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Joining the Gang (ギャング入門 Gyangu Nyūmon) is the fourth episode of Golden Wind and the one hundred seventeenth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers from Chapter 451 to Chapter 455 of the original manga.


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Black Sabbath impales the old janitor in front of Giorno Giovanna with an Arrow and kills him as the janitor had no potential to be a Stand User. After tossing the corpse aside, Black Sabbath detects Giorno and attacks; although Giorno evades the strike and jumps up the staircase handrails, Black Sabbath grabs Giorno's shadow and drags Gold Experience out of it, ready to use the arrow again.

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Giorno is cornered and must command Gold Experience to seriously fight back against the capo's Stand. However, when it pummels Black Sabbath, it disappears again. When it emerges from the shadow and sneakily grabs Gold Experience, Giorno understands Black Sabbath's ability is tied to the dark. By chance, Black Sabbath lets Giorno fall into the courtyard when it gets exposed to sunlight. Giorno experiments with the shadows and understands that Black Sabbath is confined to them. However, the setting sun means that soon Giorno won't have anywhere safe to run to. Koichi barges out of the dormitory but attracts Black Sabbath who attacks him with the Arrow. Giorno nonetheless saves him by turning the handrails into flowers and forcing Black Sabbath to flee.

Black sabbath burns3.png

During this reprieve, Giorno explains to Koichi that despite everything, he is righteous at heart. Somewhat calmed, Koichi explains the use of the Arrow and that Black Sabbath must be an automatic Stand following preset instructions. Black Sabbath eventually outmaneuvers the two by using birds to move between shadows and grabs Giorno from the shadow of a nearby tree. But Echoes then shatters tiles and Gold Experience overcharges the roots of the tree with life, making it wither and exposing Black Sabbath to the light. Now considerably weakened, Black Sabbath is pummeled into disappearing for good. Afterward, Koichi rushes to call Jotaro Kujo for help against the Arrow, but Giorno stops him. As Polpo is probably unaware of the battle, Giorno sees an opportunity to continue infiltrating the gang. Therefore should Koichi even warn any of his own allies, Passione would discover Giorno's plans. Revealing his dream to Koichi, Giorno convinces him of his righteousness and to keep his secret. Later, Koichi says he will make his report to Jotaro and leave for good. 

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The next day, Giorno returns to Polpo with the lit lighter. Before officially allowing him inside the gang, Polpo takes the time to lecture Giorno on the honor code of gangsters, which is founded on trust and respect that every gangster will fight to the death for. Meanwhile, Giorno turns one of the guns in the cells into a banana and hides it in the fridge. Out of the prison, Giorno then goes to meet with Bruno Bucciarati and confirms his admission within the gang. While Bucciarati and Giorno walk the street, Polpo eventually eats the banana which turns back into a gun, making the capo shoot himself as a gruesome revenge for the janitor. The Arrow is incidentally destroyed.

Giorno then asks where they are going, to which Bucciarati replies that he'll now meet his team of Stand Users.


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Giorno Giovanna Old Janitor Polpo Koichi Hirose Jotaro Kujo
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Female Guard Josuke Higashikata Joseph Joestar Bruno Bucciarati Leone Abbacchio
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Guido Mista Narancia Ghirga Pannacotta Fugo

Black Sabbath Gold Experience Echoes


GW Episode 4: "Joining the Gang"
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Manga/Anime Differences

  • While Black Sabbath holds Gold Experience, Giorno remarking that Black Sabbath is a powerful remote control stand has been removed.
  • Giorno saying he has a dream before knocking away Black Sabbath has been removed.
  • When Gold Experience knocks Black Sabbath away, it disappears behind a splash of water upon knocking over the janitor's pail; in the manga, the pail was empty.
  • Giorno's monologue after Black Sabbath disappears is shortened; he no longer says he can't figure out Black Sabbath's ability or that it is stronger than him.
  • Giorno's sudden explanation that Gold Experience's life energy also affects Giorno himself and his own movement speed when used offensively is omitted. Gold Experience's struggle against Black Sabbath's grip remains a result of the enemy Stand's surprise attack and superior strength despite its slowed movements.
  • After realizing Black Sabbath can only move through shadows, Giorno explaining that the janitor was attacked first because he was standing in the railing's shadows has been omitted.
  • Giorno suspecting that Black Sabbath is invincible in the shadows has been omitted.
  • Koichi bringing up that Giorno stole his luggage and passport has been removed.
  • Instead of Koichi saying he saw the lighter reignite, Giorno asks him if he saw it.
  • When Gold Experience intercepts the Arrow to save Koichi, it uses its right hand instead of its left. The Stand also attempts to close its hand to grab the Arrow.
    • Because of this, when Giorno tells Koichi about his regret of letting the old janitor be killed, the hand he holds the lighter in and the hand he's bleeding from are switched.
  • Koichi asking Giorno if he knew about the Arrow is removed.
  • While Koichi is explaining how he received Echoes, Giorno internally realizes that a "chosen one" is a person who has awakened their Stand.
  • Koichi no longer narrates the scene leading up to Giorno's leg being grabbed by Black Sabbath. Because of this, it is Giorno whom uses the imagery of a scooter as an example of a method for defeating Black Sabbath. The strategy is also revealed earlier, while Giorno and Koichi try to flee from the area.
  • Black Sabbath is now shown disappearing from the building's shadow, rather than Koichi only noticing afterwards.
  • After pinning Giorno down, Black Sabbath briefly dodges Gold Experience's kicks before grabbing its other leg.
  • When Echoes uses 3 Freeze on Black Sabbath, its profanity ("MUTHAPHUKKIN" and "BEEYATCH!") is omitted.
  • Black Sabbath continues attempting to stab Gold Experience with the Arrow while under the effects of 3 Freeze.
  • The tree whose life Gold Experience accelerates to the point of expiration has more branches and leaves at the peak of its life.
    • Koichi's confusion at an evergreen tree's leaves falling off in spring has been removed.
  • Koichi's narration that Black Sabbath is trying to escape into the shadows of the hole has been removed.
  • When Koichi tries to use the payphone, he specifies he is calling Jotaro. Originally, he just says he is calling his friends in Japan.
  • Koichi warning Giorno that he will be automatically attacked again if he reignites the lighter has been omitted.
  • The scene where Polpo officially makes Giorno a member of Passione is moved to before Koichi's explanation of Giorno being a Joestar. As a result, Giorno tending to the deceased janitor is shown as a flashback.
  • Polpo is shown flicking the badge of Passione onto the platform for Giorno to take.
  • When Giorno extends his arm past the badge towards the minifridge in Polpo's cell, he summons Gold Experience's arm.
  • Giorno is shown receiving another body check on his way out of the prison.
  • A new scene with Koichi explaining the situation to Jotaro over a payphone is added. Koichi's last appearance is him running off to go sightseeing. This is the same scene with the flashback showing Koichi realizing Giorno's Joestar lineage.
  • Giorno and Bucciarati are seen walking together to the restaurant where the rest of Bucciarati's team is the next day.
    • Polpo's death is moved to the middle of Giorno and Bucciarati's trip. Giorno is seen turning around with a look of disgust on his face as he internally tells Polpo to "enjoy [his] last meal".
  • The narration detailing Polpo's death being ruled by suicide is omitted.
  • Bucciarati reveals to Giorno that his team is composed entirely of Stand Users as the episode ends.


  • The song that plays when Black Sabbath grabs Giorno's leg is actually the theme of Ghiaccio.
  • Giorno's eye color changed

    Whether purposefully or because of a coloring error, Giorno's eyes flare up red instead of the usual turquoise at the precise moment Polpo claims that murder is forgivable even by God when it comes to honor. This may be inspired by similar coloration in the manga, although the panel is shown after Polpo talks more.
  • Concept art of Polpo's gun

    The anime shows that Polpo kills himself with a Smith & Wesson M29 revolver.
  • In the original Japanese dialogue, Giorno refers to Koichi as “Koichi Hirose” instead of “Hirose Koichi”. In previous seasons non-Japanese characters still referred to Japanese characters on a last name-first name basis. Although this changes during the episode.
  • In the official English dub, this episode's title is changed to "Joining the Famiglia".


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