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You're not a normal monkey, are you?

Jotaro Kujo to Forever, Chapter 131

Forever (フォーエバー Fōebā) is a minor antagonist appearing in Stardust Crusaders.

He is a malicious orangutan in DIO's service who confronts the group in the South China Sea aboard a freighter. He is a Stand User, possesing Strength, an artificial non-humanoid Stand capable of binding to and enchancing objects; in Forever’s case it is the ship which he captains.


Apart from the two stripes or scars on each side of his head, there's not much to be said about Forever's appearance. He resembles a normal orangutan, though he does dress in a captain uniform after his Stand is revealed. Like a normal orangutan, Forever's strength is approximately 5 times greater than a normal person, enabling him to easily rip a person's arm off. Unlike some male orangutans, he does not have prominent cheek pads or a throat pouch.


Forever will sometimes act like a human being. He seems to be attracted to human females - he looks at dirty magazines and seems to lust for Anne. He also smokes cigarettes and can cut his own apples, showing unusually civilized behavior for an orangutan. Furthermore, he can read and quickly solve puzzle games, like a Rubik's cube.

These human abilities coexist with his brutal animal nature: he plays with his victims, confident of his control over the ship, but should his strong sense of pride be hurt, he loses his calm and quickly becomes violent. His character design is presumably inspired by the super-intelligent yet malicious orangutan from the movie, Link.[2]

Like many other Stand Users from Stardust Crusaders, Forever is a henchman of DIO who has been ordered to kill Jotaro and his friends before they reach Egypt, where DIO lurks.


Main article: Strength

Forever's Stand is Strength, sharing its name with the tarot card. In its only display, it transforms a ruined yacht into a massive oil freighter, which the ape can then control at his leisure.

Intelligence: Forever is a particularly intelligent orangutan who, though unable to speak human language, can read, solve a Rubik's cube, and generally have coherent thoughts.


Stardust Crusaders

Forever confronts Jotaro and company at sea between China and Singapore on their way to Egypt, right after the confrontation with the Impostor Captain Tennille. Jotaro, his comrades, and Captain Tennille's seamen approach a large oil carrier and get aboard, only to find out that nobody is on the deck nor in the cabins. The only living being they meet is Forever, a seemingly normal orangutan, lying in his cage. After the death of one of the seamen, caused by the mysterious activation of a mechanical hook, JoJo's group begins to suspect the presence of a Stand user.

Attracted to Anne, Forever leaves his cage, kills all of the remaining seamen and ambushes the girl in the shower. He is stopped by Jotaro, only to quickly regain control of the situation by exploiting the fact that Jotaro and the others couldn't imagine the enemy Stand to be the entire ship. Immobilized by the evil primate, Jotaro manages to provoke his opponent by hitting him with a button from his uniform, hurting his pride and getting him in the range of his Star Finger.

Caught by surprise by the now unbound Jotaro, Forever begs for mercy, going so far as to rip open his admiral jacket and expose his stomach, something animals do to show their submission to the enemy. Jotaro refuses the ape's proposal, saying that Forever has rejected the rules of the animal world, becoming just as corrupt as a human being, and kills him with a barrage of Star Platinum's punches. With Forever's death, the ship collapses, returning to the original wrecked boat it was and the heroes are free to continue their journey.

In the OVA adaptation, Jotaro remains incapacitated during the fight against Forever. Instead, Polnareff returns after Avdol left him for dead, and proceeds to slice Forever in half with Silver Chariot.

Chapters / Episodes

Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance
Anime Appearances
Episodes in order of appearance

  • Episode 3 (OVA): "Silver Chariot and Strength" (Death)

  • Video Games

    JoJo RPG (SFC)

    The events from Strength occur in a different way. The Stand takes the form of a building instead of a boat, and the battle takes place in Japan instead of Singapore in comparison to the original story.

    Heritage for the Future (PS1/DC/Arcade)

    Forever appears as a mini-game boss during the SUPER STORY (featured only on home console releases).

    His mini-game consists of the player shooting whenever Forever appears on the screen (the shots will represent Star Platinum's Star Finger). For defense, Forever will always throw random stuff at the player, such as fans, pipes or rocks. Anne, the runaway girl, also appears randomly on the screen; if the player hits her by accident, the life bar will be decreased.

    Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)

    Both Forever and Strength appear as two of the several characters who possess a Metal Striker in the game. Their FINISH MOVE makes the fan which was on the ship fly and cut the opponent.



    • Forever was not given a proper name until several years after Part 3's publication, where it was revealed in the PlaystationW port of Heritage for the Future and eventually documented in JOJO A-GO!GO!. The name is derived from a pun as the Japanese spelling for Orangutan (オランウータン Oranūtan) encompasses the Japanese spelling for Wu-Tang (ウータン Ūtan).
    • Forever's lustful gaze towards the showering Anne may also be a callback to a similar scene in the 1986 horror film Link, where an intelligent orangutan stalks the female protagonist as she gets undressed for a bath.
    • Forever is one of the only significant named characters to have their deaths completely altered between two separate pieces of media; being killed by Jean Pierre Polnareff in the OVA and Jotaro Kujo in the original Manga and 2014-15 Anime adaptation.
    • In the anime, he shares the same voice actor as Shigekiyo Yangu.
    • The model featured on the Playboy magazine he looks at is Tawnni CableW.
    • Forever is the first animal Stand user to appear in the series.


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