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The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 1 (鎮魂歌(レクイエム)は静かに奏でられる その① Rekuiemu wa Shizuka ni Kanaderareru Sono 1) is the thirty-fourth episode of Golden Wind and the one-hundred-forty-seventh episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers from the end of Chapter 571 to Chapter 574 of the original manga.


GW ep34 diavolo sleeps.png

Diavolo has taken the Arrow for himself but suddenly, a new person entirely clad in black appears in front of him, walking away. Although Diavolo orders them to stop and say who they are, he inadvertently drops the Arrow and begins to fall asleep against his will. Likewise, Giorno, Mista, Trish, Coco Jumbo and the entirety of Rome including all animals are put to sleep. Meanwhile, the new being proceeds to descend the stairs of the Coliseum to the ground level.

Time passes and the sky lights up for dawn. Giorno and Trish slowly awake and realize that it is nearly dawn, meaning they've just slept through the night. Giorno then realizes that his hands are bleeding, prompting Trish to run to cover and grab both Coco Jumbo and Mista's gun while calling Giorno out to her. Confusion ensues as Giorno calls himself, and Trish then is suprised by her body. As Mista and Narancia wake up, the group understands that their souls have swapped between bodies.

GW ep34 switch.png

Mista has switched with Trish while Giorno has switched with Narancia. Giorno tries to analyze the situation as the body swap doesn't look like an attack. For her part, Trish takes the situation particularly badly, being disgusted by Mista's body and being embarrassed that Mista is in hers. Narancia worries about Bucciarati lying on the ground but is told to stay away as Bucciarati must have been swapped and the whereabouts of the Boss and their contacts are unknown. Surprisingly, the group then discovers that their Stands have been empowered to some degree which puzzles Giorno even more. Discovering the state of Rome, the group then ponder who is inside of Bucciarati as Trish notices that she cannot sense her father anymore.

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Suddenly, Coco Jumbo itself starts to speak. Indeed, Jean Pierre Polnareff's soul has been put inside the turtle. Explaining the circumstances of his demise, Polnareff then declares that this body swap was caused by the new Silver Chariot, Chariot Requiem. The turtle then narrates an incident during which he accidentally pricked Silver Chariot with the Arrow, causing a similar switching of souls then stopping it by taking the Arrow from his Stand's hands; as such, the group may unlock a formidable ability on par with Chariot Requiem's soul manipulation although it requires them to bypass Chariot Requiem. Finally, Polnareff warns the team that Diavolo has somehow been working alongside a mysterious boy in spite of his mistrust.

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Narancia suddenly notices someone coming from an entrance and sees that it is Diavolo himself. Positioning themselves into an ambush position, the group see "Diavolo" confronting Chariot Requiem. To their surprise, "Diavolo" summons Sticky Fingers to attack Chariot, cutting off the hand that was holding the Arrow. Bucciarati has swapped with Diavolo and is now in his body.


Diavolo Jean Pierre Polnareff Bruno Bucciarati Giorno Giovanna Guido Mista
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(Mentioned only)
Coco Jumbo Trish Una Narancia Ghirga The Arrows' Creator Vinegar Doppio
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King Crimson Silver Chariot Chariot Requiem Mr.President Aerosmith

Sex Pistols Gold Experience Sticky Fingers

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Bucciarati is now shown falling to the ground.
  • Several minor characters featured in the story arc are shown asleep before their appearance in the manga.
  • It no longer beings raining when Narancia (in Giorno's body) wakes up. The rain throughout the chapter is entirely omitted.
  • Narancia no longer checks his watch to confirm they were asleep for six or seven hours, and instead just estimates they were asleep for a few hours.
  • Narancia's line observing that the ability that caused them all to fall asleep seems completely different from King Crimson's ability has been cut.
  • Mista (in Trish's body) has a line added reacting to Narancia recalling his wounds from the mold.
  • The scene of Trish (in Mista's body) lamenting her predicament is lengthened.
  • Trish also now reprimands Mista after he spits on the ground.
  • Several scenes of the civilians having been affected by the body swap are shown before their original placement in the manga.
  • Narancia is shown jumping up to the top of the stone wall to check the next floor of the colosseum.
  • Mista and Trish have interjections added as Polnareff explains the situation with Chariot Requiem.
  • Polnareff's flashback with Chariot Requiem is more elaborate, showing original shots of him taking the Arrow from Chariot Requiem and the Stand reverting back to Silver Chariot.
  • Polnareff's stiletto-designed right prosthetic was changed to his current day design in the flashback.
  • Polnareff is shown in his house rather than outside in the flashback.
  • Polnareff has a line added before Giorno asks about killing Silver Chariot emphasizing that they must obtain the arrow to defeat Diavolo.
  • Giorno (in Narancia's body) reacting to Polnareff's explanation of The Boss being a duo has been added.
  • Bucciarati (in Diavolo's body) is shown running up to the Colosseum before reaching the entrance.
  • The group recognizes Diavolo's face after moving into position by the entrance rather than before like in the manga.
  • Giorno summons Gold Experience in an attempt to attack "Diavolo" before he reaches Chariot Requiem.


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