sprint for Requiem and the Arrow, using King Crimson's ability to get a head start. Diavolo predicts the future and erases time to narrowly avoid Mista's bullets, having countered a number of attacks in the time he gets to Requiem. Before he revealed himself, he noticed that Requiem's shadow is always opposite of wherever he is. With this information, King Crimson throws a blind punch behind its own head, and hits an orb of light that was behind him all along and was producing the shadow. This mostly destroys Chariot Requiem and frees the Requiem Arrow, which Diavolo takes for himself. Ecstatic that the Arrow is in his hands once more, he prepares to pierce King Crimson with it. However, Giorno turns the blood that splattered on Diavolo when he severed his arm into a swarm of ants that chew at and break off the Arrow. Diavolo reaches for the dropped Arrow after deflecting more of Mista's bullets, but those same deflected bullets then shoot through his hand and knock the Arrow a long distance away

GW ep36 domestic violence

Disposing of his hated daughter

. Confused, he realizes that Trish has been fighting back, and that Spice Girl had used its ability to soften the bullets. Diavolo retaliates by wishing his daughter had never been born, before furiously punching her soul clean through the stomach. He then uses the force of the punch to send Mista's body flying in the direction of the Arrow that had escaped him. Having once again taken it, Diavolo attempts to pierce King Crimson without hesitation, only for the Arrow phase right through the Stand's hand; Bucciarati sacrifices his own life by finally destroying Chariot Requiem's remains, saving Trish's life by undoing its ability and ripping Diavolo's soul and King Crimson away from the Arrow.

Awakening, Diavolo attempts to retreat, but a conscious Trish tells Giorno that her father is "running away". In an effort to spare his own pride, he attacks Giorno after meeting eyes with him once more and seeing that the Arrow had landed in the boy's hands. Using Epitaph, he forecasts the Arrow rejecting Giorno, then mortally wounds Gold Experience just as the Stand is pierced.

GW ep37 GER attack Diavolo

Diavolo realizes he can't affect Gold Experience Requiem

However, Giorno had successfully evolved his Stand into Gold Experience Requiem despite Epitaph's predictions. Initially, Diavolo believes the new form to be a simple enhancement, then forecasts Giorno killed. Giorno taunts and belittles Diavolo and his philosophy, stating that while the virtuous actions of his teammates could never be "erased", the boss and his selfish actions might not be the same case. He attempts to erase time as Gold Experience Requiem unleashes a barrage of punches, Mista fires several bullets, and wasps fly past. Placing himself next to Giorno, Diavolo splatters blood in front of his face like he did with Polnareff, then proceeds to deliver a fatal punch to the heart. However, before the hit could land, he is interrupted by the sight of the wasps flying backward and Mista's bullets returning to his gun. Right as he was about to resume his attack, Diavolo himself is shocked by Requiem speaking to him within the erased time, claiming that while Epitaph allows him to see the next moments of reality, Diavolo himself will never reach it; Gold Experience Requiem reveals its true power by setting King Crimson's seemingly invincible ability "to zero" and nullifying it, completely undoing the time erasure. Diavolo, forced to watch himself state the same lines, is left in a state of utter disbelief as Giorno and his Stand destroy Epitaph in a single punch with no trouble. Desperate in putting an end to the boy that has caused him so much trouble, he attacks Giorno once more, and Gold Experience Requiem ultimately pummels him, annihilating King Crimson in the process and sending him flying into the nearby river.


The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canonW.

As one of the minor antagonists in the light novel JORGE JOESTAR, Diavolo is one of the characters from the 37th Universe, as the former Boss of Passione like his original counterpart. He is first mentioned as one of the murder victims of Antonio Torres, the other being Yoshikage Kira. He still wields his Stand, King Crimson. [7]

Final Moments

How many times am I going to die? Where.. What's going to come and attack me next?! I.. I.. STAY AWAY FROM ME


Finale 6

Diavolo never able to meet his end

Due to the ability of Gold Experience Requiem, Diavolo is trapped in an infinite death loop; He continues to experience death over and over for eternity due to dying and subsequently returning to point zero (before his death), starting with drowning in the nearby river, followed by being stabbed to death, autopsied alive, and hit by a car. Panicked in anticipation for where the next source of his never-ending fatality is going to come from, the last of what is seen of Diavolo is him begging a harmless child to get away from him.


In Purple Haze Feedback, it is briefly touched upon in the beginning that, within the six months between Diavolo's death and the story of the novel, Giorno had managed to successfully fool the entirety of Passione into believing he had been the Boss all along. Besides the drug team, lead by Volpe, it is unknown how many members of Passione actually believed this. Giorno had also obtained the assistance of the Speedwagon Foundation through Polnareff, giving Passione even more power than Diavolo had. Diavolo, through the whole ordeal, was still suffering his looping deaths during this time and long after.



You are the very definition of nauseating evil! You abuse the innocent and unknowing! All for your own personal benefit!

Bucciarati to Diavolo

  • With Alter:
    • Diavolo to Doppio: Although in most cases it's self-preservation and survival (assuming killing Doppio would kill Diavolo, or vice versa), Diavolo seems to have a lot of affection for Doppio: he put Doppio in a very dangerous position of being the underboss instead of a usual subordinate, he often gave Doppio directions to being successful and even warned him to keep away from Nero and encouraged him to flee, and most peculiar of all, he has a habit of sometimes calling Doppio "[his] (cute) Doppio" with the more down-to-earth "watashi wa" pronoun. Noticeably, when Chariot Requiem activates and Doppio is shot multiple times by Mista, Diavolo almost immediately destroys and impales Narancia on a gate, instantly killing him, and begins to attempt more murders - before it happened, Diavolo was perfectly hidden away and everyone assumed Diavolo was in Bucciarati's body. On the other hand, Diavolo shows greater concern for his own wellbeing than Doppio's, whom he left for dead in Bucciarati's body.
    • Doppio to Diavolo: While Doppio never learned the truth between themselves, he highly respects Diavolo and always called him "Boss" - though, whether or not Doppio knew Diavolo's name is unknown. Doppio also seems to be Diavolo's scapegoat, something he takes pride in considering how loyal he was to a point of stubbornness, and he seemed heed most of Diavolo's orders when he remembered them. According to Doppio himself before his death, Diavolo had told him that staying in Bucciarati's body would be dangerous and decided to move, leaving Doppio to his fate.
  • Donatella Una: Although it's unknown how their relationship went, outside of Diavolo refusing to give her his real name, instead using a cover name "Solido Naso" and never talking about himself, it can be inferred that it was largely positive while the former maintains his anonymity. He took a picture of Donatella that she kept it throughout the years, though Diavolo later becomes enraged upon learning of its current existence being used against him. Interestingly enough, Diavolo also never attempted on Donatella's life despite his ruthlessness. Likewise, Donatella loved Diavolo and told her daughter good things about him (albeit all lies Diavolo said before hand), and it's known that as Donatella died from her illness, she wished to see her lover again.
  • Trish Una: Diavolo was never actually aware of Trish's existence until Donatella passed away and Squadra Esecuzioni begun looking for clues on their former employer's identity. Diavolo realizes that their bond of blood allows him to sense her presence (the bonds of family being a reoccurring supernatural force in the world of JoJo). Immediately realizing that she could sense him as well and jeopardize his anonymity, he set in motion a plan to kill her with his own hands and used Bucciarati's group as pawns to bring her to him without letting the traitors capture her. In the final battle, Diavolo disowns Trish, wishing she never had been born. When she stops him from getting the Arrow during the final battle, he responds by having King Crimson punch clean through her stomach in a final attempt to kill her. However, she would survive due to Bucciarati's interception. Afterward, Diavolo would at the very least thank Trish for giving him the courage to attack Giorno Giovanna, as she revealed to her allies that Diavolo was attempting to run away, tempering his pride.


Team Bucciarati
  • Giorno Giovanna: Giorno planned to take down Diavolo since the beginning due to Passione's corruption in Naples, which included an agenda of drug trafficking that affected even children. Because of this, Diavolo retaliated and made Giorno a high-priority target. The two became bitter enemies over the course of Part 5, with Diavolo having invoked Giorno's anger during their confrontation after the death of Narancia, and Giorno helping to rouse Team Bucciarati's betrayal. During the race for the Arrow, Giorno alone figured out that Diavolo was residing in one of the group's bodies, causing the Boss to realize that Giorno was his greatest threat. With Bucciarati's demise, Diavolo confirms that Giorno was in fact the more dangerous individual due to his cunning, as well as the fact that he had planned to usurp him the moment the boy entered Passione.
  • Bruno Bucciarati: Prior to meeting Giorno, Bucciarati was loyal to Diavolo, even though he was aware of the gang's involvement in the drug trafficking within Naples. Although Bucciarati initially had no power to take action, with urging from Giorno, he became determined to take the boss down as well. While this eventually led to Diavolo killing him, Diavolo had declared his respect for Bucciarati, complimenting him on his prowess and valor.
  • Narancia Ghirga: Although not directly interacting with Narancia, he was a threat nonetheless once he turned traitor. After Chariot Requiem was activated and Doppio was shot by Mista, Diavolo retaliates by killing Narancia, whom had a radar capable of finding anyone attempting to attack Chariot Requiem.
  • Leone Abbacchio: Diavolo feared Abbacchio as he could easily find out who Passione's Boss was with his powers. As such, Diavolo personally went back to Sardinia to intercept Abbacchio, and when given the opportunity, assassinated him while posing not only as Doppio, but also as a simple child playing soccer.
  • Guido Mista: While Diavolo lacks a connection with Mista, Mista on the other hand shares his teammates' hatred and fear of the boss. Diavolo likewise regarded him as a threat just for betrayal. In the end, after the final battle with Diavolo, Mista was the last original member of Bucciarati's team before Giorno came.
  • Pannacotta Fugo: Fugo, even with all the evidence given to him, was torn between swearing loyalty to Bucciarati or staying on Diavolo's good side. Understanding the extreme danger of betraying Passione and Diavolo, Fugo ultimately chose to remain on Diavolo's side. In a rejected story line, Fugo was also sent to kill his former friends, and if that was kept, Araki admits that Giorno would have needed to give the killing blow, which he felt would be too heartbreaking.
  • Jean Pierre Polnareff: Polnareff is one of Diavolo's many enemies, though Diavolo did not have any interest in Polnareff particularly. As soon as Diavolo found out Polnareff had been investigating him, he made a personal and brutal attempt to dispose of him, but unknowingly left him alive. During their second confrontation, Diavolo did not care much that Polnareff was still alive, nor that he knew his name, but rather wanted to know immediately why Polnareff would possess an Arrow, displaying a sense of urgency on the matter of his familiar foe. Nonetheless, Diavolo would, without much effort, successfully put an end to Polnareff once more, stepping on his neck in order to check his pulse and confirm his death. However, Diavolo did not know that Chariot Requiem would save its former master by preserving his soul in the body of the turtle Coco Jumbo.


  • Squadra Esecuzioni: Diavolo not only refused to give La Squadra a territory and higher pay, but when the first signs of betrayal started showing, had two of their members killed, one of whom was sectioned into 36 individual pieces, which were then mailed individually back to the group. It should be noted that it took La Squadra two years to form a retaliation plan, which Diavolo immediately found out about and retaliated against. Diavolo disdained these assassins, but came to respect their leader, Risotto Nero to a degree, considering him a worthy opponent and granting him the dubious "honor" of a painless death if he obeyed his command of restoring his iron level during their fight.
  • Cioccolata and Secco: As immoral Diavolo was, he considered both of them complete monsters and only kept them in his organization as part of his personal guard squad due to their powerful combination and individual abilities alike. On their part, Cioccolata and Secco only obeyed Diavolo because he let them torture people and planned to overthrow him eventually.

Video Games

Vento Aureo (PS2)

Diavolo appears as the enemy faced in Chapters 12 and 13 (as "The Boss"; A suited silhouetted individual shrouded in shadow), as well as in 20 and 22, where he utilizes King Crimson to, within the game's perspective, alter time. Diavolo boasts the most health out of all enemies fought. The game, due to a completely different interpretation, does not refer to King Crimson's ability once as "time erasure". In Chapter 12, Bucciarati must survive for one minute, and in Chapter 13, he must deplete a very small portion of The Boss' health to succeed; In Chapter 20, Polnareff must also deplete a small portion (equivalent to a fifth) of Diavolo's health, and in Chapter 22, Giorno and Gold Experience Requiem must finally defeat Diavolo.

In Chapters 12 and 13, 'The Boss' can simply 'teleport' to Bucciarati, somewhat similar but not completely accurate to how a normal person would see the effects of King Crimson, he also uses a strong hook that crosses the player's body and then sends them flying far with another punch (similarly to his attack on Bucciarati in the manga), and has another attack where King Crimson punches the floor, sending debris flying. The Boss can destroy the many columns around the stage, with Bucciarati taking damage from the flying debris. His most powerful attack involves him punching the player through the abdomen before turning around and slamming them into the ground, sending them reeling a long way.

Attempting to hit The Boss while he is idle or otherwise not in the middle of an attack will result in him using King Crimson's ability to teleport away and avoid taking damage. During Chapter 13, after having revealed the nature of King Crimson's ability, the teleportation effect is accompanied by a flash of inverted colors before doing so, uncanny in effect to many of DIO's time-stopping abilities in All Star Battle.

During Chapters 20 and 22, whenever Diavolo uses King Crimson's ability, time slows down for everything except him and King Crimson, and the screen's colors invert. Oddly enough, Diavolo can still be hit and damaged during King Crimson's effect, making it more akin to a true "time-slowing" ability than the canon time erasure. In Chapter 20, he gains a new ability to send King Crimson flying at immense speed toward his target to deliver a heavy knockdown punch with little warning.

In Chapter 22, while Giorno himself is still affected by the time manipulation, Gold Experience Requiem can move and attack with impunity. Diavolo also gains two more abilities: One of them is him having King Crimson punch the floor and generate an immensely damaging shockwave whose range and area of effect covers the entire stage, sending Giorno flying a long way if it connects (he will only use this ability if Giorno stays too close to him for too long); The other has him fling blood at Giorno, making him flinch long enough for Diavolo to deliver any of his more powerful attacks. When his health hits zero for the first time, Diavolo will unleash a non-damaging shockwave to knock Giorno away, before recovering a fifth of his health as a last resort.

Secret Factors

Chapter 12
  1. Bucciarati must Stand Shoot King Crimson. (Value of 4)
  2. Bucciarati must Stand Shoot Diavolo while standing near Trish's unconscious body. (Value of 6)
Chapter 13
  1. Bucciarati starts the level with a Secret Factor Level of MAX. (Value of 10)
Chapter 20
  1. Polnareff must Stand Shoot Diavolo. (Value of 7)
  2. Polnareff must Stand Shoot King Crimson. (Value of 3)
Chapter 22
  1. Giorno starts the level with a Secret Factor Level of 5. (Value of 5)
  2. Giorno must use and land his heavy attack (X button). (Value of 3)
  3. Giorno must avoid taking damage before and when King Crimson activates its ability. Even if Giorno does not take damage during the manipulated time period, the Secret Factor is lost if he has been hit beforehand. (Value of 2)

All Star Battle (PS3)

Diavolo is a playable character in All Star Battle. As one of the seven main antagonists, Diavolo is stronger than most characters and his ability to cause massive damage per individual hit makes up for his limited combos. As one of the majority of playable characters in the game with the "Stand" Style, Diavolo can turn King Crimson on/off, changing movesets. Though unlike the vast majority of Stand Users in the game, he does not have access to the Stand Rush ability that returns from the Capcom game; None of his skills allow him to attack in conjunction with his Stand, as every single one of his attacks, including normal hits, are delivered solely by King Crimson. He shares this effect with Hol Horse and Guido Mista.

King Crimson acts as a powerful Stand whose melee attacks knock the opponent off their feet. When it is on, Diavolo's Heavy ground and air attacks down the opponent, and his crouching Heavy attack knocks the opponent into the air; His crouching Medium attack fills in the role of tripping the opponent. These melee attacks can be used to set up combos as most of his skills lack the potential to do so.

Exclusive to Diavolo is the ability "Erasing Time", activated automatically by skills marked with a star. Upon activation, the arena environment, including background characters, is completely erased, leaving behind nothing but a deep crimson background that gradients downward to black. During this brief period of erased time, the opponent cannot move or act, merely standing still, and Diavolo is invincible to attacks that continue into the erased time. Time returns after a moment or as soon as Diavolo inputs an attack.

  • I've eliminated 0.5 seconds!: Replacing the common forward and backward dash, Diavolo erases time to 'teleport' short distances, granting him small bursts of invincibility.
  • Time has been erased...: A counter. This skill is marked with a star. Diavolo and King Crimson pose, and if struck by a non-Throw/HHA/GHA, "Erasing Time" will activate.
  • Such futility!: This skill is marked with a star, and can only be used once Diavolo is hit by any non-Throw/HHA/GHA, or any attack that does not down or send him flying upon the first hit. "Erasing Time" will activate instantly, leaving Diavolo completely unharmed. This skill consumes two bars of the Heart Heat Gauge in return for completely breaking an opponent's attack or combo, and functions in the exact same manner as DIO's "So close!" counter.
  • Throw - You're not getting away!: King Crimson hoists the opponent up by their collar and delivers a devastating punch to the face.

While King Crimson is off:

  • The passage of time resumes!: Diavolo summons King Crimson to deliver a punch to the opponent's abdomen, leaving them crumpling to the ground (Comboable). This move can be charged to eventually increase its range and become unblockable, but Puttsun Cancel is required to follow-up on the charged attack. If the charged version hits an airborne opponent, they are sent flying into the stage wall.
  • This is the end!: Diavolo summons King Crimson to punch the ground with enough force to emit a shockwave, downing the opponent if they are hit. The Heavy variation deals the least amount of damage and has a recoverable delay, but is capable of hitting a downed opponent.

While King Crimson is on:

  • Your life is mine!: King Crimson chops the opponent down the middle. Diavolo's skills can be instantly performed following this move. (Comboable)
  • King Crimson!: A Throw. King Crimson executes a short jab. If it connects, King Crimson will punch the opponent three times rapidly, hitting them into the air, before hooking them in the face with enough strength to send them flying.
  • Now I'm really angry!: King Crimson jabs at an upward angle. This move acts as an anti-air. It has the bonus effect of hitting opponents as tall or taller than Diavolo without them needing to be airborne, such as Wamuu. If it connects, King Crimson grabs the opponent by the face and slams them into the ground hard enough for them to bounce. Using its other fist, King Crimson punches the opponent in the abdomen and sends them flying.

Diavolo's HHA activates Epitaph, allowing him to see into the future with 100% accuracy until the full stock is used up. While in this mode, Diavolo will automatically Stylish Dodge most of the opponent's attacks without depleting any of the Guard Gauge, provided he isn't in the middle of attacking himself. The opponent's Stylish Dodge is disabled as well, and the rate at which Diavolo can successively use "I've eliminated 0.5 seconds!" is enhanced, granting him a lot less vulnerability when using it to dodge through attacks and projectiles, as well as the fastest dash in the game (allowing him to outspeed even Baoh's run when pushing against each other).

Diavolo's GHA, "Pinnacle of Eternity", as with his other abilities that activate "Erasing Time", works as a counterattack: Diavolo will smile as he and King Crimson openly present themselves to the opponent. If he is then hit by the enemy with any form of short/mid-ranged melee attack that is not a Throw, including HHA and even other GHA, Diavolo's GHA will activate. Diavolo will disappear and reveal that what the opponent actually hit was their future selves, appearing behind them shortly afterwards. Diavolo declares that he's ending the fight as King Crimson delivers a singular powerful chop down the middle of the opponent. This is the most powerful Great Heat Attack in the entire game, dealing roughly 42% of the opponent's max health in damage.

"Erasing Time" is naturally nullified if Giorno Giovanna has Gold Experience in Requiem Mode; The ability will initiate as the confirming sound plays, but the time erasure does not actually take effect.

If Diavolo is Retired via any attack that does not result in a hard knockdown or blow-back, he will fall to his knees and weakly point at the opponent in fear, mirroring one of his infinite deaths in the story. If Retired by Giorno himself, he will furiously call him a brat/kid in a way similar to his final moments against Giorno before being defeated.

Diavolo is the only villain from Part 5 to appear in the game as a playable character, the third tallest character in the game behind Joseph Joestar and Wamuu (slightly taller than even DIO and the same height as any other Part 3 character), and also the only character to have 2 characters appearing during his intro (Diavolo and Doppio). Diavolo's first alternate costume reflects his initial appearance as "The Boss"; completely disguised in shadow and wearing a tuxedo with short and slicked-back hair, while his second features the stolen soccer outfit he wore as Doppio to disguise himself and kill Abbacchio. For two of his victory poses, Doppio is used instead of Diavolo, and Doppio speaks several of his own (his "phone's" ringtone, answering the phone, his statement about the world being filled with idiots, etc.). Notably enough, Diavolo has no post-round special lines, regardless of whom he's fighting; All opponents that Diavolo has unique dialogue with will illicit special intro lines, though should Diavolo win, he will simply use whatever line of victory dialogue that was set for him, if not the default.

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

This Stand also manipulates "time"?!

—Diavolo Reaction to DIO, Jotaro and Alt. Universe Diego's Time Stop


— Diavolo in Quote Collection, from Chapter 588

Diavolo and Doppio were confirmed for Eyes of Heaven alongside their daughter and Bucciarati.

As a Stand User, Diavolo is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle.

  • I've eliminated 0.5 seconds!: Replacing the standard Sidestep, Diavolo erases time to 'teleport' short distances, granting him small bursts of invincibility in exchange for a longer dodge.
  • Style Action - All movement is useless now!: Diavolo summons King Crimson to erase time. Upon activation, the arena environment appears to, from Diavolo's perspective, turn a deep red hue. While time is erased, Diavolo is invisible to opponents as well as invincible. While they can still act and attack his partner, they are completely unable to perceive or attack Diavolo himself, allowing him to move around and position himself with immunity. He is also unable to move characters by pushing against them, further demonstrating his lack of presence. If the Style Action button is held, the time erasure will last longer. Once activated, Diavolo's stamina gauge is immediately depleted by half, and will slowly drain until either it empties or the button is released. Time will also return upon Diavolo attacking, requesting or activating a Dual Combo, and activating a DHA or Soul Succession. Other circumstances that will cancel the time erasure include another character connecting a DHA or a time-stopping character stopping time. The only character immune to the effects of Diavolo's time erasure is Giorno Giovanna with Gold Experience transformed into its Requiem form; Giorno is able to perceive and therefore attack Diavolo within the erased time frame, making it possible to knock him out of it.
  • If you've seen King Crimson, it's already your time...nay, you're no longer in this world!: King Crimson executes a short, unblockable jab. If it connects, King Crimson will unleash a barrage of 6 punches, finishing with a powerful uppercut that sends the target high into the air directly upward, allowing Diavolo to combo them from there.
  • The passage of time resumes!: King Crimson is summoned to fly forward and deliver a punch, capable of sending opponents flying a long distance. If the activating button is held, the attack can be charged to eventually increase its speed and range, as well as making it unblockable. If the fully charged version lands, any opponents hit will instead simply crumple.
  • Such futility!: This skill can only be used once Diavolo is flinching from any attack or combo while standing, meaning he is unable to use it once he is knocked into the air, knocked down to the ground, or crumpling. Time will erase for a brief moment, allowing him to recover, before he automatically summons King Crimson to perform a charged punch, sending his attacker flying. This also has the effect of filling the Dual Heat Gauge by a considerable amount.
  • Epitaph: Diavolo activates Epitaph, causing his hair to float in front of his face as he enters a special mode. While active, his stamina gauge will slowly drain until either it empties or he is hit. If hit by any non-DHA attack that does not knock him off his feet or crumple him, Diavolo will automatically erase time and reappear, his location dependent on what type of attack he is hit by. If hit by a projectile or any attack while he is otherwise out of range of the attacker, Diavolo will teleport a considerable distance forward towards them. If he is within range, Diavolo will teleport into the air and behind them, easily allowing for a Backstab to follow.
  • EX - If you've seen King Crimson, it's already your time...nay, you're no longer in this world!: The skill activates quicker, and Diavolo is invincible until the last punch is thrown. King Crimson also moves a slight distance forward, increasing the attack's effective reach.
  • EX - The passage of time resumes!: The skill performs the fully charged version by default, and Diavolo is invincible until King Crimson stops moving.
  • Dual Heat Attack - Pinnacle of Eternity: Identical to its performance in All Star Battle, except it no longer begins as a counterattack.
  • The result is the only thing that lives in infamy!: Diavolo must use his Style Action. (200 Points)
  • I know exactly where you'll be before you even get there!: Diavolo must Backstab 3 times. (200 Points)
  • Foresee it!: Diavolo must use "Epitaph" 2 times. (300 Points)
  • I can see the trails of your movements...: Diavolo must survive the first 20 counts of the battle timer without taking damage. (500 Points)
  • No one must be allowed to threaten my eternal seat on the apex.: Diavolo must Retire an opponent without losing a single health gauge. (800 Points)

He is paired with Joshu Higashikata in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, having been placed in the F Block series of battles to be incorporated into the main Tournament. They were eliminated in the first round by Bucciarati and Trish.


  • In the Anime adaptation Diavolos birthday is changed from Summer 1967 to Summer 1965, which would make him about 35 in the anime.
  • Though never demonstrated, Diavolo can fluently speak SardinianW.
  • Throughout the entirety of the battle against Chariot Requiem, Diavolo's soul takes the form of King Crimson, and speaks and emotes completely through it.
  • According to a Top 10 List published in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2000, Diavolo is Araki's second favorite antagonist and 4th favorite character overall.
  • Diavolo in the Golden Wind anime shares the same seiyu as Jonathan Joestar in the Phantom Blood film.
  • While Diavolo isn't named after any particular food, there is an Italian style of tomato sauce called "fra diavolo", which is made with spicy red peppers and is typically served over shellfish and linguini.
  • Prior to the resetting of the universe, Diavolo was the only Stand wielding main villain to have never fought or even met Jotaro Kujo.

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