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The Judgement (ADVENTURE5 裁き Adventure 5 Sabaki) is the fifth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OVA. It adapts Chapter 143 through Chapter 147 of the manga.


Avdol is dead, shocking Kakyoin and Polnareff. Hol Horse provokes Polnareff but Kakyoin convinces him to temporarily retreat on their trucks. Hanged Man reappears and seems to be impervious to attacks. Kakyoin intervenes to save Polnareff and the pair flee.

In the truck, Polnareff swears to fight more wisely, although Kakyoin still elbows him. Meanwhile, Jotaro and Joseph find Avdol's corpse. Polnareff and Kakyoin discuss Hanged Man's ability. Kakyoin spots the enemy Stand on his steering wheel and is forced to make the truck crash to avoid its attack.

On the ground, Polnareff finds out that Hanged Man is a light Stand who only seems to be inside the mirror. It uses a boy's eye as a vector to attack Polnareff, but the latter kicks sand into the boy's face, forcing Hanged Man to jump to his eye and slash him with Silver Chariot. J. Geil is wounded and the pair can hear him yelling in pain nearby.

Polnareff and Kakyoin seemingly find the enemy but J. Geil has tricked them by injured an unrelated civilian. Standing atop a cliff, J. Geil then shouts and attracts a crowd of beggars, enabling Hanged Man to jump between all their eyes. However, Kakyoin pulls out a shiny coin out of his pocket, making all the beggars look at it and throwing him high in the air. It allows Polnareff to kick sand in the particular eye Hanged Man is in and force him out, thus Silver Chariot deals a decisive blow. J. Geil is defeated and Polnareff finishes him off, avenging his sister and Avdol.

Hol Horse observes the pair from a corner and decides to flee, but Jotaro and Jotaro intercepts him. Polnareff almost attacks him, but a young girl Hol Horse has seduced earlier prevents him from attacking. Hol Horse is thus able to flee on his motorcycle. After a final mourning, the group resumes their journey.

Meanwhile, Enya mystically learns about J. Geil's death and vows to avenge him.


Muhammad Avdol Noriaki Kakyoin Hol Horse Jean Pierre Polnareff Jotaro Kujo

EnyaAvOAV.png EnyaAvOAV.png


Joseph Joestar J. Geil Enya the Hag
Emperor Hanged Man Silver Chariot Hierophant Green

Manga/Anime Differences

  • An original scene of Jotaro and Joseph finding Avdol has been added.
  • Several shots of Polnareff and Kakyoin looking for J. Geil are added.
  • After the fight, Hol Horse doesn't confront Polnareff and Kakyoin, compared to the manga where Hol Horse still doesn't know J. Geil is dead.
    • Afterward, Hol Horse flees on his motorcycle, not a horse.
  • An original scene of the heroes saying their final prayers over his tomb is added.