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Like the yellow dust that drifts on the westerly winds, my body can reduce to tiny fragments and reassemble. But that is all... That is all there is to my ability.

Wu Tomoki, JJL Chapter 80 - Doctor Wu and Awaking 3 Leaves, Part 2

Doctor Wu (ドクター・ウー Dokutā Ū) is the Stand of Dr. Wu Tomoki, featured in JoJolion.


Doctor Wu is an ability-type Stand that only manifests itself within its user as a supernatural ability and thus has no real appearance of its own.


Doctor Wu grants Tomoki a useful ability that makes him both elusive and dangerous, as the particles he turns into can bypass the defence of his foes and are difficult to attack. On the other hand, this same granular state limits his ability to act and makes him vulnerable to new objects, such as being stuck.

Gravel Transformation

Doctor Wu allows Wu Tomoki to break apart his body into small independently controlled stones, then reconstruct himself. The particles themselves have no power besides floating around with the wind. In this form, Dr. Wu can invade someone's body and take control of their movements[1], fusing with body parts such as bones, ligaments and tendons[2]; however, it seems the ability to parasitize someone is tied to a particular rock acting as a beacon for the rest of the gravel and paralyzing its victim at the same time[3].

His gravel form seems to induce an allergic reaction in those he attacks if inhaled, as he is essentially a foreign body. He can also add other substances to his gravel form, such as sleeping pills, which he uses to try to subdue Mitsuba Higashikata and Yasuho Hirose.[4][5]


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