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The Stand wasn't hiding in the water, it is the water!

Avdol, Chapter 185

Geb (ゲブ神 Gebu-shin) is the Stand of N'Doul, featured in Stardust Crusaders.



Despite being named after an earth deity, Geb is bound to a small, shapeless mass of water (small enough to hide inside a canteen).[1] It usually takes the form of a tentacle equipped with a clawed hand. The arrangement of the digits is usually that of a left hand.

It represents the Egyptian God GebW.

Befitting its nature, Geb is consistently portrayed in media as blue.

The OVA portrays Geb with a mouth.


Geb is a deadly water Stand

Geb's greatest strength is the range at which it can be controlled precisely, enabling N'Doul to sit kilometers away from his target (four kilometers when he attacks the Joestar Group).[2] Combined with N'Doul's ability to sense vibrations from faraway, Geb can reliably act while its user is safe.

It is nonetheless a basic Stand whose dangerousness comes more from N'Doul's skill as a Stand user than its inherent power. N'Doul exploited the surrounding desert to hide Geb under the sand and constantly attack by surprise,[1] thought of creating quicksand with the water[2] and used Geb to propel sand into the air, acting as a sonar to detect the sound of the sand falling on The Fool's glider.[3]

Water Amorphism

Geb, being a body of water, is completely amorphous and hence is exceptionally flexible and nimble, being able to evade Star Platinum's punch by twisting itself.[3]

Despite being a mass of water, Geb's claw is strong enough to cut flesh, and even ripped a man's head off and pulled it completely into a metal canteen.[1][2] When it propels itself at a high enough speed, Geb can even cut through metal.[4] In addition, the water can act as a hard shield against projectiles.[3]

However, the water is particularly vulnerable to heat, as Magician's Red's flames could partially evaporate it, wounding N'Doul.[4]

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  • Araki was inspired to create Geb after hearing about someone drowning from a cup of water in a washbasin, and thus thought it would be interesting to have someone drown in a desert.[5]
  • Ironically, in Egyptian Mythology, Geb is the god of the earth.


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