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The gun is mightier than the sword!

—Hol Horse, Chapter 142

Emperor (エンペラー(皇帝) Enperā) is the Stand of Hol Horse, featured in Stardust Crusaders.


The Emperor

Emperor is a Stand in the form of an elaborate, impractical-looking revolver with some futuristic elements. A metal frame covers the long barrel, under which is positioned a cylinder with no apparent use, as it is not connected to the barrel. It has no sight, and a large sphere is embedded in the metal frame between the hammer and the barrel.

Hol Horse summons it directly into his hand.

Araki comments that its design is that of a revolver combined with an automatic pistol.[1]

Emperor is portrayed as being silvery in most media, including the colored manga and anime. The OVA portrays it as being gold in color.

It represents the Tarot card The EmperorW, which symbolizes order and control.


As a gun Stand, Emperor functions as a weapon for Hol Horse. Due to its straightforward nature, Hol Horse must compensate through cooperation with allies to gain the upper hand.

Homing Bullets

Hol Horse controls the trajectory of the bullets

The characteristic ability of Emperor, and its most dangerous is its ability to freely control the trajectory of its bullets as they are also a part of the Stand.[2] Because of this, the gun seems to have infinite ammunition, and Hol Horse does not waste time to reload. Hol Horse is able to control the bullets with enough precision that he was able to circle Silver Chariot's sword with no lag time,[2] do a u-turn,[2] and have them navigate through a narrow conduit without seeing them.[3]

However, since they are still part of Emperor, the bullets are still subject to limited range; although having a better-than-average range for a Close-Range Stand, Emperor's effectiveness still drops rapidly as the bullets reach the limits of that range.[2]

Point-Blank Summon

One of the lesser properties of Emperor is that Hol Horse summons it directly in his hand. It allows him to perform sneak attacks[4] and in a contest of summoning speed, Hol Horse is able to attack first.[5]

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  • Episode 4 (OVA): "The Emperor and the Hanged Man"
  • Episode 5 (OVA): "The Judgement"
  • Episode 6 (OVA): "The Mist of Vengeance"

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    • Araki came up with the idea of Emperor by thinking that it'd be novel to have a gun instantly appear in a user's hand, rather than having to draw it from a holster.[1]


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