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Dododo De Dadada (ドゥードゥードゥー・デ・ダーダーダー Dūdūdū De Dādādā) is a rock Insect featured in JoJolion.


Dododo De Dadada has a small spiked body with circular joints on to its limbs. Its main body has two long, insect like legs, akin to that of a spider's limbs. At the end of these legs are sharp claws that act as stingers, the main method of attack for the Rock Insect.


Anybody who is stung by Dododo De Dadada will start secreting asbestos from their orifices if they extend their limbs.


Dododo De Dadada is a rock Insect that at some point became acquainted with Toru. In 1994, Dododo De Dadada was feeding off a bird and fruits where it was discovered by Rai Mamezuku and his father causing Toru to use his ability to kill the latter.[2]

The Wonder of You (The Miracle of Your Love)[]

In 2011, Wonder of U summons Dododo De Dadada to kill off Josuke Higashikata and Mamezuku, it used its ability to secret asbestos into Josuk. Rai atheorized that Dododo De Dadada's attack must be triggered by moving upwards, to which Wonder of U confirms that its attack is caused by the extension of one's limbs. Rai managed to destroy the Rock Insect, as it attempts to kill Josuke, unravelling himself partially and impaling the creature.[3]


  • Its body works similar to the screens made of loosely woven sticks used in Nankin TamasudareW.


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