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The Grateful Dead, Part 2 (偉大なる死(ザ・グレイトフル・デッド) その② Za Gureitofuru Deddo Sono 2) is the sixteenth episode of Golden Wind and the one hundred twenty ninth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers from the end of Chapter 493 to the beginning of Chapter 500 of the original manga.


GW ep16 falling from train.png

Bucciarati has grabbed Prosciutto and throws himself out of the express train in the hopes of killing Prosciutto too, shocking even the hardened Stand User. Prosciutto's screams wake Pesci up, who sees the open zipper and understands what has happened just as Prosciutto loses his grip. He immediately summons Beach Boy and launches the hook through the train, catching Prosciutto's right hand just in time to pull him toward the train and avoid a fatal collision against a pole. Moreover, the backlash almost makes Bucciarati drop Prosciutto and he barely manages to hang onto his foe's shoe. Finding himself with the advantage again, Prosciutto tries to kick Bucciarati off him but praises the lieutenant's determination.

Still aging, Bucciarati tries to attack with Sticky Fingers but Prosciutto manages to deflect the punch. However, Bucciarati has foreseen it and has been aiming for the line of Beach Boy, hitting it successfully. The damage rebounds into Prosciutto, on which a zipper opens, letting the hook out. Bucciarati grabs the hook while Prosciutto falls away.

Proscuitto Insidethe Train Gears.png

Pesci notices a drop in the weight on the rod but then quickly senses that the hand on which the hook is in has changed and that his catch's weight doesn't match Prosciutto's. The sight of the passengers regaining their youth again confirms Pesci's worst fears and he collapses on the ground, crying in despair. Suddenly, the aging effect restarts. Bucciarati who has been on the roof trying to zip the hook out becomes weaker again and sees Prosciutto crushed inside the machinery of the train, maintaining The Grateful Dead despite his grievous wounds. Pesci too sees Prosciutto. Deeply inspired by his senior's example, Pesci steers his mind anew and breaks a passenger's neck in cold blood.

GW ep16 pesci v bruno.png

The sun is setting as the battle continues. Reading Bucciarati's movements flawlessly, Pesci sinks the hook deeper inside his arm and despite Bucciarati's zippers, manages to reach his foe again and again. Pesci pulls his catch sideways, threatening to make him crash against a metal pole but Bucciarati manages to grab the roof by one finger. When Pesci attempts to reel him upward, Bucciarati has no choice but to enter the wagon. Inside, Bucciarati notices that the hook is coming dangerously close to his heart and realizes that Pesci might have been the most dangerous of the duo. Steeling his resolve, Bucciarati separates himself in many tiny pieces by attacking the line. Distracted by the vibrations, Pesci cannot detect Bucciarati anymore but for his part, Bucciarati's life is now in grave danger since the drastic separation has stopped his ability to breathe.

GW ep16 detachement.png

A tense waiting game during which Bucciarati wages his resolve against Pesci's ensues. He waits for Pesci to be tricked into sending the hook somewhere else while he suffocates. The assassin extends the line inside the room and almost senses Bucciarati's heart but the latter unzips it in half to escape detection. At the critical moment, Bucciarati loses consciousness but Pesci also loses his patience, hitting the control panels to stop the train and supposedly protect Prosciutto. The subsequent deceleration of the train stopping fortunately throws the pieces of Bucciarati together and he regains consciousness. When Pesci gets out of the train, Bucciarati confronts him one last time.

Pesci death.png

The two Stand Users approach in front of the agonizing Prosciutto but Pesci lands the first hit, surprising Bucciarati with his apparent resolve and tremendous fighting skill. Prosciutto wakes up and celebrates Pesci's growth, focusing his power again. Cornered, Bucciarati dashes in front of the line, hoping to guard it with his arm but Pesci ignores them and phases straight into his chest. Almost tearing Bucciarati's heart, Pesci is thwarted at the last moment when the lieutenant uses the line stuck in his arms and chokes Pesci with it, pulling so hard it breaks Pesci's neck. However, Pesci surprisingly lets Trish out of Coco Jumbo and threatens to crush the turtle against a rock in his fall. Disappointed, Bucciarati attacks faster than Pesci can fall. Shouting his battle cry "ARI ARI ARI... Arrivederci!", Bucciarati pummels Pesci and throws his zipped remains into a nearby river. The duo of assassins are dead.

The battle has ended and Giorno wakes up. Bucciarati notices that Prosciutto has called for reinforcement but more importantly, a mysterious claw print was imprinted in the ground beside Trish, indicating that she and by extension her father The Boss, are Stand Users.

Some time after the battle, Melone arrives at the battlefield to confirm Prosciutto and Pesci's demise and that Team Bucciarati has disappeared. Nonetheless, he is confident he can find them again as he takes a blood sample of Bucciarati.


Giorno Giovanna Bruno Bucciarati Trish Una Leone Abbacchio Guido Mista
Pannacotta Fugo Narancia Ghirga Coco Jumbo Prosciutto Pesci
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The Boss Melone Ghiaccio
(No. 6 only)
Sticky Fingers Mr.President Beach Boy The Grateful Dead Sex Pistols
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Spice Girl


GW Episode 16: "The Grateful Dead, Part 2"
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Manga/Anime Differences

  • Proscuitto is now shown losing his grip on the train due to the zipper closing.
  • After Pesci hooks Proscuitto, him glancing back at Coco Jumbo and remarking that he can't reach for the breaks or turtle has been removed.
  • Proscuitto originally kicks Bucciarati for the first time before he talks about how The Boss made the right choice trusting him with Trish.
  • Bucciarati's double punch trick is omitted.
  • The scene where Beach Boy's hook is transferred into Bucciarati's hand is shown in more detail; first it goes into Sticky Finger's hand and then is transferred to Bucciarati as Sticky Fingers returns.
  • Before he climbs on top of the train, Bucciarati mentioning that the rest of his team can recover now that the aging effect is dissippating has been removed.
  • Before Pesci realizes his hook is in a different hand, him remarking that he can take out his hook since Proscuitto climbed on the roof has been cut.
  • A small scene of Bucciarati opening up a zipper on his hand to remove the hook has been cut.
    • In the manga he is shown opening the zipper on his hand before The Grateful Dead's ability starts again. In the anime he is also shown with a zipper on his hand at that point, but then after Pesci kills the passenger the zipper is gone and he re-opens it, creating a small inconsistency. In the manga the zipper is already open and Pesci's hook pops out.
  • Several lines of dialogue of Pesci calculating the distance of the hook in Bucciarati's arm while he was on top of the train are omitted.
  • Pesci being somewhat impressed by Bucciarati's skill after he dodges the electrical wires is omitted.
  • No. 6 reminding Bucciarati that all energy attacking Beach Boy's line will be returned back to him has been removed.
  • Pesci attacking the aged passenger's watch and headphones due to their vibrations is omitted, as is Bucciarati's line about how Beach Boy can sense even the smallest movement.
  • Pesci has an added line that he sensed the movement of Bucciarati's heart. In the manga it is only implied.
  • Bucciarati has a few lines removed from when he tries to put himself back together.
  • Pesci originally slams the train controls with his arms to try and stop it. He now kicks the controls.
  • No. 6's internal monologue about the resolve of both Prosciutto and Bucciarati during the final battle against Pesci is omitted.
  • Bucciarati is now shown using Sticky Fingers to put his heart back together. Originally it appears the two halves merge on their own.
  • Pesci has a few lines added before he cuts Bucciarati's leg.
  • Several of No. 6's monologue lines have been cut from the scene before Pesci and Bucciarati fight outside the train.
  • The short sequence of Trish appearing in Pesci's coat after being forced out of Coco Jumbo is omitted. Instead, she merely teleports in front of him.
    • Likewise, the scene from Chapter 499 showing this sequence from Trish's point of view is also omitted.
  • After being forced out of Coco Jumbo, Trish crawls away from Pesci in horror. In the manga, she merely watches the ensuing battle between Bucciarati and Pesci.
  • Bucciarati saying that Sticky Fingers can put zippers all over Pesci's body faster than he can swing his arm has been cut.
  • Pesci's final trick of entering Coco Jumbo to kill Bucciarati's teammates directly is omitted.
    • Likewise, Bucciarati unzipping his arm to grab Pesci and pull him out of Coco Jumbo is slightly changed, with Bucciarati pulling the move off as Pesci attempts to slam the turtle onto a rock.
  • Giorno being woken up by Fugo (and accused of eating Narancia's banana) is omitted. Instead, Giorno wakes up naturally and the others remain asleep.
  • Bucciarati mentioning that their trip to Venice might take a few days rather than a few hours has been cut.
  • Some of Bucciarati's internal thoughts after Trish questions him have been omitted.
  • No. 6's realization that Mista is still on the train is omitted.
  • The scene of Melone taking a sample of Bucciarati's blood is slightly changed, with Melone's body being much more visible and his full face being shown at the end. In the manga, he is only shown via short glimpses and close-ups of his activity, and his face is not fully revealed until he enters the train.
    • The individual on the other end of Melone's phone conversation is revealed to be Ghiaccio. His dialogue is also slightly extended, now also asking Melone about the whereabouts of Bucciarati's team.


  • In the official English subs and dub, this episode's title is changed to "The Thankful Death, Part 2" to match The Grateful Dead's name change to "The Thankful Death".
    • There's an added frame of the "-ci" on Bruno's "Arrivederci".


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