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Sex Pistols Appears, Part 1 (セックス・ピストルズ登場 その① Sekkusu Pisutoruzu Tōjō Sono 1) is the seventh episode of Golden Wind and the one hundred twentieth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers from Chapter 462 to Chapter 464 of the original manga.


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In the aftermath of Mario Zucchero's attack and capture, everyone in Team Bucciarati has been returned to normal. While Narancia Ghirga, Pannacotta Fugo, and Leone Abbacchio vent their anger by kicking Zucchero's body, Guido Mista decides to torture him by hanging his zipped out head on a fishing line and setting up glasses threatening to focus the sun's rays into his eyes. Finally, Mista, Fugo, and Narancia engage in an extravagant dance.

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However, Abbacchio turns Moody Blues into Zucchero from several minutes ago, discovering that Zucchero has radioed his partner Sale and informed him that the treasure lies in Capri. Bruno Bucciarati believes that Zucchero will keep silent as a hardened gangster and, having purposefully taken a detour, the group now expects to fight another unknown enemy on arrival. With the group desperate to figure out a solution to a potential ambush, the clouds overhead begin to cast a shadow on the boat. However, Giorno Giovanna proposes that he goes ahead to take the attacker by surprise, and rays of sunlight peak through the clouds over him. As he reaffirms the group of their goal, the boat moves from under the clouds back into the sunlight. 

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Agreeing with the initiative, Guido Mista the gunslinger reveals his Stand, the six imp-like Sex Pistols, and accompanies him on a buoy turned into a fish, taking Zucchero's radio with them. On the island of Capri, Giorno observes the marina from afar while Mista has lunch. Giorno and Mista decide to use Zucchero's radio to call the radio room on the marina, indirectly calling for the enemy while Mista lies in ambush. However, the unseen Sale has already infiltrated the radio room to answer the call and sees Mista through a window, prompting Giorno to warn his partner through the same radio.


Mista draws his gun but his opponent closes the window shutters. Unfazed, Mista shoots twice through it, the Sex Pistols riding on the bullets. Using their power to kick the bullets to redirect them, the Sex Pistols manage to hit the enemy in the leg. Following the blood trail up to a truck starting to go away, Mista jumps to the passenger side of the truck and prepares to shoot the driver. Arriving at the marina, Giorno hears a gunshot.


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GW Episode 7: "Sex Pistols Appear, Part 1"
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Manga/Anime Differences

  • Zucchero's identification is shown rather than Giorno just reading the information. Giorno is also shown picking it up after it falls out of Zucchero's clothes.
  • Zucchero screams from behind the zipper while Mista talks to him. In the manga, he only breaths heavily or is silent.
  • Mista is now shown slinging Zucchero's head over the boat railing, and asks if Zucchero is ready to talk now. 
  • The scene with Narancia, Mista, and Fugo's synchronized dancing while Zucchero's head hangs by the fishing hook is portrayed much more elaborately. Overall, the scene is composed not unlike a music video.
    • The dance choreography itself is more complex, composed of many more moves than the original five in the manga.
    • The music the three dance to is the same song Narancia was listening to on his own stereo before Mista broke it.
    • The light being magnified into Zucchero's eye creates a prismatic rainbow effect, upon which is used to stylize the visuals of the dance and Zucchero's torture throughout the scene.
    • Over the course of the dance, Zucchero's head itself is animated in a unique, psychedelic/surreal style. The camera slowly closes in on him with each cut to his head, possibly hinting towards his suffering. Each animation displays an effect relating to each of the dancer's stands.
      • The first image shows many circles showing up on the screen, representing Aerosmith's bullets.
      • The second image has a background that resembles zooming crosshairs, likely referencing Sex Pistols.
      • The third image shows a skull corroding, which is likely a nod to Purple Haze and its virus.
  • Abbacchio yells at Narancia, Mista, and Fugo to stop messing around when he calls their attention to Moody Blues' replay.
  • Bucciarati has an added line about taking a look at Moody Blues' replay.
  • In the manga, Moody Blues in the form of Zucchero is shown speaking a few lines into the radio before Abbacchio strikes Zucchero's head and tells Giorno to turn away. In the anime, Abbachio striking Zucchero and talking to Giorno is moved to before Moody Blues starts replaying.
  • Moody Blues is seen reverting to its original form after the replay of Zucchero and Sale's transmission concludes.
  • Mista picks up Zucchero's head by his hair when proposing to further torture him for information.
  • After Abbacchio asks Bucciarati for guidance on their next move, Bucciarati has an interior monologue about how to catch Zucchero's partner before being interrupted by Giorno.
  • When Mista decides to go with Giorno to Capri, he stands up and strikes the same pose he is shown doing on the cover of Volume 50.
  • Mista asks Giorno what the marina looks like before Giorno describes that it is full of tourists. Originally, Giorno provides this information unprompted.
  • Mista is shown cutting the meat on his tray.
  • Number Three punching Number Five is added, and Mista tells Number Five to stop crying. He also tells Number Three to stop hitting the others.
  • Mista running from the dock to the yacht building is now shown.
  • As Giorno takes the radio transmitter, he is shown inaudibly speaking into it, hinting to the later scene when Sale responds to a distress call seemingly coming from Zucchero.
  • Giorno takes longer to notice Sale in the yacht building than in the manga.
  • Giorno is shown trying to make a gesture to warn Mista before he ends up shouting a warning.
  • Giorno now says that Mista can't hear him and so chooses to shout over the radio. Originally he uses the radio without explanation.
  • Giorno hearing Mista fire his gun has been removed.
  • Mista looking at Giorno running towards him and commenting that he couldn't wait has been added.


  • The dance was designed to take elements of Michael JacksonW's DangerousW and combine it with the manga's original poses.[2]
  • In the official English subs and dub, this episode's name is changed to "Six Bullets Appears, Part 1" to match Sex Pistols' name change to "Six Bullets".


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