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Baby Face (ベイビィ・フェイス Beibyi Feisu) is the seventeenth episode of Golden Wind and the one hundred thirtieth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers from the end of Chapter 500 to Chapter 505 of the original manga.


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It is nightfall as one of the passengers of the express train locks herself in her first-class room and complains about the "common people". Suddenly, Melone comes in and begins to examine her every characteristic, searching her bag and noting everything he discovers on his computer. At first angry but growing afraid of Melone, the woman tries to flee but Melone's computer's suddenly grows limbs. The computer, Baby Face, slams her into the window to knock her unconscious, and through undisclosed but nonsexual means, she becomes the host to Babyface.

Meanwhile, Team Bucciarati has hidden in a truck hoping to reach Rome. Inside of Coco Jumbo, Giorno and Narancia notice Trish's unease and Giorno privately wishes to observe her Stand to possibly get a clue about The Boss. The stowaways almost get discovered when Sex Pistols steals a burger and Mista is forced to knock the driver out. Thus the group is stuck on the sideways.

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Some time later, the woman wakes seemingly unscathed while Melone has disappeared and summons a security agent to complain. Unbeknownst to her, a strange being created out of her and Bucciarati's blood sample has been created and begins to remotely communicate with Melone, who teaches him to assassinate Team Bucciarati and capture Trish. The child eventually gets hungry and eats its mother, dividing her body into cubes before absorbing her and then immediately steals Melone's bike to go to its target. Taken by surprise, Melone is nonetheless confident that Baby Face's child is invincible.

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Arriving at a parking lot, the team argues whether or not it is wise to steal a car but Giorno solves the dilemma by turning several cars into frogs in order to throw away the assassins who would investigate the disapperances. Meanwhile inside the turtle, Trish complains that she cannot exit and pee but Bucciarati "creates" a toilet for her by opening a zipper as Giorno informs him they have acquired a ride. Suddenly, Giorno spots Melone's bike and while he is distracted, Trish and Bucciarati both get cubified. The enemy Stand informs Melone that he's fulfilled its mission and Melone orders it to kill Giorno who is in the way out, informing the rest of the assassins of his success. Isolated from the rest of the team who are trying to steal a car, Giorno notices Bucciarati and Trish' disappearance and sends Gold Experience inside investigate the room. When it opens the cupboard, the hidden enemy suddenly attacks and steals a cube out of Gold's Experience throat, thus Giorno begins to suffocate. With Melone's counsel, the enemy Stand effortlessly evade Gold Experience's attack and steals one of Giorno's eyes and foot. On the ground, Giorno nonetheless manages to force his enemy in the open by taking the key and discovers that his enemy was disguised as the furniture.

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However, the baby Stand then morphs into a rock and hides again, allowing Giorno to get a grasp of his foe's abilities. Giorno finds himself at a grave disadvantage, unable to breathe, move or alert his teammates as well as the foe's cubification power making it both deadly and nimble. While Giorno tries to crawl to his allies, the Stand deals a fatal blow by stealing another piece of Giorno's throat. On the cusp of death, Giorno then has an epiphany. The Baby Face junior finally appears with the turtle in its hand. Sure of its victory, it prepares to start up the bike but Giorno suddenly appears behind it. Having witnessed Baby Face's ability, which is opposite to that of Gold Experience, Giorno manages to take random items and turn them into individual organs to heal. The battle takes a new turn as Giorno is now on the same level as his enemy.

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Gold Experience attempts to punch Baby Face who evades the strike but is tied up by vines, forcing it to decompose itself and drop Coco Jumbo. Giorno leaps to take it but Baby Face seemingly appears to cut Gold Experience's arm off and absorb it. However, Giorno has foreseen the ambush and used a lure, having turned a piece of the bike into a fake hand which then transforms into a piranha eating its way out of Baby Face.


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Melone Ghiaccio Anita Coco Jumbo Leone Abbachio
Giorno Giovanna Narancia Ghirga Pannacotta Fugo Bruno Bucciarati Trish Una
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The Boss Guido Mista Risotto Nero Shady Engineer
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Baby Face Mr.President Spice Girl Sex Pistols Gold Experience

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GW Episode 17: "Baby Face"
Start End Title OST Description

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Anita and Melone's conversation now happens before the scene in Coco Jumbo.
    • The conversation Anita overhears has now been animated.
    • Anita mentioning she hates trains because there are always annoying people on board has been cut.
    • Before Melone asks Anita "which method" she prefers, some of his lines about having to make things you do fun have been removed.
    • Melone telling Anita to choose a method quickly has been removed.
  • Abbacchio has a line added that they should make it to Venice in a day or two.
  • As Giorno thinks about how knowing Trish's ability could provide a hint to The Boss's identity, a figure wrapped in red fabric is shown behind him, foreshadowing the robe The Boss wears in Episode 18.
  • After Giorno's internal monologue, Narancia asking if he said something has been removed.
  • Mista is now shown standing on a chair. This is left ambiguous in the manga.
  • The truck driver picks up Coco Jumbo and inspects it.
  • Mista's reaction after he causes the truck to crash has been shortened.
  • Melone and Baby Face communicate with each other in Italian instead of Japanese text.
  • Melone mentioning that Baby Face's child will grow into an Auto-Tracking, Long-Range, Power-Type Stand has been removed.
  • The conductor's lines in the scene where Anita first talks to him have been cut.
  • The children's games Melone shows to Baby Face are now also shown on the monitor.
  • Before Anita runs out of her room, her conversation with the conductor is originally longer.
  • The conductor is now shown using the phone in Anita's train car, and he no longer sees any part of her body before it is destroyed. 
  • A note from the manga explaining Auto-Tracking, Long-Ranged, Power-Type Stands and Learning Stands has been omitted.
  • A scene of the team walking on the Appian Way is omitted.
  • The scene of Fugo and Narancia arguing about stealing a car is originally longer; Narancia talks more about how to steal a car, Fugo gives more justification why stealing one would be dangerous, and Mista provides more reasoning why hitch hiking is less desirable. 
  • Abbacchio is now shown handing Giorno Coco Jumbo before walking to get the car.
  • A background event of Narancia and Mista playfully chasing the frogs created by Gold Experience is omitted.
  • Fugo's internal monologue about Giorno's potential has been omitted.
  • Giorno sees the motorcycle before Bucciarati notices Trish is missing. 
    • In the manga, the motorcycle is still running.
  • After Bucciarati notices Trish's arm behind the chair, he now stays silent rather than asking if she is playing a joke on him.
  • Melone communicating with Baby Face has been moved to after Giorno summons Gold Experience.
  • A scene from the beginning of Chapter 503 has been removed. Fugo is shown looking at a map and agreeing with Giorno's plan, and Mista goes to steal a car as Narancia keeps watch with Aerosmith.
  • In the manga when Giorno looks into Coco Jumbo's room, the cabinet is shown opening slightly and he seems to take notice of this.
  • At the end of Melone's conversation with Baby Face, a scene is added in which he makes a phone call to Risotto.
    • Two short scenes of Ghiaccio and Risotto Nero have been added, showing Ghiaccio in his car and Risotto forcing a man to work on his computer.
  • The cabinet is now shown floating upwards inside of Coco Jumbo.
  • The rock that is formed from the cabinet is now shown hitting Coco Jumbo.
  • Melone's internal monologue from the beginning of Chapter 504 has been omitted.
  • Melone instructing Baby Face to chase Giorno has been omitted.
  • Originally, more rocks roll towards Giorno before he uses Gold Experience.
  • After Baby Face takes a second piece of Giorno's throat, Giorno's thoughts that they were so close to getting an untraceable car and escaping have been omitted.
  • Before Gold Experience punches the motorcycle, Giorno's line that he feels Gold Experience has been reborn has been cut.
  • Baby Face saying that Giorno has come back from the dead has been cut.
  • After Baby Face jumps from the motorcycle, Melone reacts more calmly than he does in the manga.
  • Baby Face hides inside the gasoline of his bike instead of Giorno's shadow.


  • In the official English subs and dub, this episode's title is changed to "Babyhead" to match Baby Face's name change to "Babyhead".
  • When Trish is shown within the cabinet, the color of her top is the same as her skin color.
  • When Gold Experience is kicking the furniture, his right arm joint is miscolored, being green instead of the usual red color.
  • During some of Baby Face's exchanges with Melone, the Italian word "tartaruga" (meaning "turtle") is misspelled as "tartagura".
  • In the dub, as Narancia looks over to see Giorno waving, Abbacchio mistakenly refers to him as Fugo.


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