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The Game Master (ゲームの達人 Gēmu no Tatsujin)[1] is the eleventh episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. It is also the second episode of Battle Tendency. It covers Chapter 49 through half of Chapter 53 of the manga.


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Although Joseph has unloaded a Tommy gun on Straizo, the Vampire easily recovers from the attack and then shoots a pressurized jet of aqueous humour at Joseph, mirroring Dio's old attack and dubbing it the "Space Ripper Stingy Eyes". However, Straizo has only hit a mirror and Joseph comes from behind to clobber Straizo with his Ripple-infused gun. Straizo absorbs it using a scarf woven from beetle muscles, but Joseph manages to sneak some grenades onto his person and tricks him into making them all explode before he can react.

Despite being blown apart, the Vampire pulls himself back together. Thus Joseph and Smokey do the unexpected and actually run away until they reach a bridge. Straizo catches up with them and takes a woman hostage in order to goad Joseph into fighting him. When Straizo actually hurts the woman, Joseph is enraged and goes to confront him. Straizo once again attacks with the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, but Joseph manages to reflect it back at him using Ripple-charged shot glasses. Joseph finishes Straizo off with a punch and sends him flying off the bridge. Before he falls though, Joseph grabs his hand. He tries to get information out of him, but Straizo warns Joseph about a Pillar Man who will soon awaken before blowing himself to pieces with his own Ripple.


Meanwhile, it is revealed Speedwagon is alive and being held captive in Mexico, where a German military officer named Rudol von Stroheim interrogates him about the Pillar Man, which they have excavated from the cave and intend to revive. Holding a group of Mexicans prisoner, Stroheim arranges a blood feeding to the Pillar Man. In the panic, a boy volunteers, and the major orders the other prisoners to be executed. Meanwhile, Joseph also makes his way to Mexico, unaware that he is being followed by a strange assassin.


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Manga/Anime Differences

  • A short scene with Joseph and Erina is cut, skipping back to the end of the previous episode.
  • A short scene with Smokey being asked by a woman about what's happening in the cafe, only to be dismissed as crazy when he describes how Straizo can shoot from his eyes and didn't die when shot at with a tommy gun, is cut.
  • A short scene where Joseph is confronted by a man named Bruto about the cafe's destruction and being called a criminal is cut, skipping ahead to the reporter taking pictures.
  • In the manga, the Pillar Men are said to have begun their slumber 4000 years ago. In the anime, this is reduced to 2000 years.
  • References to Nazis are edited to the German army, and the shots of Hitler and the explanation and icons of the swastika are cut.
  • A short scene right after Stroheim is accidentally cut when being shaved, causing him to wipe the blood away with chicken and throw it to a dog, is cut.
  • A scene where Joseph checks the inside of the reporter's mouth, only to comment on how many cavities there are, that it'd be lucky if the tooth removed had a few, and that the bleeding should stop soon, is cut.
  • In the manga, a German officer reports to Stroheim that Speedwagon tried to commit suicide. This is omitted, rendering Stroheim's following comment on elders taking their lives out of place.


Straizo has completely lost his mind and in enters Stroheim!

In Battle Tendency, choosing how to position the camera went more naturally. There are also more background layers, and a lot of nervous stuff on the screen. The line between ultra-stylized and normally colorized scenes is also more noticeable; you go from one scene to the other in one go.

The fight against Straizo is gorier than in the manga, which implies a lot of blackened frames during the TV broadcast. For the Bluray and DVD versions, we could allow all the necessary details. Note the 3D model for the Sathiphorosia scarabs; they say it's a great selling point. (laugh).

Personally, I like the scene where Straizo explodes into a thousand pieces. I find it well produced; we owe it to the episode's director and storyboard manager: Mitsuhiro Yoneda.

Everyone was saying "We don't need Bruto-chan" and it was true. It is with a heavy heart that we cut his appearance. It was the only scene that wasn't relevant to the main plot, and we had to make place somewhere... Visually speaking, there is a good contrast between New-York in the first half and Mexico in the second one. You really get the feeling of the dry climate.

Naokatsu Tsuda, Blu-Ray limited edition commentary