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Be sure not to push yourself too hard but don't give up.

—Dragona Joestar, TJL Chapter 1

Dragona Joestar (ドラゴナ・ジョースター Doragona Jōsutā) is the deuteragonist of The JOJOLands. They are the older brother of Jodio Joestar, as well as the user of the Stand, Smooth Operators.


Dragona is a slender 18-year-old with tanned skin and long, dark, dreadlocked hair that parts into long straight bangs. Upon their head they wear a wreath of flowers with some having elongated petals that are reminiscent of hands.

Dragona BM (coloreD)

Dragona's Joestar birthmark

Their appearance is heavily themed after dragons, as they have several stylized dragon tattoos on their shoulders and left thigh. Dragona also has triple claw-like tattoos on their chest, arms, and left thigh. Moreover, they wear a necklace bearing a plate engraved with a stylized "D" which is made to look like a dragon. During their first appearance, Dragona wore a plain dark bikini with a belt and arm rings, however in later appearances they don a dress. To appear even more feminine, their breasts have been given cosmetic injections to make them more prominent.

As a descendant of the Joestar Family, Dragona has the Star Birthmark located on their left shoulder.


Dragona Joestar is a jovial and carefree individual. They have a passion for female fashion, often wearing women's clothing and at some point taking injection fillings. This passion has lead to them working at the Iko Iko Boutique of fashion. Dragona also speaks effeminately, using the feminine first-person pronoun あたし (atashi) to refer to themself and saying things in a cute, feminine manner such as elongating the word "OK" into "Okaayy". Despite this, their brother still refers to them as his "older brother" (兄) , and Dragona doesn't reprimand him for doing so. As such, Dragona's gender identity yet remains a mystery.

Dragona is an amiable, active youth who participates in various crimes alongside their brother. Their Stand, Smooth Operators doesn't have the same offensive capabilities as Jodio's Stand, however, so their methods of dealing with a threat tend to revolve around subterfuge or persuasion. Compared to their younger brother, they seem to have a stronger moral compass, even demanding Jodio spare the policeman who molested them, though he still thanked Jodio for protecting him and even helped in erasing the evidence. In addition, Dragona also takes their regular job at the fashion boutique seriously and heavily disapproves of their fellow gangster Paco stealing from the clients, scolding him and even pulling his ear to punish him.

From Jodio's narration, it can be inferred that Dragona is physically active. They jog every morning and follow yoga courses. Dragona's motto that they heard from an Indian yoga instructor is to "Be sure not to push yourself too hard, but don't give up", indicating a preference for steady effort. One of Dragona's favorite foods is papaya, as it is the only thing they eat for breakfast.



Dragona Joestar was born as the eldest child of Barbara Ann and an unnamed father, and is the older sibling of Jodio as well as the grandchild of Joseph Joestar and Suzi Q. Four years prior, when Dragona was 14, they were routinely bullied physically and emotionally by a rich girl in the same class as them, whos family contributed to their high school. On one particular day on the bus, the rich girl sexually harassed Dragona and used an eyeliner to "draw" on Dragona's chest. However, a raindrop from Jodio interrupted the girl and prevented Dragona from being assaulted further, he proceeded to walk back home questioning Dragona how long the bullying went on, Dragona downplayed it as a joke going to far. In truth the pain from the eye curler caused Dragona to writhe in pain throughout the night with Jodio hearing it. The next day Jodio causes an arson attack on the bully's school bus but cancels it to avoid killing a parrot. The day after Dragona realize swhat Jodio did and despite finding it disturbing and noting that Jodio was unwell mentally, they were ultimately thankful that Jodio went to these lengths to protect them as they could finally sleep well promising Jodio they would get stronger and keep this a secret while also naming their abilities, Smooth Operators and November Rain.

To signify this growth Dragona uses Smooth Operators to transfer their wound onto a spoon. Months later, Barabara explains to Dragona and Jodio that their father was forced into paying ten times the normal insurance for the bus company and was subsequently fired from it for agreeing, forcing him to leave Honolulu. Over time the family situation worsened as Barbara was forced to work two jobs with bills piling up, at the same Jodio and Dragona noticed gangs forming around their neighborhood. However one day, Meryl Mei Qi,aware of their financial situation offered to drive them to their mother, making a "win win" deal with the siblings that they join her gang.[2] As members of Meryl's gang, Dragona and Jodio used their positions to support their beloved mother. As the years went on Dragona began to work at Meryls' fashion boutique in Kahili called Iko Iko. One day, Dragona and their younger brother go on a job to smuggle drugs in surfboards. They steal a pickup truck and Dragona creates a fake driver's license using their Stand, replacing the original photo on the license with their own.

The JOJOLands

Jodio sits in the passenger seat of the pickup truck while Dragona drives, blasting music. They are suddenly stopped by police officers because of their music. One of the officers forces Dragona out of the car and harasses them, believing that they have drugs in their car. Jodio decides to intervene and steps out of the car, ignoring the officers' orders to stop. Instead, he demands that the officer takes his hands off of his big brother, threatening to kill him otherwise. The officers point their guns at Jodio but he summons his Stand, causing rain droplets to pin the officer behind him to the ground, flattening him.

Just before the other officer fires at Jodio, Dragona uses their Stand to slide the officer's eyes to the back of his head, throwing off his aim. Finally, Jodio attacks the officer with rain drops as well, crushing him. He continuously stomps on the cop before Dragona stops him, calming him down so that Jodio doesn't kill the man.

Jodio then burns the officers' body cameras and dashboard camera along with their car, so that the officers would have no evidence and won't be able to go after them. Moreover, Dragona uses their Stand to change the numbers on the truck's license plate and gets rid of their fake license before they head to their gang's rendezvous point. One of the gang members praises them for doing well but reprimands them for being late. He also asks them if they heard about a police car being burned down but Jodio and Dragona pretend to be ignorant. They walk until they get to a major road and then call an Uber to go home.

Later, Jodio, Dragona, and Paco are summoned by their boss, Meryl Mei Qi, to the fashion boutique named Iko Iko. Paco attempts to steal from one of the customers but Dragona stops him by grabbing his ear. Meryl makes an announcement to close the shop and then orders the three gang members to turn off their phones before showing them her own phone. On the screen is a 24-carat natural blue diamond worth $6 million. It is owned by a Japanese tourist who owns a villa on the Big Island of Hawai'i and plans to stay there for around 12 more days. Their group will be getting a 2% split all together, while Meryl gets an 18% cut after they sell it on the black market. She also informs them that they will be going as a team of four. The student who Jodio and Paco sold drugs to at school in the morning arrives as their fourth member, as Meryl guarantees that he will be useful to them.

Dragona, along with Jodio, Paco, and their fourth man, Usagi Alohaoe arrive on the big island. It is there that they rent a Chevy CamaroW and make their way to their target's home. They stake out the place to see who all will be there and, more importantly, when they leave. To their surprise, their target never leaves, instead spending most of his time by the pool. They decide that this is good enough, and so they send Jodio to keep watch, all while Dragona, Paco and Usagi sneak in. Eventually, finding the safe, they begin to crack it, despite the mansion's owner, Rohan becoming suspicious of their presence. Getting the diamond, they would make ready to leave when they're attacked by a strange fishing line-like Stand. Dragona manages to get the string like stand off of their wrist and prepares too retrieve the diamond until Rohan approaches them. Rohan then activates Heavens Door on Dragona's hand and incapacitates Usagi and Paco. Dragona then realizes despite the diamond being clenched in their hand earlier, it strangely falls out.

Rohan then approaches Dragona to capture them, but Dragona attempts to flee. Dragona then finds that he still can't hold onto the diamond as it returns to the table as they try to put it in their bag. Rohan tells them that it'll be better for them to just surrender, but as Rohan is about to put the zip-ties on their wrist, November Rain suddenly uses a downpour in the den. Rohan leaves Dragona to investigate but ends up captured by Jodio. At that time, Paco and Usagi awaken and threaten to assault him, but Jodio protects him. Dragona informs Jodio that Rohan had seen their faces, learned their names and where they live, and that makes him a threat. Jodio plays it smart though and blackmails Rohan into letting them go by stealing one of his lava rocks. As they leave, Dragona tells Paco to steal the Diamond for him since he can't for some reason. Paco is confused but complies anyway, and the four of them leave the mansion. Unbeknownst to them however, a group of cats begin to follow them. [3]

Leaving Rohan's home, Dragona and the others search for their car. They realize that everything is escaping from the compartments with which it was kept, and Dragona hypothesizes that these valuable things are being drawn toward the lava rock. However, when Jodio goes to pick up the diamond, he is caught in a trap and hauled up into the trees. Dragona tries to free him, but is pierced through the back by a thread. Paco tries to help Dragona, but the two of them are sewn together. Paco is furious when Usagi ditches them. Together, Dragona and Paco move under Jodio who proceeds to use November Rain to protect them from the threads. But unfortunately, the cats with the stands begin making their way closer to the group... [4]

Dragona is sewn to Paco, and seems to be mostly incapacitated by the wounds to their body. Paco takes the lead and just tries to get Dragona to cooperate, which they do to the best of their ability. Working with Paco, they manage to survive long enough for Usagi's return to rescue them. [5]

As they ready to fly back to Oahu, they stop by a cafe to wait for boarding when Jodio and Usagi decide to experiment with the Lava Rock where they realize that anything of value manages to find its way back to the rock. Dragona decides to take it into a luxury watch store to "Experiment" further with it. During that time, Jodio and Paco decide to have Chicken Burritos. During this time, Jodio comes to realize that they're being tracked.[6]

Single Smooth Op doing work



Main article: Smooth Operators

Dragona wields Smooth Operators, a colony stand which take the form of robotic humanoids on tank treads. They are able to grab and displace anything, even if the object affected is supposed to be fixed in place.


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  • Barbara Ann Joestar: The mother of Dragona and Jodio. The two love and care about their mother very much and use their abilities to support and protect her in the background.
  • Jodio Joestar: Dragona's younger brother. The two share a strong bond, collaborating to generate income and safeguard their mother. Dragona is protective of Jodio and was fearful of the corrupt officers attempting to shoot while they were harassed, hugging Jodio when he was alright and for protecting them. Dragona relies on Jodio as a team in their various dealings and missions as heist partners.


  • Charming Man
  • Paco Laburantes
  • Usagi Alohaoe
  • Meryl Mei Qi: Being employed by her both officially and illicitly, Dragona seems to hold respect for Meryl as a fashion guru, businesswoman, and kingpin. It was initially through Dragona that the Joestar's dealings with Meryl began.


  • It is implied Dragona used Smooth Operators to give themself larger breasts.
    • Jodio states in an inner monologue that Dragona received cosmetic injections for their breasts, but it may be that they use their Stand to further manipulate their breasts, perhaps as a method of hiding things similar to the technique of Ermes being driven to Green Dolphin Street Prison.
  • The tattoos on Dragona's body bear a resemblance to those on the album cover for the Dragon album, O ZambeziW.
  • Pascal Lafine, editorial manager at Delcourt/Tonkam, who publish JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in France, has referred to Dragona as a transgender woman in a 2024 interview; however, direct confirmation from Araki remains to be seen.[7]


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