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Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling (今にも落ちて来そうな空の下で Ima ni mo Ochite Kisō na Sora no Shita de) is the twenty-eighth episode of Golden Wind and the one hundred forty-first episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers from Chapter 548 to Chapter 550 of the original manga.


After a gruesome battle, the Boss has outsmarted Risotto Nero and has had him shot by Aerosmith. On the beach, Team Bucciarati notes that their enemy is down and discusses what to do next. Bucciarati orders Abbacchio to replay the past to uncover the Boss' face as soon as possible, but Abbacchio reminds him of Carne and Notorious B.I.G, highlighting the need to confirm the identity of the enemy. Thus, Bucciarati and Narancia leave to check the dying enemy while Giorno and Mista remain to guard Abbacchio and the turtle.

The Boss narrowly avoids being shot by Risotto by erasing time

Up the cliffs, Aerosmith flies past the dying Risotto, who is heavily bleeding and on the ground. The Boss fully manifests himself but the blinding sun hides his features. Congratulating Risotto on his ability, the Boss demands him to return the iron back to his body. In exchange, he will finish him off and spare him the humiliation of being seen by Bucciarati in this sorry state. Risotto whispers something, causing the Boss to lean forward but the assassin suddenly grabs him. Still defiant, Risotto attempts to kill the Boss with him. Thanks to the sprayed blood, Metallica has stuck to Aerosmith and now manipulates the plane to Risotto's advantage. It fires at the Boss from behind but King Crimson then erases time for half a second, letting the bullets fly past him and hit Risotto in the face, killing the assassin for good.

Nonetheless, the Boss remains in deep trouble: his anemic body starts to fail him as Bucciarati approaches. The Boss crawls toward the rocks and starts eating the wildlife to replenish his iron supply while Bucciarati and Narancia arrive to see Risotto's body. However, Bucciarati notices the severed foot and guesses that the assassin was fighting someone else; he thus orders Narancia to increase his radar's sensibility to search for the hidden foe. Despite detecting hundred of sources coming from the surrounding wildlife and tourists nearby, Bucciarati and Narancia find a suspicious source slowly but surely going away from them. Meanwhile, Giorno and Mista stand guard from a vantage point and see that Abbacchio has reached the month Donatella Una's photo was taken.

Following the source, Bucciarati and Narancia see a large blood trail and surround their target's likely hiding spot. Bucciarati takes the time to announce himself and ask for the man hiding behind the rocks to come out, subsequently splitting the rock with Sticky Fingers to uncover his target. To their shock Bucciarati and Narancia discover a boy, his mouth sewn shut and his face pale as if he's been drained of his blood. Meanwhile, Abbacchio incidentally confronts a group of children whose ball is stuck up a tree.

Abbacchio, moments after the Boss fatally wounds him.

Seeing Moody Blues being busy rewinding time, Abbacchio knocks the ball down the tree for the children. The children thank Abbacchio and take their leave, but then King Crimson punches through Abbacchio's chest, killing him on the spot. The Boss, hidden among the kids, has eliminated Abbacchio, leaving him to die as Moody Blues begins to crumble apart.

Abbacchio sits at a table and enjoys a quiet lunch, but then hears clinking glass. Discovering a policeman gathering the fragments of a broken bottle, Abbacchio asks him what he is doing to which the man explains that the fragments could solve a mugging case. As the policeman steadfastly searches for fingerprints, Abbacchio asks why he keeps working considering the corruption of the law in Italy. The cop thus explains that he is not looking for results as this mindset leads to corruption, but is maintaining his will to seek the truth, believing in an eventual good end. In turn, Abbacchio confesses that he envies the policeman's resolve and says that he lost his will. Revealing that he knows Abbacchio, the policeman assures him that he has gained this resolve back. Startled, Abbacchio starts to remember the policeman and more importantly that his team needs him. But, realizing that the man he's speaking to is his former partner who died on patrol, Abbacchio understands that he is dead.

Using the last of his strength, Abbacchio uses Moody Blues to smask a death mask of the Boss's face into the stele.

Back to the Costa Smeralda, the whole team is shaken by Abbacchio's death. Unable to accept the truth, Narancia demands that Giorno heals him but it is too late. Bucciarati then orders the team to prepare to leave, as the beach now has no interest for them, causing Narancia to become angry at everyone's coldness. As Giorno tries to reason Narancia, the latter knocks him

Abbacchio's spirit at peace, knowing that his efforts were not in vain

over. Suddenly, Giorno spots a suspicious piece of rock in Abbacchio's hand and turns it into a ladybird with Gold Experience, leading them to the stele and a negative of the Boss' face and fingerprints. Abbacchio has fulfilled his mission even in death, and Team Bucciarati can leave the beach with a solid lead to the Boss' identity.


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Sticky Fingers Gold Experience

Manga/Anime Differences

  • During The Boss and Risotto's conversation, The Boss is originally shown having difficulty breathing.
  • Narancia is shown for a moment before Metallica controls Aerosmith.
  • Metallica is shown disappearing from Aerosmith's wings.
  • Narancia and Bucciarati can be seen running towards The Boss before he crawls away.
  • Narancia uses Aerosmith's radar before he and Bucciarati approach Risotto's body.
  • Bucciarati asking Narancia if he's sure he only saw one person on Aerosmith's radar has been removed.
  • In the manga, Narancia is more doubtful that there was another person involved in Risotto's death. He argues with Bucciarati longer and doesn't admit the leg wound was not caused by Aerosmith until Bucciarati tells him to use his radar to check if the wound is smoking. 
  • Several scenes from Chapter 549 have been reordered or interleaved.
    • The scene of The Boss eating a frog has been moved to after Narancia explains the problems with making Aerosmith's radar too sensitive.
      • Originally, they are swapped.
    • Narancia finding The Boss on Aerosmith's radar has been moved to after Abbacchio notices the children playing.
      • Originally, this happens just before Mista and Giorno's conversation.
    • Narancia and Bucciarati approaching the rock where The Boss is hidden has become an extension of the scene where Narancia first locates him.
      • Originally, this happens after Mista and Giorno's conversation.
      • Narancia's internal monologue wondering about the enemy's condition has been cut.
      • The Boss breathing heavily has been removed.
    • Abbacchio noticing the children playing has been moved to after Mista and Giorno's conversation. 
      • Originally, this happens after Narancia and Bucciarati approach the rock.
      • The weather becomes overcast at this point.
    • Abbacchio observing Moody Blues and telling the children to be quiet has been moved to after Bucciarati and Narancia approach the rock.
      • Originally, this is an extension of the scene where he first notices the children.
  • Giorno and Mista are now seen running over to Abbacchio's location.
  • After the child behind the rock is revealed, Narancia wondering if the child is part of the gang as been removed.
  • Bucciarati remarking that they might have been following the child the entire time has been cut.
  • After Abbacchio is attacked, dialogue among the children implying that The Boss is the one who kicked the ball away has been cut. 
  • After Abbacchio's partner says his name, sunlight no longer begins to shine. Instead, the sun comes out when Abbacchio realizes who he is.
  • Abbacchio is shown crying after his partner says he is proud of him.
  • After Narancia forces Giorno to bump Abbacchio's body, he becomes silent for a moment and then starts to cry when the sun shines on Abbacchio's face.
  • Narancia falling and crying out after Bucciarati walks away has been added.
  • Bucciarati is now the one to comment on The Boss's death mask rather than Mista.
  • Mista mentioning that they now have The Boss's fingerprints as well has been cut.
  • A flower bed is added at the end in place of Abbacchio's body. According to director, Hideya Takahashi, the bed consists of 'Yellow Sultans' which translate to "strong will." This refers to Abbacchio's "will to seek out the truth" (真実に向かおうとする意志), as described by his late partner.[2]


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