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The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 2 (鎮魂歌(レクイエム)は静かに奏でられる その② Rekuiemu wa Shizuka ni Kanaderareru Sono 2) is the thirty-fifth episode of Golden Wind and the one-hundred-forty-eighth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers from Chapter 575 to most of Chapter 578 of the original manga.


The Arrow forces Sticky Fingers to prevent Bucciarati from taking it

Still under the influence of Chariot Requiem's soul switch, Team Bucciarati and Polnareff see Bucciarati, in the body of Diavolo, intercept Chariot Requiem and sever the hand holding the Arrow with Sticky Fingers. Impressed by their leader's initiative, the group now watches carefully for Bucciarati's body. However, when Bucciarati tries to grab the Arrow, Sticky Fingers comes up to attack its own user; when Mista intervenes, one of the Sex Pistols goes mad and tries to kill him, but Trish and Spice Girl soften the bullet. As Chariot Requiem reattaches its severed hand and resumes walking, the group realizes that it can turn Stands against their users when they attempt to grab the Arrow, making their goal of obtaining it much more difficult.

Giorno returns to his body after Narancia's untimely death

Sex Pistols then alerts the group: the person in Bucciarati's body has just woken up. Bucciarati thus orders Mista to shoot whoever it is. After a brief hesitation, Mista shoots and incapacitates Bucciarati's body. Meanwhile, Narancia allows himself to dream about the future. Out of bullets, Mista asks Trish to take some from his boot; but when Trish seemingly hesitates and Mista tells her to hurry, she points out that she already gave the bullets to him.

Seeing that the bullets fell to the floor without anyone noticing, Polnareff realizes that time has just skipped. Nervous, the group tries to seek how Diavolo could have approached the group undetected and suddenly realize, after seeing sudden droplets of blood, that Narancia has been impaled into metal bars right above the gang, one bar in particular fatally impaled through Giorno's head. The team desperately hurries to save their teammate, but it is too late to intervene-- despite healing his body, Giorno's soul can only return to it as Narancia was already dead, his soul having already passed on. As the group mourns Narancia, Fugo is shown in the streets of Naples realizing that something has gone wrong. Narancia's soul, taking the form of a sparrow (whose shadow appears as Aerosmith), soars into the clouds above the shore on which Abbacchio was killed and disappears.

"We have to leave you here. So that no one can hurt you anymore... ever again. But I promise, I will take you back home."

Polnareff pieces the clues together and realizes the exact link between Diavolo and Doppio. Despite their grief, he warns the group that Diavolo and Doppio are split personalities - two souls sharing one body. While Requiem's ability has switched one soul with Bucciarati, Diavolo's soul must be lurking somewhere close inside someone. Narancia was the first victim because his radar could have easily detected Diavolo. Giorno promises Narancia he will bring him home and surrounds his corpse in flowers. Suddenly, Trish catches a glimpse of King Crimson in the shadows but doesn't notify the others.

As the group walks out into the streets of Rome, they see the chaos and confusion caused by Chariot Requiem's ability. A criminal in the body of a police officer tries to arrest Mista but gets shot for his trouble. The group catches up to Chariot Requiem, allowing Bucciarati to observe the rogue Stand thoroughly. Noting its apparent physical weakness, Bucciarati makes it trip and drop the Arrow. Giorno experiments with Requiem's protective ability and discovers that not only does Requiem use Stands against their own users, it also prevents non-living objects from touching the Arrow. Lacking a Stand, Polnareff grabs the Arrow with his mouth and tells Mista, the closest person to him, to use it on Sex Pistols. Suddenly, Chariot Requiem stands up and rushes toward Polnareff.


Narancia Ghirga Jean Pierre Polnareff Giorno Giovanna Trish Una Guido Mista
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Bruno Bucciarati Vinegar Doppio Diavolo Pannacotta Fugo Leone Abbacchio
Sticky Fingers Chariot Requiem Sex Pistols Spice Girl Aerosmith

King Crimson Gold Experience Silver Chariot

Manga/Anime Differences

  • The rain has been omitted until Narancia's death, and is then omitted again once the group exits the Colosseum.
  • An original scene of Bucciarati being made familiar of who's in who's body and formally greeting Polnareff is added.
  • Sex Pistols don't make comments on Mista in Trish's body like in the manga.
  • Narancia's monologue of the future has been extended and moved to after Mista shoots Bucciarati's body.
    • He now specifies he wouldn't mind Fugo calling him dumb, rather than just "guys."
    • He remarks he is sad Abbacchio is gone.
    • He chokes back tears and tells Trish he will protect her until the end.
  • Scenes showing some civilians after switching bodies have been added.
  • Sex Pistols have a line added saying No. 7 who was keeping watch saw Bucciarati's body move.
  • Narancia is now shown checking Aerosmith's radar after Mista shoots Bucciarati's body.
  • Mista asks Trish for more bullets after Bucciarati tells him to shoot again, not before.
  • The dog waking up during the time skip has been omitted.
  • Bucciarati is now shown summoning Sticky Fingers and unzipping the iron bars.
  • Giorno's body isn't shown falling down after the bars are broken.
  • Polnareff does not begin to realize Diavolo and Doppio's condition until after Narancia's death.
  • Mista now cries out a second time after Narancia's death.
  • An original scene featuring Fugo after Narancia's death has been added.
  • Polnareff mentioning Billy MilliganW when talking about Diavolo and Doppio being split personalities is skipped.
  • The scene of Doppio agonizing in Bucciarati's body has been moved to GW Episode 36.
  • Multiple scenes of civilians reacting to Chariot Requiem's ability have been either omitted or shuffled around.


  • This episode's eyecatch is the first in the season to not include the Golden Wind musical cue.
  • Radar blips after shooting Bucciarati's body.

    After shooting Bucciarati's body, Aerosmith's radar shows the middle-bottom indicator slightly larger than the other four. Based on the last shown positions of the group members, this dot seems to correspond to Trish, foreshadowing Diavolo's posession of her.
  • Yasuhiro Kimura, director of the Golden Wind anime, specifies that the group is heading south along the Via di San Gregorio.[2]


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