Find Polpo's Fortune! (ポルポの遺産を狙え! Porupo no Isan o Nerae!) is the fifth episode of Golden Wind and the one hundred eighteenth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers from Chapter 456 to Chapter 458 of the original manga.


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As Bucciarati and Giorno walk in the streets of Napoli, Bucciarati explains how their gang, Passione, works. The gang is split into independent teams with different roles, each with their own leader. In turn, multiple teams answer to "lieutenants" in the organization, and the Boss stands above all the rest. The Boss is very secretive and no one knows his name or his face; many of Passione's members follow suit to avoid being targeted. In order to move up the ranks, Bucciarati explains that the two of them need to have a trustworthy team.

Meanwhile, Polpo's apparent suicide is creating waves in the underworld. Two of Passione's members, Sale and Mario Zucchero, are discussing the consequences of that death. Sale explains that rumor has it that Polpo had a stash of treasures that is now open, and that Bucciarati is the most likely gangster to know about it. Eager to take the treasure, Zucchero leaps out of the still-moving car, leaving a stunned Sale to take the wheel himself.

Bucciarati and Giorno arrive at the restaurant where the latter's team is waiting for them. One member, Guido Mista, loudly complains about the four slices of cake they had been served (the number 4 being unlucky for him). Meanwhile, Pannacotta Fugo helps out Narancia Ghirga with his math; when Narnancia gets the answer incorrect, Fugo grabs a fork and violently stabs Narnancia in the cheek with it, grabs him by his head and slams him into the table as Mista asks Leone Abbacchio if he's going to eat his slice of cake. Narnancia then pulls out his knife, threatening Fugo. When Bucciarati comes, they resume their activity and ignore Giorno while he formally introduces himself. When Bucciarati is called away because of a call regarding Polpo's demise, Abbacchio urinates into a teapot and serves it to Giorno as a prank. When Bucciarati returns, he sees Giorno gulping down his cup, to the team's astonishment. Using his Stand, Giorno turned one of his teeth into a jellyfish to absorb all of the liquid. The rest of the team is impressed by Giorno's confidence as Bucciarati tells them to move out. On their way to the docks, Giorno notes that Bucciarati is a popular man; at the same time, Bucciarati is disturbed by the pleas of the citizens against the drug trade plaguing the city.

At the docks, Bucciarati rents a yacht while Narancia gathers some snacks and the team set sail toward the sea. When Bucciarati deems that they are sufficiently far from the coast, he tells his team that Polpo has died, that there is indeed a treasure hidden in Napoli, and that he intends to take it and use it to become a lieutenant. Amidst the excitement among the gang, Narancia is suddenly pulled away from sight and disappears although there is nowhere he could hide. Mista and Fugo quickly disappear too. Bucciarati, Abbacchio, and Giorno find themselves cornered, with the former two wondering whether their teammates are dead. However, Giorno points out a fly he created from Narancia's shoe; it is still seeking its owner, indicating that the others are still alive.

Bucciarati tells Abbacchio that he has the perfect Stand to solve the situation, but Abbacchio is reluctant, as he doesn't trust Giorno and is wary of revealing his abilities in front of him. Determined, Giorno makes a gamble and recklessly exposes himself to an attack. As a result, he is stabbed and dragged out of sight by an enemy Stand. Impressed by Giorno's resolve despite his misgivings, Abbacchio finally summons his Stand: Moody Blues.


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Manga/Anime Differences

  • When Bucciarati explains Passione's hierarchy, the diagram is much more detailed and includes silhouettes of Passione teams and members, but does not mention how many members there are. Bucciarati also leaves out that one of the capos is 18.
    • Several silhouettes of key oncoming characters can be seen in the Passione's hierarchy scene.
    • The Boss' Unita Speciale is added.
    • The silhouettes of a "Squadra Guardie del corpo", the bodyguard team, correspond to Team Bucciarati.
    • Gave Italian names to the other sections of the gang mentioned in the manga: Sezione Droghe, Squadra Esecuzioni, Sezione Gestione sistemi informatici for respectively the drug, assassination and info management teams.
    • Added a "Sezione Gestione Giochi d'azzardo", the gambling team, which was not on the manga's diagram.
    • Removed some of the hierarchy connections showing that one capo is in charge of only the drug section, one capo is in charge of both the assassination and bodyguard teams and another one is in charge of only the info management team.
  • Bucciarati's line about him and Giorno "needing power" to get close to The Boss is changed to them "needing a team they can trust" to acquire said power.
  • The anime adds several scenes of various gangsters, presumably all Passione members, learning about Polpo's death.
  • The discussion between Sale and Mario Zucchero about Polpo's treasure is moved before Giorno meets the gang.
    • Sale's appearance is much more defined, not being hidden by shadows like the original manga. Only his face is obscured.
    • The anime precises that it happens in Rome, building on the Roman origins of Zucchero.
  • Sale is serious instead of humored when he realizes that Zucchero is going to take Bucciarati's team of six head-on.
  • The gang meeting scene is modified and appended:
    • Team Bucciarati is now sitting in an isolated corner of an occupied restaurant instead of the middle of an empty room.
      • Since the front door is no longer positioned opposite of the team's table, Bucciarati enters into the scene leaning against an entrance archway from the restaurant's main room.
      • Bucciarati cites the other customers' being bothered when he yells at gang to silence them.
    • Abbacchio wears headphones throughout the scene, taking them off when he offers Giorno his "tea".
    • A silhouette of a kid getting his eye clawed at by a cat is shown when Mista describes how he came to fear the number 4.
    • Abbacchio is seen taking a slice of shortcake while Mista rants about the four slices.
    • Fugo's interactions with Mista during his rant implies that he's heard his fear of the number four before rather than this being the first time he's heard it like in the manga.
    • Narancia bleeds less when he is stabbed with the fork by Fugo.
    • While Mista asks Abbacchio if he's going to eat his slice, Fugo can be heard slamming Narancia's face into the table a few more times; the table is also shown shaking each time he does it.
    • Bucciarati is moved by a phone call away from Giorno during the meeting and learns about Polpo's death through the call. This is also when he's approached by Ms. Menini and her friend.
      • When Bucciarati leaves, Abbacchio can be seen grabbing the teapot and positioning it by his crotch.
      • Because he leaves, Bucciarati does not ask Abbacchio for a cup of tea.
    • Bucciarati's team immediately moves to retrieve Polpo's treasure after the meeting.
  • The members of Bucciarati's team do not have each of their full names and ages formally given when Giorno introduces himself.
  • Bucciarati having a normal day (eating pizza and walking around town) is omitted.
    • His conversation with Ms. Menini and her friend, whose son is beating her and doing drugs, is moved to a flashback.
    • Him being greeted warmly by the many pedestrians around him happens when he and his gang leave the restaurant to go after Polpo's fortune.
  • As the gang leaves the restaurant, Mista wonders aloud what kind of transportation they'll take. When Abbacchio tells him they have a loaner, Fugo mentions that Mista destroyed their previous car.
    • Giorno internally notices that Bucciarati indeed has the trust of a number of citizens during this conversation.
  • A scene featuring Bucciarati directly renting a yacht is added. Zucchero's trick is foreshadowed by the discrepancy between the boat number and its key number.
    • Narancia also purchases snacks from the rental shop, including a can of "Sparite" that Mista would later pour onto his stereo.
  • The magazine that Mista reads has a different cover and is titled "Transcendi".
  • When Bucciarati announces how the treasure will allow the gang to move up the ranks, all its member are shown internally expressing excitement at the prospect of doing so.
  • The money amounts are converted into lires instead of yens: 400 M¥ and 600 M¥ become respectively 5 G₤ and 10 G₤.
  • The attack on the gang on the boat is modified:
    • The search scene is lengthened overall.
    • Narancia isn't shown directly collapsing away from view.


  • In Italy the episode aired seven hours before the official release, being screened at Lucca Comics & GamesW 2018 as part of a Crunchyroll promotion.[2]



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