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The First Order from the Boss (ボスからの第一指令 Bosu kara no Dai-Ichi Shirei) is the ninth episode of Golden Wind and the one hundred twenty second episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers from Chapter 468 to Chapter 471 of the original manga.


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After Guido Mista's victory over Sale, Team Bucciarati gathers inside one of the restrooms of Capri. In here, Pannacotta Fugo gives Mista crude first aid by stapling his wound shut, which shocks but also amuses Mista and Narancia Ghirga. Just as Bruno Bucciarati prepares to announce where Polpo's treasure is located, he is interrupted by two oncoming janitors. Narancia tries to tell them off, but the younger janitor antagonizes him and a fight ensues. The scuffle is defused when the second janitor reveals himself, who Bucciarati recognizes as the much-respected capo, Pericolo.

Pericolo has come to Capri on Bucciarati's request to examine Polpo's treasure. To the team's surprise, Bucciarati had hidden it in the walls of the restroom with his zippers. Upon examination, Pericolo deems the jewels to be worth billions of lires in the market and, to reward Bucciarati's contribution, makes him officially a capo.

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However, Pericolo then explains that The Boss of Passione has immediate orders from him: Bucciarati must protect his daughter, who is none other than the young janitor in disguise. Pericolo explains that The Boss's daughter is named Trish Una, although the family name comes from her mother, a woman by the name of Donatella. Donatella was once the Boss's lover, back when he operated under the alias of Solido Naso. Although the Boss left Trish's mother behind, she recently fell ill, and, sensing her impending death, began to investigate "Solido Naso." This caught the attention of Passione, but more alarmingly the attention of a rogue team who plans to overthrow the Boss. The Boss immediately sensed Trish was Donatella's child and had ordered her to be secured, but the rogue team is currently trailing her and Team Bucciarati must now bodyguard her until the traitors are dealt with. Because the task was originally Polpo's to fulfill, Giorno worriedly deducts that the rogue team must be a group of Stand Users.

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Pericolo then leaves Bucciarati while Trish, who's gone to the restrooms and changed clothes, reappears. She asks Fugo for his jacket, and conceitedly wipes her hands on it before listing several instructions, suggesting her to be a spoiled girl with luxurious tastes. Departing from Capri with the rest, Giorno privately thinks that safeguarding Trish is now his best bet to approach the Boss, although failure will certainly mean death. Meanwhile, one of the operatives from the rogue group, Formaggio, discusses online the consequences of Polpo's death. Polpo was supposed to handle Stand-related business, but his death means that another capo will be guarding the girl.


Some time later, the group has relocated into a countryside hideout. Bucciarati sends Narancia in town to buy groceries alone, despite Fugo's reservations about him being able to avoid being trailed. However, Abbacchio explains that with Narancia's Stand ability, it will be easy for him to detect and deal with any pursuer. After the groceries are done and Narancia puts the bags inside his car, he notices Formaggio who has mysteriously appeared inside. Narancia tries to play dumb against Formaggio's insistent questioning and falsely affable attitude, until the rogue assassin summons his Stand, Little Feet, to claw Narancia's face.

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Angry, Narancia unleashes his own Stand Aerosmith, a miniature plane that flies inside the car and begins to fire everywhere inside it. Formaggio understands how powerful yet imprecise Aerosmith is and that he is at a disadvantage in a cramped space. When Aerosmith launches a bomb, he is forced to use his power and disappears in the explosion of the bomb while Narancia kicks the car in anger. Suddenly, Narancia's right shoe falls off. Meanwhile, Formaggio has used Little Feet to shrink himself and sneakily jumps into Narancia's pocket. From there, Formaggio spots the women's items Narancia had bought and easily deduces that Bucciarati is indeed guarding Trish. Narancia, shrinking at a slow pace, will soon be at a disadvantage.


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GW Episode 9: "First Assignment From the Boss"
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Manga/Anime Differences

  • Mista originally complains more about his injury before Fugo staples it, and Fugo says that he will have to staple Mista's back as well.
  • Bucciarati comments that the three in the bathroom are being noisy before saying they did well.
  • Giorno, Bucciarati, and Abbacchio enter the restroom stalls after Mista's bullet wound is stapled shut.
  • Zucchero and Sale are shown bound by chains in the boat's cabin. Zucchero appears disoriented from his torture, while Sale appears either upset or still unconscious.
  • When Trish reverses Narancia's knife back onto him, he pulls out a second one with his free hand and almost stabs her when Bucciarati intervenes.
  • Pericolo recognizes Giorno as the new member, and greets him as family to Passione.
  • After Pericolo apologizes for Trish and Narancia responds, Fugo punches Narancia for not speaking more formally to Pericolo.
  • When the team celebrates Bucciarati becoming a capo, Narancia is shown behind Bucciarati, between Mista and Fugo. In the manga, he is in front of Abbacchio.
  • Pericolo originally explains that Polpo committed suicide just before the order to protect Trish went through.
  • When Pericolo explains Trish's situation to Bucciarati, he looks over the railings towards the view of Capri.
  • Originally, Pericolo explains that Solido Naso is a false name. Bucciarati now explains this.
  • Trish is shown taking off her janitor disguise in the bathroom stalls while Pericolo speaks.
  • Giorno is the one that inquires if the traitors were Stand Users rather than Bucciarati.
  • Trish's first outfit has been skipped; she now dons the outfit she would have begun wearing from Chapter 486
    • Trish's physical appearance is altered slightly, sporting green eyes and a much wider intermammary gap.
  • Fugo introducing himself, Narancia, and Mista when Trish first speaks to him has been removed.
  • In the manga, when Trish asks Fugo to take his shirt off, it's Narancia who takes Fugo's shirt off. In the anime, Fugo takes off the shirt by himself.
  • Fugo throws his jacket to the floor in a fit of anger when Trish walks away after using it to dry her hands.
  • The episode expands on the online discussion between all the La Squadra Esecuzioni members.
    • The messages are actually typed in Italian.
    • The members' actual names are given as their chat handles.
      • A "Ghiaccio" is the one that gives the news of Polpo's death to the rest.
      • Others reply by telling Formaggio "Cercatelo" ("Find them"), including a "Prosciutto" and "Illuso".
    • Narration from the manga describing that not everyone in the gang was interested in Polpo's treasure has been removed.
    • Glimpses of the rest of the members can be seen.
      • Prosciutto and Pesci are seen sitting across from each other at a table.
      • Illuso is seen sitting in a chair at an airport.
      • Ghiaccio is at a computer in a room, with Melone standing next to him and Risotto Nero in a chair behind them.
  • When Formaggio gets up from his seat, he is now shown bringing his cat over to the bottle.
  • Narancia plays his favorite song on the car's radio when he drives to his next stop; the same song he plays on his boombox as well as the one him, Mista, and Fugo dance to as Zucchero was being tortured.
  • Scenes of Mista and Bucciarati standing guard in the hallway, and Trish sitting in a room are added as Fugo talks to Narancia.
  • When Narancia looks under the car in response to Formaggio's voice, instead of Formaggio's feet being seen as he enters the car, Narancia claims that the source of the voice actually came from under the vehicle.
  • Formaggio is more humorous, chuckling more during his short conversation with Narancia.
  • Narancia's internal monologue occurs simultaneously to Formaggio's explanation that Team Bucciarati had disappeared.
  • When Formaggio has Little Feet slash Narancia's face in a surprise attack, he tricks Narancia into looking the other way by pretending to refer to someone behind him, rather than simply slashing his face when threatened.
  • Formaggio rolls up the window of the car once he sees Aerosmith.
  • Instead of realizing that all of Team Bucciarati's members are Stand Users before Aerosmith attacks him, Formaggio simply calls Little Feet, revealing its name earlier.
  • Narancia's line about completing his mission has been moved from the moment Aerosmith begins attacking to the end of the episode when he looks for the shrunken Formaggio.
  • Formaggio actually ducks and covers his head behind the passenger seat while Aerosmith shoots at him.
  • Narancia kicking the car and yelling can still be heard while Formaggio monologues.
  • Instead of verbalizing his need to use his ability to escape Aerosmith's bomb, Formaggio is simply shown attempting to open the car door and leave when the explosion goes off. He is not shown shrinking before the explosion.
  • Narancia punches the car when his shoe slips off and he hurts his foot kicking it.
  • The roof of the car is not shown when Narancia looks for Formaggio, keeping his ability a secret until he decides to jump down into Narancia's pocket.
  • The brand of stockings Narancia bought for Trish is "Calza" (lit. "Stocking" in Italian) and not "Good Up". Also, the brand of the blush is labeled as "Givenchy", the brand Trish asked for.
  • Formaggio mentioning his ability needs some time to take effect has been removed. Instead he says this in the next episode.


  • Yasuhiro Kimura, co-director of the anime, reveals that the square in which Team Bucciarati meet Pericolo and Trish is modelled after the Piazza Umberto I of Capri.[2]


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