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His Name Is Diavolo (そいつの名はディアボロ Soitsu no Na wa Diaboro) is the thirty-third episode of Golden Wind and the one-hundred-forty-sixth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers from the end of Chapter 567 to most of Chapter 571 of the original manga.


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Bucciarati has collapsed on the ground just in front of the Colosseum; his body seems to have reached its limits following his victory over Secco. Doppio stands just behind him but stays his hand. Instead, he persuades Bucciarati to help him reach his destination, planning to find out what the rogue capo is after. Doppio then discovers Bucciaratio's condition and that he's gone blind yet can see a hidden wound on his neck. An intrigued Doppio reflects on Bucciarati's strange condition as he helps him cross the street, but his thoughts are interrupted when he sees Mista coming around the corner. Doppio immediately hides both himself and Bucciarati behind a pillar. Doppio is cornered and almost kills Bucciarati but Diavolo intervenes. Explaining to his subordinate that Bucciarati is now a corpse that can only see spirits, Diavolo exposes some of his spirit, not only fooling Bucciarati into thinking Doppio is Trish, but also causing his daughter to alert Mista, clearing the way to the monument.

As they move through the Colosseum, Bucciarati promises "Trish" that she can live in his house and enjoy a decent life once their battle is over. However, Diavolo suddenly warns Doppio that they are watched. Polnareff makes himself known, ordering the pair to stand still but becomes suspicious of Doppio, whom he doesn't know. Doppio's attempt to make himself look reliable is foiled when Polnareff asks "Trish" to show her Stand without approaching him; Diavolo realizes that he's dealing with an experienced fighter. When Diavolo sees the Arrow on Polnareff's lap and Polnareff senses Diavolo's killing intent, the two recognize each other and reminisce the past.

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In a flashback to 1986, Diavolo discovered six Stand Arrows while working part-time for an excavation team in Egypt. Discovering their ability, he sold five to Enya the Hag and kept one for himself. In the 90s, Jotaro Kujo and Jean Pierre Polnareff learned of the Arrows and began to investigate them. Polnareff eventually went on his own in Italy but his investigations caught the attention of Diavolo. Passione had agents everywhere and successfully isolated Polnareff, allowing Diavolo to confront him, easily beat and cripple him before sending off a cliff and leave him for dead.


Bucciarati and Polnareff suddenly notice that "Trish" has disappeared and objects have been suddenly displaced. Somewhere else in the Colosseum, Giorno, Mista and Trish also realize the time skip. Worried Polnareff tries to flee but Doppio intercepts his path, ominously advancing up the stairs below him. Declaring that the events of this night will be a trial for him to stay at the top, Diavolo finally emerges from Doppio and confronts Polnareff.

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Curious about the Arrow, Diavolo engages Polnareff, erasing time and avoiding a slash from Silver Chariot. Praising Polnareff's capabilities, Diavolo erases time again but then realizes that Silver Chariot has been pierced with the Arrow ; Silver Chariot undergoes a dramatic transformation as Polnareff enacts a desperate gambit to protect the Arrow but Diavolo then kills Polnareff easily. Reminiscing about the great adventures he had with the Joestar Group, Polnareff breathes his last. Still perplexed, Diavolo seizes the discarded Arrow. From his vantage point, he sees them joining up with Bucciarati and plans to deal with them, but he suddenly senses another presence: a stranger clad in black has appeared before him, slowly walking away. As he demands to know who the newcomer is, an Arrow-shaped marking is shown on its neck.


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Bruno Bucciarati Vinegar Doppio Risotto Nero Guido Mista Diavolo
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Giorno Giovanna Trish Una Jean Pierre Polnareff Enya the Hag Jotaro Kujo
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Joseph Joestar Muhammad Avdol Noriaki Kakyoin Iggy Secco
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King Crimson Silver Chariot Judgement Chariot Requiem

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Originally, Bucciarati notices Doppio is still there before Doppio speaks to him.
  • There is originally more back-and-forth between Bucciarati and Doppio before Bucciarati accepts his help.
  • Bucciarati wondering if Doppio cut himself shaving has been removed.
  • Originally, Bucciarati thanks Doppio for finding his shoe before Doppio's internal monologue about Bucciarati noticing his injury.
  • Before spotting Mista, Doppio's internal monologue about Bucciarati's condition has been shortened.
  • Doppio's internal monologue when he is hiding from Mista has been shortened.
  • Doppio and Diavolo's conversation has been moved to after Bucciarati recognizes Trish's soul.
  • A scene is added of Doppio (pretending to be Trish) explaining to Bucciarati where the person previously guiding him went, and Bucciarati asking if "she" will help him walk.
  • After Polnareff appears, Doppio remarking that he can't make out who it is in the darkness and Diavolo insisting he find a way to approach him have been cut.
  • After asking "Trish" to show her stand, Polnareff has a line added that he feels a familiar murderous intent from her.
  • Polnareff and Diavolo now recognize each other at the same time. Originally, Polnareff only realizes his identity once he transforms.
  • Multiple extra scenes of Polnareff searching for information on Passione, as well as Diavolo acquiring the arrow and building up Passione, are added.
  • Flashbacks about Diavolo and Polnareff are now narrated by themselves instead of the narrator, resulting in several lines being changed.
    • The year Diavolo discovers the arrows being 1986 and his age being nineteen have been cut.
    • Diavolo being a part-time worker on the excavation team and his name and nationality being faked have been cut.
    • Diavolo now mentions he could sense a power from the arrows, motivating him to steal them.
    • Diavolo notes that Enya offered to show him how the arrows worked in exchange for selling some to her. He also specifies that she told him how the arrow chooses people and brings them together.
    • Polnareff explains that Jotaro was responsible for searching Asia and America for the arrows, while he searched Europe and Africa. Originally, only Polnareff searching Europe is specified.
    • Polnareff now states that crime rates began to rise in a specific region of Italy. The manga's narrator only says that crime rates in "his homeland" began to rise.
      • The mention of crime rates beginning to rise specifically in 1986 has been cut.
    • Diavolo has lines added that Passione grew quickly and he realized someone was trying to track him down.
    • Polnareff no longer specifies that he was unable to contact Jotaro due to Passione cutting him off from all communications.
    • After King Crimson injures Polnareff's eye, Polnareff no longer says Diavolo's name.
  • After his flashback, Diavolo has some lines added expressing his anger that Polnareff was able to survive his attack.
  • Polnareff now tries to warn Bucciarati that he recognizes Diavolo before noticing he is gone.
  • Diavolo activates King Crimson when transforming from Doppio.
  • Diavolo originally asks Polnareff questions about the Arrow after Polnareff tells him not to come up the stairs.
  • Silver Chariot is shown physically throwing Polnareff into the air rather than simply appearing beside him as he flies up.
  • After Silver Chariot is pierced with the Arrow, Diavolo no longer wonders if piercing the Stand itself with the Arrow has a special effect. 
  • Polnareff is now shown collapsing.
  • A scene is added where Giorno notices another time skip.
  • The scene of Silver Chariot attempting to take the Arrow through the gaps in the stones and Diavolo digging it up has been cut; instead, Diavolo simply destroys part of the wall with King Crimson and collects the Arrow as it falls.
  • Diavolo doesn't check Polnareff's corpse when the stones crumble behind him.


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