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Iggy the Fool and N'Doul the GEB (Pt. II) (「愚者」のイギーと「ゲブ神」のンドゥール -後編- "Za Fūru" no Igī to "Gebu-shin" no Ndūru -Kōhen-) is the ninth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OVA It adapts Chapter 186 through Chapter 188 of the manga.


The Joestar Group finds itself stranded in the desert and at the mercy of N'Doul's deadly water Stand, Geb. The water then methodically attacks the crates, approaching from Polnareff's own crate. Forced to jump from the crate, Polnareff makes himself a target.

N'Doul is then distracted by regular sounds sounding like footsteps. In reality, Avdol is throwing his bracelets at the sand and faking footsteps to lure Geb out. Unfortunately, N'Doul suspects the truth at the last moment and manages to evade Magician's Red's flame and cut Avdol's neck, disabling him. For his part, Joseph is in the truck, but it begins to sink into the sand because of N'Doul.

Determined, Jotaro then runs to lure N'Doul away from his companions and the assassin cannot resist the idea of killing the one with the most formidable Stand. Jotaro catches Iggy, knowing that the dog can sense it. Iggy turns The Fool into a glider to escape but Jotaro manages to catch it, confusing N'Doul who loses Jotaro's trace. Meanwhile, the group is taking care of the wounded. The Fool loses altitude and Jotaro is forced to make Star Platinum kick the sand to regain altitude; this one kick tips N'Doul on Jotaro's plan.

Geb now pursues the glider. Jotaro finally spots N'Doul but notices sand falling on the Fool. Geb is propelling sand upward to create some noise and ambush the heroes. Fearful, Iggy tries to drop Jotaro into the sand but Star Platinum then throws the dog at N'Doul. The assassin is forced to recall Geb to protect himself and loses trace of Jotaro, who reappears behind him. After a last exchange of blows, Jotaro wins. N'Doul is defeated but then drives Geb into his brain. Declaring his loyalty to DIO, N'Doul kills himself to preserve the secret of DIO's Stand. Impressed by N'Doul's spirit, Jotaro buries the assassin. Jotaro is then victim of a last prank from Iggy as revenge. The group gathers and resume their journey in Egypt.

Meanwhile, DIO still rests in his lair.


Iggy Muhammad Avdol Noriaki Kakyoin Jotaro Kujo Jean Pierre Polnareff

Joseph Joestar N'Doul DIO
Geb Magician's Red Hermit Purple The Fool Star Platinum

Manga/Anime Differences

  • A joke scene of Polnareff stuck on a crate and complaining about it is added.
  • A joke scene of the heroes forcing to mime and Polnareff having to jump from his crate to another safe spot is added.
  • A scene of Joseph sinking into the sand is added.
  • The struggle between Jotaro on the glider and N'Doul is lengthened.