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I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream.

—Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna (ジョルノ・ジョバァーナ Joruno Jobāna) is the protagonist of Part 5 and the fifth JoJo of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.

Giorno is the illegitimate son of DIO, conceived with Jonathan Joestar's stolen body. He is introduced as Haruno Shiobana (汐華 初流乃). He speaks of his intention to join the powerful gang Passione and his dream of becoming a "Gang-Star".

Giorno is a natural-born Stand User wielding the life-giving Gold Experience in battle.


Giorno is a teenage boy of average height and slim yet muscular build, far smaller in stature than previous JoJos. He has golden hair of moderate length tied back in a short, braided tail, with three distinctive oversized curls arranged in a row over his forehead. His hair was originally black and unkempt but transformed upon awakening his Stand.[3] His eyes, especially present in earlier depictions, sharpen at the ends similar to those of his father's.

Giorno wears a two-piece suit with a checkered coat tail and several ornate features, including wing-shaped emblems on the collars and a heart-shaped opening in the chest area. The most distinctive features on his suit are the three ladybug emblems located on either side of his chest and directly below his zipper, matching the appearance of his Stand. Later on, his shoes also have the same ladybug emblem on them. The color scheme for his suit often changes in different depictions, but the most common colors are blue outlined with gold, and pink outlined with green.


This is resolve! It is to carve out your destined path through the darkened wastes!

—Giorno, encouraged by Mista's determination

SPOILER WARNING: Part 5 Spoiler details may follow.

Giorno's childhood was filled with unhappiness and loneliness due to bullies and the abuse by his stepfather. During his early childhood, he was initially cold and uncaring towards anyone and believed himself to be scum just for the way people treated him. Those that knew him easily thought he'd grow up to become a twisted individual. This changed when he befriended an injured gangster he saved. As the man protected Giorno from those that did him wrong in return for his aid, he learned that he could trust people. Since then, he has become a more confident and solicitous person.[4]

Giorno resolve

Cutting off his arm to get rid of Notorious B.I.G

A defining characteristic of Giorno, and shared among his peers through him, is his resolve (覚悟 kakugo); something that can be described as his ability to make important decisions without hesitation and seeing them through to the very end, even in the face of pain, sorrow, and tragedy. Throughout Part 5, Giorno's resolve is such that in the heat of battle, he is frequently willing to allow himself to be injured if it leads to an advantageous situation. An ambitious individual, he readily takes any occasion to achieve his final goal of becoming a "Gang-Star". Upon beginning to cooperate with Passione gangster Bruno Bucciarati, Giorno wastes no time in infiltrating the gang and steadily works his way up the ranks. His assassination of Polpo was partially a way to get a promotion for Bucciarati. Later, Giorno also tried to personally approach the Boss of Passione, and planned to plant a tracking device on him.[5]



Gold Experience Anime

Giorno's Gold Experience

Gold Experience is one of the most versatile Stands in the series. It has the ability to create and manipulate life, which Giorno most often uses to produce plants and small animals. Both can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from disguise to tracking origins. As a short-ranged Power-type, it is also capable of unleashing a rapid flurry of punches, which Giorno uses almost exclusively with lethal intent.

Gold Experience Requiem is obtained after Giorno pierces Gold Experience with the Stand-creating Arrow. Gold Experience boasts incredible physical power and retains its ability to give life, with a considerable boost. Additionally, it gained the ability to prevent his opponents from "reaching the truth.” Whoever is killed by Requiem will also "never arrive at the truth behind their death" forcing them into a death loop for all eternity. Its ability transcends most Stand abilities, due to it being a Requiem Stand.


Early Life

GW ep2 baby gio

Haruno as a neglected and abused toddler

Haruno Shiobana was the son of DIO (fathered using Jonathan Joestar's body). His first years were marked by his mother's neglect, as she left home often due to his existence threatening her party life, forcing Haruno to be left alone at night to fear the dark, too scared to even cry. When he turned four, his mother married an Italian man and they moved to Italy, resulting in Haruno changing his name to "Giorno Giovanna". His new stepfather, however, would often beat him for always trying to read others when his mother was not around, even though it was that same physical abuse that brought about Giorno's habit. That, coupled with the fact that Giorno easily became the target of bullies, gave him very low self-esteem, to the point of believing himself to be scum and setting him on the path to becoming twisted and immoral.[6]

However, one day as Giorno was walking home, he came upon a man covered in blood lying in a patch of tall grass. After discovering the injured man, other men approached Giorno, asking him if he knew where the man had gone. Giorno lied to the men, feeling that the injured man was the same as him, and subconsciously activated his Stand's ability to mask the man's presence by causing the grass to grow taller and bloom flora. Around two months later, the man showed himself to Giorno again and told him that he would never forget what had been done for him. Things soon turned brighter for Giorno: his father stopped beating him and he became popular among kids his own age. It turned out that the man was a gangster who quietly watched over Giorno from the shadows. To Giorno, this was the first time someone else had treated him like a human being and showed him respect. The trust that Giorno should have learned from his father was instead taught to him by others, and ever since then something that can be described as a "cool breeze" blew inside his heart, marking his change from a cold and antisocial individual to a charming and righteous one. He subsequently forges a dream to make the corrupt Italian mafia like the man who had helped him, and strives to become a "Gang-Star".[6]

Joining Passione


Giorno's Joestar Birthmark

On March 29, 2001, Giorno is 15 years old and operates as a petty thief at the Naples airport. Koichi Hirose meets Giorno showing off his famous trick in which he stuffs his entire ear into his ear canal. Giorno offers Koichi a ride in an illegal taxi, but in fact, steals his luggage and drives away. Koichi uses Echoes' 3 Freeze to increase the weight of the tires. Giorno gives Koichi a sly smile and runs away, after using his Stand's power to turn Koichi's luggage into a frog.

Giorno then has an encounter with Leaky-eye Luca, who demands protection money from him. Giorno claims to not have any, but Luca, who is unconvinced, takes Giorno's wallet and reveals a picture of DIO. Luca becomes increasingly violent while Giorno insists that he has no money. Suddenly the frog mutated from Koichi's luggage returns and begins climbing up Giorno's pants. Upon seeing the frog, Luca orders him to kill it, but Giorno refuses, claiming it to not have anything to do with their situation. The refusal enrages Luca, who attempts to smash both the frog and Giorno with his shovel against Giorno's suggestions, but the side effects of his Stand ability manifest and cause the attack to rebound and send him into a coma from severe head trauma.[7]

Giorno then spends the money stolen from Koichi, but the two meet again. Koichi makes the first move and uses 3 Freeze on Giorno's hand, forcing him to finally reveal his Stand, Gold Experience, and escape a second time. While Koichi is injured in the process, Giorno tells him that he's a good person before running off once more.[8]

Bruno Bucciarati licking Giorno's sweat to prove that he was lying

Soon, problems arise for Giorno as news of Luca's death spreads, and Bruno Bucciarati visits him on the funicular to interrogate him. Bucciarati reveals that Luca was part of a gang, and his interrogation eventually turns violent, with Bucciarati openly hitting Giorno and causing zippers to appear on his body. This forces Giorno to fight against him. Giorno, reluctant about having Gold Experience fight against another human directly, uses its live-giving power offensively for the first time, resulting in him discovering its ability to stun opponents and make their senses go out of control. The Stand sends Bucciarati flying across the funicular and leaves him with extremely slow movements. With Giorno's opponent temporarily defenseless, Gold Experience uses the opportunity to land a solid punch to Bucciarati's face, applying enough strength to break a tooth. This forces Bucciarati to reveal his own Stand, Sticky Fingers. After learning of his Stand's superior strength, Bucciarati attempts to flee in order to recuperate, making Giorno give chase as the gangster's escape would mark Giorno as an assassination target and therefore always threatened with death at any time. Catching up to Bucciarati, the gangster attempts to hide himself in a teenager among a crowd to escape into the city undetected, but Giorno transforms Bucciarati's tooth into a fly, allowing him to track down his target and force him out into the open. The two, knowing that the victor is decided by who makes the first move, meet fists once more in a final clash. Unfortunately, Bucciarati baits Giorno into punching only his arm, which he switched out with the arm of the teenager he was hiding in, preventing Gold Experience's life energy from traveling past said arm.

Giorno injures himself to defeat Bucciarati

Giorno is then attacked by Sticky Fingers and has various body parts unzipped, leaving him disabled and near-defenseless. As Bucciarati moves in to finish his off, Giorno rips his own arm at the zipper in order to get a decisive punch in first, leaving Bucciarati unable to act yet again. However, instead of killing him, Giorno walks past him and tends to the unconscious teenager. When Bucciarati questions him why, Giorno explains that he had noticed Bucciarati briefly glancing with shame at the drug-injected arm of the teenager during the fight. Giorno correctly deduced that, like Koichi, Bucciarati is a good person, and acknowledges that the gangster won't attack him anymore, something Bucciarati indeed follows through with. The two develop a mutual respect, and Giorno boldly reveals his dream to become a "Gang-Star" who will take over the Neapolitan mafia in order to defend the innocent. Bucciarati, swayed by Giorno's actions and words, agrees to help him infiltrate his organization: the most powerful gang in Naples, Passione.[9]

Giorno is directed to a prison, where he meets a lieutenant, or "capo", of Passione known as Polpo. Polpo, despite being in prison, appears satisfied and safe inside his cell, where he has somehow obtained a number of possessions that keep him busy. When questioned about what the most important quality in a person is, Giorno initially tells him that it might be talent. However, Polpo claims that it is actually trust that is most important. Polpo, snacking on wine and crackers, appears to actually bite off and eat his own fingers, something that confuses Giorno before his fingers mysteriously reappear. Polpo gives Giorno a lit lighter and tells him to keep the flame from going out for 24 hours in order to join the gang. Giorno encounters his first obstacle when trying to leave the prison, as the guards order him to partake in another body check even though he was not allowed to accept anything from the prisoner. Initially burning his hand to hide the lighter while being patted down, he uses Gold Experience's ability to transform the lighter into a flower, the flame hidden in the petal bud, when the prison guard makes him open his hands. The guard ultimately allows Giorno to leave with the unassuming flower. Returning to his middle school and ignoring other students as well as the janitor, Giorno successfully reaches his student dorm. At first, he attempts to keep the lighter in a loaf of bread and surrounds it with books and such, in order to keep it stable and the flame safe from moving air. However, Koichi manages to find Giorno's dorm and attempts to break in in order to get his passport back, forcing Giorno to hide outside the window. In an effort to keep Koichi from discovering and putting out the lighter, he transforms his ceiling light into a snake, which burns itself trying to grab the lighter. Luckily enough, Koichi actually finds his passport, allowing Giorno to swiftly steal the lighter and escape while he was distracted. Walking down a flight of stairs, the janitor from before accidentally splashes the lighter and extinguishes the flame while cleaning the stairs. As Giorno tries to figure out what to do, the janitor relights the lighter for him, causing him to notice the oddity of the test: What is the point of the test if the person being tested could freely extinguish and re-light the lighter without Polpo knowing?


Giorno's test: a life-or-death battle against Black Sabbath

However, once the lighter is re-lit, Polpo's Stand Black Sabbath appears. It attacks the janitor for having re-lit the lighter, testing him by stabbing his soul with the Arrow. As the janitor was unworthy of possessing a Stand, he perishes without injury. The Stand then turns its attention to Giorno who saw the lighter being re-lit, and he attempts to dodge its grasp. Black Sabbath, grabbing Giorno's shadow, forcibly pulls out Gold Experience and tries to stab it with the Arrow. Gold Experience deeply injures its hand simply grabbing the Arrow, allowing Giorno to conclude that a direct stab is guaranteed to be fatal. Giorno, realizing that Polpo is a person that would kill innocent bystanders, resolves to defeat Black Sabbath. Breaking free of the enemy Stand's grasp by performing a reversal and punching it, Giorno figures out it can travel quickly within shadows. Koichi enters the scene, claiming that he saw the lighter being re-lit as well. This causes Black Sabbath to target him instead. To save Koichi, Giorno turns the railing into morning glories that hang, eliminating the shade and forcing Black Sabbath to retreat. The two settle their differences and decide to work together to beat the enemy Stand. Giorno tries to move to an area with more sunlight, but Black Sabbath uses the shadows or birds to move to the shadow of a tree and proceeds to get a vice-grip on Giorno's ankles. When Koichi tries to use 3 Freeze on Black Sabbath, it only results in Giorno's ankles nearly breaking. Before he could have Echoes cancel the effect, Giorno tells Koichi that his ability is actually just what he needed; with Black Sabbath trapped, Gold Experience proceeds to accelerate the life of the tree whose shadow was housing the Stand, causing it to wither and crumble. With no shadow to keep it safe from sunlight, Black Sabbath is eliminated. The next day, Giorno meets Polpo again, who accepts him within Passione, hoping to use Giorno as another tool. However, in retaliation for Polpo killing the janitor and "insulting his life", Giorno transforms a gun into a banana, leading to Polpo shooting himself when he tries to eat it.[10]


Giorno introduces himself to the rest of the gang

Giorno then becomes the newest member of Team Bucciarati, composed of five members including Bucciarati himself. When brought to meet the rest of the members in a restaurant, Giorno introduces himself but is coldly ignored by the others. He is then pressured into drinking a cup of "tea" which is actually the urine of one of the members, Leone Abbacchio. He earns the group's proper attention and awe by doing so without hesitation, having discreetly turned one of his teeth into jellyfish made of 98% water to absorb all of the liquid.[11]

Polpo's Treasure

After Polpo's death, the seat of Passione lieutenant becomes available. Bucciarati takes the group on a boat to Capri IslandW to retrieve Polpo's hidden fortune of 6 billion yen in order to court the Passione higher-ups and get Polpo's position. During the trip, the group faces Mario Zucchero, another Passione member looking for the treasure, and his mysterious Stand. Although Giorno's teammates are going missing one by one, Giorno manages to deduce that everyone is alive.

Giorno lets himself get stabbed by Soft Machine to help his allies figure out its ability

Before the distrustful Abbacchio, Giorno allows himself to be attacked and captured by the enemy Stand in order to both help him reveal its ability and convince him to reveal his own Stand, Moody Blues.[12] A fly transformed from Narancia Ghirga's shoe by Gold Experience enables Abbacchio and Bucciarati to track the captured members and figure out the secret behind the enemy Stand and defeat it and its user.[13]

Upon discovering that their rival gangster has a partner who ran ahead to Capri Island, Giorno and another member of the gang, Guido Mista, go ahead of the rest on an inner-tube-turned-fish to clear the way, in which Giorno keeps track of Mista's movements and Mista encounters Sale.[14] After Sale's defeat by Mista, the group encounters another capo named Pericolo, who has come at Bucciarati's request to take the money and subsequently raise Bucciarati to lieutenant rank. They then receive their first mission: to protect Trish Una, the daughter of Passione's boss, from the traitors seeking to capture her in hopes of getting information on the Boss and using her as leverage against him.[15]

Protecting Trish

Hiding in the countryside

Giorno's group must now bodyguard Trish Una until the traitors are killed. However, not one day after, Narancia is attacked by Formaggio, a member of the traitorous assassination squad Squadra Esecuzioni that seeks Trish's capture. While Narancia manages to kill Formaggio, the group's hideout is practically discovered. Giorno correctly predicts that the Boss would issue new orders immediately.

Ride to Florence


Giorno infects himself with Purple Haze's virus to beat Illuso

Team Bucciarati is told via computer that they have to retrieve a key in Pompeii in order to secure an unknown mode of transportation that is supposed to be safe. In Pompeii, Giorno, Abbacchio, and Pannacotta Fugo fight Illuso, also an assassin. Abbacchio and Fugo are subsequently imprisoned in the mirror world created by Illuso's Man in the Mirror. Giorno retrieves the key with Abbacchio's help, though instead of abandoning his comrades and escaping for the sake of the mission, he infects himself with the killer virus of Fugo's Stand Purple Haze, and leaves himself open to Illuso in order to spread it to him. Giorno creates a snake that tracks Illuso's movements and location, allowing Fugo to properly corner the enemy with Purple Haze and kill him without needing to see him. Despite Fugo's insistence that Purple Haze's virus will inevitably kill him, Giorno saves himself by creating antibodies with Gold Experience's power. Fugo is left astonished by how Giorno's actions always lead to success, and openly salutes him.[16]

Engraved on the key are the Boss' next orders: Bucciarati must now go to the Naples train station and then hitch a train ride to Venice. While the gang finds the turtle Coco Jumbo which can act as a shelter and hiding spot for everyone due to its Stand Mr.President, they are pursued by an assassin duo.[17]

Inside the train, Team Bucciarati is attacked by the team Pesci and Prosciutto, and suddenly everyone grows old. Before succumbing to the forced aging, Giorno still manages to work out how Prosciutto's The Grateful Dead functions and its weaknesses, and relays it to the rest of his team. Mista and Bucciarati would then use that knowledge to defeat both Prosciutto and Pesci. However, during the battle, Pesci stops the train after killing the drivers, and the gang is now immobilized.

On the roads

Still having to go to Venice, Team Bucciarati first tries to hitch a ride, but the misbehavior of Mista's Stand Sex Pistols leads him to knock out the driver, leaving the gang to have to change their plan again.

In a parking lot, Giorno impresses everyone a second time by using his power to change a large number of cars into masses of frogs and give the illusion that many cars were stolen so the car that the gang actually takes will be harder to track.

Meanwhile, another assassin, Melone, used his Stand Baby Face to track Bucciarati and neutralize both him and Trish inside the turtle. The autonomous Stand, blocked by Giorno, is ordered to kill him.
Babyface cutting giornos arm

Giorno vs Melone's Baby Face

At first, Baby Face seemingly kills Giorno by stealing a piece of his eye and throat and leaving him to die. However, it is then that Giorno, seconds away from death, is finally able to learn of Gold Experience's capacity to mend injuries by converting objects into the needed flesh and bones, using it to save himself. This newfound ability gives him the upper hand against Baby Face, and he assaults the Stand before it can escape with the turtle. Baby Face disguises itself as Giorno's shadow and ambushes him, but Giorno turns a hand of his that was previously cut off by the enemy's ability into a piranha, which eats its way through Baby Face. Baby Face retaliates by attacking Giorno's reattached hand once more. However, the hand was never meant to stay attached, as Giorno created it out of the entirety of Melone's motorcycle for the sole purpose of letting Baby Face attack it, creating a successful trap. Giorno is able to win against it without the help of the others by trapping the Stand inside of the motorcycle and blowing it up. Afterward, Giorno sends a lethally venomous snake made out of Baby Face's corpse back to Melone, who is bitten.[18]



Giorno & Mista vs Ghiaccio

Bucciarati receives new orders from the Boss, telling him to retrieve an unknown item in Venice. Giorno and Mista are assigned to get it by car while the rest of the group will enter Venice by boat. However, the assassin Ghiaccio attacks both of them and a race toward the item begins. Unfortunately, Ghiaccio's ice Stand White Album is practically immune to Gold Experience and Sex Pistols, preventing the creation of life with its cold and using ice armor to stop bullets, respectively. Making the mistake of underestimating Ghiaccio, Giorno is imprisoned by ice while their car swerves off the road and into the sea, fearing that they may not survive the encounter. Yet, Giorno creates grass out of various car parts to allow Mista to escape, as the latter claims to have discovered a weak point in Ghiaccio's armor.

In the ensuing shootout, Mista is still overpowered by Ghiaccio's new ability Gently Weeps, and Giorno notices that Mista has resolved to give his own life for the sake of the mission; a "will of self-sacrifice" that goes against Giorno's idea of what "resolve" is. He calls out to him, telling him that resolve is to "carve out one's destined path through the darkness", before grievously damaging his own arm and flinging the blood at Ghiaccio, creating floating crystals that allow Mista to see his target clearly.

Giorno arrives in time to save Mista as dawn breaks

Mista thanks Giorno for his ever-present guidance before having one last bout with Ghiaccio and sending his neck onto a splintered lamppost. Although Ghiaccio continues to live, undoing his ability unintentionally sets Giorno free. Giorno saves Mista when he is shot in the head and heals him, praising his resolve. He then finishes Ghiaccio off by having Gold Experience rapidly kick him until his neck is completely impaled. In the aftermath, Mista admits how grateful he is to Giorno and his actions, though Giorno merely points out how painful his Stand's healing process will be.[19]

The two retrieve a disk that contains the Boss's last orders and are ordered to bring Trish to the San Giorgio Maggiore basilisk. Giorno, opportunistic to learn more about the Boss' identity, gives Bucciarati a living brooch in order to track the Boss. Unexpectedly, the Boss actually wanted to kill Trish, and Bucciarati openly revolts and fights the Boss. Alas, Bucciarati is no match for the Boss' Stand King Crimson. Giorno notices that something is wrong when time appears to skip forward and rapidly intervenes the moment Bucciarati's phone is destroyed, using Gold Experience's ability to stall the Boss long enough to save Trish and allow Bucciarati the chance to escape. Bucciarati apparently succumbs to his injuries when Giorno reaches him, resulting in him trying to shake Bucciarati awake after mending his injuries. Shortly after, Giorno hears Bucciarati's voice call out to him from behind before Bucciarati wakes up. Back at the boat, the two officially announce to the rest of the group that they rebelled against the Boss, seeking to overthrow him. Although most are scared of this new development, everyone but Fugo follows Bucciarati for their own reasons. Giorno notices that Bucciarati does not react to pain, does not bleed, and that he is abnormally cold to the touch.[20]

The Battle Against the Boss

Clash and Talking Head


Giorno lets himself be shot so Narancia can track him

Still in Venice, Team Bucciarati debate what to do. Trish eventually informs them that the Boss met her mother on the island of Sardegna, giving the group a solid lead. At the same time, Passione operatives Tiziano and Squalo stealthily attack the group. Narancia is forced to constantly lie because of Tiziano's Talking Head, but Giorno soon becomes the first and only one to suspect that they are under attack. While the shark-like Clash nearly kills him, Giorno manages to counsel Narancia to go after the Stand users, taking bullets from his Aerosmith in order to help Narancia keep track of his location and giving him a spare tongue to counter the effects of Talking Head. Narancia manages to kill both by tricking them with the spare tongue into believing that he was lying about finding them. Narancia internally praises Giorno and believes him to be the reason why the gang might win against the Boss.[21]

Flight to Sardegna

With the defeat of Squalo and Tiziano, the group decides to use the chance they have and leave Venice by plane. However, while attempting to steal a jet from a nearby army airport, they are confronted by a mysterious man, Carne. Mista ends up killing Carne with ease after several warnings to back away, but Giorno is left somewhat suspicious.


Giorno severs both his arms to get rid of Notorious B.I.G

In the plane, Giorno's suspicions are confirmed when the Stand Notorious B.I.G attacks the group. Having no host and therefore unable to be killed, the Stand proves invulnerable, severely wounding both Narancia and Mista by consuming much of their Stands. Ultimately, Notorious B.I.G forces Giorno to sacrifice both of his hands trying to remove it from the plane. The gang retreats to safety in the pilot's cabin, but without his hands, Giorno can no longer heal anyone, including himself. Trish discovers one of his outfit's brooches slowly turning into a hand; an action done by Giorno as a precaution for the loss of both his hands. Unfortunately, Notorious B.I.G manages to catch up to the plane, but Trish awakens her Stand Spice Girl when she becomes determined to make sure that the replacement hand stays safe. Ultimately Trish manages to bring Giorno his hand and destroys the plane, plunging Notorious B.I.G into the sea.[22]

In Sardegna, Team Bucciarati investigates the Boss' past. Abbacchio uses his Moody Blues to rewind events to when the Boss took a photo of Trish's mother, while the rest of the group are attracted by strange happenings occurring some distance away (the Boss' subordinate Vinegar Doppio in a battle with the very leader of la Squadra, Risotto Nero). They find an injured boy with his mouth stitched shut and clothes stolen, and Bucciarati realizes too late that they made the terrible mistake of leaving Abbacchio vulnerable, where he is killed by the Boss. Narancia desperately begs Giorno to heal him, though Giorno grievously remarks that Abbacchio's death was too sudden for him to be saved. Despite Bucciarati ordering the group away from the body, Giorno discovers that Abbacchio rewinded far enough in time to successfully expose a negative of the Boss's face and fingerprints. While their attempts to investigate the police databases with the mold are fruitless, Team Bucciarati is noticed by a third party who reveals the Boss' name, Diavolo and his Stand, King Crimson's ability to erase time. Showing them the Arrow to gain their trust, the unknown individual promises them a power able to defeat King Crimson when they meet in Rome. While they depart, the Boss sees their determination and suspects that he hasn't won yet, then pursues them to Rome.[23]


Upon arriving at the coasts of Italy, the group is attacked by a Stand which causes explosive flesh-eating mold growth. Moreover, another Stand user is able to swim through solid concrete and attacks them as well. The duo Cioccolata and Secco try to kill Team Bucciarati on the coast but Giorno, managing to deduce how Cioccolata's power functions, enables the whole group to escape their attack long enough to steal a car and drive away. On the way to Rome, Bucciarati reveals that he's been dead since the first encounter with Diavolo, that he was only able to continue when Gold Experience gave his body life, and that his time was running out as his senses began to dull and his body deteriorate.

Cioccolata and Secco follow them to Rome where Cioccolata's Green Day causes chaos as he flies around in a helicopter. Mista is initially unable to hit the helicopter, but Giorno assists him and makes the next round of bullets turn into branching vines that ensnare the helicopter. Giorno and Mista split from Bucciarati to fight Cioccolata, getting to the roof of the building the heli was caught. Sex Pistols, and by extension Mista himself, are mysteriously incapacitated with the exception of No.5 when fired into the helicopter, and Giorno decides to approach Cioccolata alone, seeing the widespread death and chaos caused by the mad doctor.

Giorno' seven muda

Giorno about to kill Cioccolata.

After a scuffle with Cioccolata's dismembered body, Giorno is sent falling off the building, only to use the bullet brought by No.5 to catch himself by creating a branch to hang onto. Cioccolata tries to make Giorno fall once more by tilting the helicopter but inadvertently causes the branch to revert into a bullet, which comes in contact with the rotating propellers and repelled into his head, seemingly killing him. Giorno begins speaking to his body that he will spare him if he does not move when he approaches him, and the doctor reveals himself alive and attempts to kill Mista. A beetle begins eating away at the doctor's brain as Giorno reveals that he was only talking to buy time for the bullet to transform, and that he actually lied to Cioccolata about sparing him so that he would let his guard down. Gold Experience finishes Cioccolata off with a lengthy barrage of punches, sending the various body parts into a trash compactor as Giorno attends to Mista.[24]

Final Battle

Bucciarati also manages to kill Secco, but as the group was split, Vinegar Doppio is able to approach their contact first. Jean Pierre Polnareff, who had been working against Diavolo for many years, confronts the Boss. Giorno realizes that time is being erased and warns Mista and Trish. Polnareff is quickly overpowered by Diavolo and fatally injured, left with no choice but to use the Arrow on his Silver Chariot. Chariot Requiem awakens out of Polnareff's Stand and makes everyone in Rome fall asleep, then switches their souls. Great confusion arises as Giorno finds himself in Narancia's body, and Diavolo's is now inhabited by Bucciarati's soul. Bucciarati orders Mista to disable whoever's in his unconscious body, which he follows through with, unwittingly killing Doppio as a result.

Narancia rest

Giorno sets Narancia to rest.

However, Narancia is brutally impaled on broken iron bars momentarily afterward, and everyone notices that time has been erased once again. Giorno is the first to realize that Diavolo and King Crimson were not the ones in Bucciarati's body. Pushing everyone out of the way to get to Narancia, Giorno realizes that like Abbacchio, he died instantly and that all he can do is return to his own body. Before returning to the problem of Chariot Requiem, Giorno mourns Narancia's death and covers his body with flora. Promising Narancia that he won't let anybody hurt him anymore, and to take him home, Giorno becomes more determined than ever to seize the Arrow and bring the boss of Passione down.[25]

The group moves towards Requiem and finds out that it is oblivious to those that do not attempt to take the Arrow from it. Bucciarati trips it, causing it to drop the Arrow. Giorno reaches for it, only for Gold Experience's hand to press against his as it peers out of a crack in the ground. He then tosses a rock at the Arrow and is nearly hit by the same rock in the back of his head. It is then Giorno is convinced that Requiem will not allow anything to come in contact with the Arrow, using the very Stands of its offenders to guard it. However, this does not prove true for Polnareff, who no longer has control of his own Stand. Upon taking the Arrow in his mouth, Requiem gets up and attacks him, even after he drops it. When Mista attempts to shoot Requiem and slow it down, his revolver breaks, seemingly from metal fatigue, and he switches it out with a pistol from a nearby police officer. This catches Giorno's eye as he begins to sense something else at work. Requiem, just as quickly as it began to attack Polnareff, ceases, takes the Arrow, and begins walking away once more. This leaves the group in confusion, but Polnareff tells everyone that they are slowly turning into something unknown; Requiem's true ability has just begun.

Before the group continues after Chariot Requiem, Giorno orders everyone to stop. Pulling out Mista's broken revolver, he analyzes it and sees that it was not metal fatigue that caused it to break: it was actively broken by something strong enough to bend and twist metal. He figures out that Diavolo is not only close by, but he is also possessing one of them and hiding within their bodies in order to sabotage them. Giorno reminds everyone of his ability to sense the amount of life energy in something, claiming it would be able to tell if there is an extra soul in one of their bodies, but King Crimson's notoriously lethal strength would risk someone getting killed in an instant if Giorno entered its range of five meters. Nonetheless, Giorno accepts the risk and proceeds to approach his teammates. He tries to start with Mista in Trish's body, but Mista is too paranoid to let Giorno, who could be possessed himself, get near him, threatening to shoot. Deciding that it would waste time trying to convince Mista otherwise, Giorno moves onto Bucciarati in Diavolo's body. Before moving, Giorno bites his own index finger and holds it over his hand to let the blood drip; an ability he learned from Polnareff to check to see when time has been erased. When he approaches, he and Bucciarati instantly figure out the time has been erased when the amount of blood drops suddenly increases. King Crimson lashes out at Giorno from behind, severing his arm and punching him in the head. Diavolo takes complete possession of Trish in Mista's body, and sprints for Requiem, dodging all of Mista's attacks with his time erasure. He figures out Requiem's weakness and nearly destroys it, taking the Arrow for himself. However, Giorno made sure to splatter his blood on King Crimson when his arm was severed and transforms the drops into a swarm of ants that chew at and break off the Arrow's head to take to their creator.

This forces a scuffle between Diavolo versus Mista and a weakened Trish, using their Stands to try to take the Arrow. Furious at her very existence, Diavolo kills his hostage Trish in the heat of the moment and makes a desperate leap towards the Arrow by flinging Mista's body at it using the force of the punch. In a last-ditch effort, Bucciarati destroys the remains of Chariot Requiem to return everyone to their bodies, both saving Trish and ripping Diavolo's soul and King Crimson away from the Arrow, at the cost of his own life. Bucciarati thanks Giorno for "bringing him back to life", not just literally, but by restoring the dying faith in his heart during their first meeting, and ascends to Heaven guided by angels. When the dust settles, the Arrow has landed in Giorno's hands. Taking it for himself with newfound resolve, he pierces Gold Experience with it. Diavolo, freshly returned to his own body, realizes what is happening and does not waste any time moving in to kill Giorno, punching Gold Experience with enough strength to shatter its head. However, a new Stand peers from underneath, and a second attack by King Crimson frees it.

Giorno and GER

Giorno awakening Gold Experience Requiem.

Giorno stands boldly with his very own Requiem Stand: Gold Experience Requiem.[26] Diavolo confidently erases time and moves in to finish Giorno off after a brief demonstration of Gold Experience Requiem's stronger life-giving ability, simply believing that the Stand had been given a mere enhancement. However, Requiem reveals its true ability to return anything to zero, effectively nullifying any action or process it desires and preventing them from being realized, including King Crimson's time erasure.


Giorno as the Boss of Passione.

After Gold Experience Requiem finally destroys King Crimson and pummels Diavolo into the nearby waters, Mista and Trish express an urgent need to find Diavolo. Giorno, however, remains confident that Diavolo is finished, having felt the reassurance of Requiem's power without fully understanding it. Swearing to protect the Arrow that his friends gave their lives for, Giorno eventually takes the lead of Passione as a group of dignified men stands before him.[27]

Purple Haze Feedback

The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canonW.

After defeating Diavolo, Giorno reveals himself as the Boss, claiming that he doesn't want traitors to endanger the Boss' daughter in an attempt to find his identity. Attracting the attention of the Speedwagon Foundation, Giorno accepts to cooperate with them and, as a gesture of goodwill, agrees to destroy a Stone Mask. At the same time, Giorno enlists the returning Fugo to help kill Passione's narcotics team alongside operatives Sheila E and Cannolo Murolo. The three manage to fulfill all their objectives.

Giorno meets with Fugo shortly after the latter's defeat of Massimo Volpe, healing his injuries with Gold Experience. Giorno talks to Fugo about the personal progress which he had made and his reasons for sending Fugo off to stop the narcotics team. Fugo deems himself unworthy of Giorno's respect, believing that Bucciarati should be in his place. However, Giorno comforts his crying friend, telling him that he will take on his sorrow. This action leads to Fugo finally accepting Giorno's honor, referring to him as "GioGio".

Stone Ocean (2012)

While Enrico Pucci's actions attracted three young men who were all DIO's sons to Florida, Giorno was nowhere to be seen despite having DIO's blood in him. On the page containing Rikiel's privilege card, it hints that Giorno may be in Florida after all, though the reason he wasn't drawn to the priest is unknown (were he to have made an appearance, he would have been ~26 years old).[28]
Giorno JORGE

Giorno depicted in the novel


Main article: Giorno Giovanna (37th Universe)
The information below derives from a source not written by Araki. As such, it may or may not be considered canonW.

After the universe was reset thirty-six times from the effects of Made In Heaven, Giorno is introduced as a character from the 37th universe which also takes place in 2012 in the small town of Morioh. He meets George Joestar II after he had been teleported to the 37th universe because of his deceased friend, Tsukumojuku Kato. He has George cooperate in solving the murder of their Boss, Diavolo, along with another man who had been murdered in the same place who is revealed to be a man named Yoshikage Kira. [29]

Major Battles



Giorno's DIO Photo

DIO's picture in Giorno's wallet

  • Dio Brando/DIO: While Giorno has never been shown interacting with his birth father, he has been shown to value his birth father to some degree as his wallet was revealed to contain a photograph of DIO. Giorno does inherit some of DIO's ruthless and brutal nature, as well as his ambition and charisma. However, he does not use it for evil ends. Giorno even uses the "WRYYY!" scream at one point.
  • Jonathan Joestar: Unknown to even Giorno, his biological ancestry comes from Jonathan's DNA. As DIO conceived him using Jonathan's body, this allows Giorno to gain the Joestar Birthmark. From Jonathan, Giorno appears to have inherited his noble, polite, and overall kind nature toward good people, observed by Koichi to a degree. Even though DIO is the one who conceived Giorno, Koichi noted that the Joestar bloodline's influence is visible.
  • Mother (surname Shiobana): Giorno's mother had rarely cared for him when he was a child, viewing him as a hindrance to her party life and often left him in the dark whenever she went out, where he was too scared to even cry.
  • Stepfather (surname Giovanna): Initially, Giorno's stepfather would often beat Giorno when his mother was away, angered at his habit of always trying to read people (although it was his abuse that inspired this behavior). This changes after Giorno meets the gangster, after which the stepfather was likely intimidated out of trying to beat Giorno again.
  • Donatello, Rikiel, and Ungalo: The three are Giorno's half-brothers. It is unknown if he was aware of their existence.
  • Jotaro Kujo: While they have never formally met Jotaro investigated Giorno due to his connections to both DIO and the Joestar family. Having found out about Giorno's relation with DIO, Jotaro avoided meeting him in person and trusted Koichi to judge him in his stead. It is assumed Jotaro has no ill will toward him following Koichi's report of him being a reasonable and Joestar-like person.

Friends and Allies

This Giorno Giovanna... it looks like he has a talent for getting people to accept him.

—Bucciarati, Chapter 456

  • Giorno's Hero: When he was little, Giorno saved a wounded gangster by lying to his pursuers about where he was. Incidentally, Gold Experience subconsciously intervened by making the grass and other flora around the gangster grow. The man was grateful and ensured that Giorno would never suffer in his life, making Giorno's stepfather stop beating him, and stopping anyone from bullying him. He taught Giorno that there was good in humanity, and although he objected to Giorno joining a gang, Giorno dreamed of becoming a "gang-star".
  • Bruno Bucciarati: Giorno and Bucciarati met as enemies, but Giorno was able to deduce from the flaws in Bucciarati's tactics against him that Bucciarati was a good person, and decided to work with him in the conclusion of their fight. From that point on, the two have formed a relationship of mutual trust, even with Giorno unconditionally accepting that Bucciarati will not help him if he is found out as an enemy of Passione, while Bucciarati assists him in rising in the ranks. Giorno is able to save Bucciarati from complete and utter defeat at the hands of the Boss using one of his ladybug brooches, causing him to mentally note how Giorno always fills him with courage. After Bucciarati's soul is finally put to rest, Giorno immediately fights Diavolo, revealing his emotions toward his friend's death.
  • Guido Mista: Mista is one of the initially nicer people to Giorno in the gang when he first joins and is quick to grow to him after seeing him in action. Mista is the second to realize Giorno's ability to guide others without their knowledge, viewing him as a source of hope. The two frequently team up together and have a lot of faith in each other's abilities, at one point combining their Stand powers in a moment of doubt to capture a helicopter. By the end of the story, Mista and Giorno are the surviving members of the original six-member team, and perhaps closer friends than the rest, continuing to work together in the gang when Giorno takes over as boss with Mista as his subordinate.
  • Narancia Ghirga: Initially, Narancia only interacts with Giorno by jokingly reminding him that he is his superior due to age. However, Narancia later begins to trust Giorno who repeatedly impresses him with his supportive attitude and quick thinking. Against Squalo and Tiziano, Narancia is happy to have Giorno assist him and even believes that the gang stands a chance against the Boss if they have him. Giorno, after Narancia's sudden death, places a grave for him and mourns, promising to take his body back home. 
  • Pannacotta Fugo: Fugo initially doesn't have time to think much of Giorno. During the struggle with Squadra Esecuzioni member Illuso, he sees Giorno temporarily sacrifices his hand to trick Illuso into being killed by Purple Haze, earning Fugo's respect, making him the first next to Bucciarati to see Giorno's valor and wits.
  • Leone Abbacchio: Abbacchio is highly suspicious of Giorno's presence in the gang and constantly belittles him, notably refusing to reveal his Moody Blues to him even if the group is in danger; nonetheless, Giorno's actions still impress him. For his part, Giorno passively takes the abuse and tries to act in cooperation. During the battle with Illuso however, Abbacchio tries to sacrifice himself to allow Giorno to retrieve Mr.President's Key and get it to the rest, and later shows a begrudging respect for him when he defies this and stays to save the lives of all the members involved in the battle. Never shown warming up to Giorno completely as the rest of the team has, Abbacchio nonetheless loses all suspicion toward him at the time of his death.
  • Koichi Hirose: Koichi was sent by Jotaro to investigate Giorno. Despite the fact Giorno cunningly stole his luggage, Koichi becomes an ally to Giorno after he sees his inner virtue, comparing it to that of the Joestar bloodline. He ends up trusting Koichi enough to tell him and only him about everything. They go their separate ways on good terms.
  • Trish Una: When Giorno is first introduced to Trish, he saw her escort mission as a prime opportunity to get closer to Passione's Boss than he had originally imagined. The two don't interact as much, but Trish is seen to believe in Giorno. As Vento Aureo progresses, Giorno demonstrates a degree of care for Trish, willing to sacrifice his chance to confront the Boss in order to tend to her and ensure her well-being. During the battle with Notorious B.I.G., Spice Girl openly admits that Giorno's actions have allowed her spirit to mature. Trish, like the rest of Bucciarati's team, has put her faith and trust in Giorno by the end, awed at Giorno's victory over her father.
  • Jean Pierre Polnareff: Polnareff and Giorno become allies during the fight against Diavolo, and Giorno is the most willing to listen to his advice. After his body switch, Polnareff becomes a guardian for the Stand Arrow and stays with Giorno and the newly-led Passione.

Purple Haze Feedback

  • Sheila E: After Giorno became the boss of Passione, Sheila was placed as his bodyguard. When Sheila learned Giorno killed Illuso, she was content with the way he died.


About that theory of happiness you spewed... even as I look at you now, I feel no happiness at all... because victory was mine from the very beginning.

—Giorno to Cioccolata, Chapter 562

  • Diavolo: As the Boss of Passione, which was selling drugs in the streets, Diavolo was de facto Giorno's archenemy and target. However, both didn't know or even personally meet each other until very late in Part 5. Knowing nothing about Diavolo, Giorno sought to climb the ranks and approach him to take over Passione, with his daughter's escort mission being a chance that Giorno would readily take to get close to him. However, Bucciarati's open rebellion hasted his plan and allowed him to take more initiative against Diavolo and Passione as a whole. While Diavolo learned very quickly how resourceful Giorno was and trod carefully around him, he still treated him as inferior, calling him a "brat" and "hindrance", even when he viewed Giorno as his greatest threat during the final battle. On the other hand, Giorno only got to interact with Diavolo when he acquired Gold Experience Requiem and used that one moment to taunt the boss, especially challenging his philosophy rooted in 'results'.
  • Polpo: Giorno met Polpo to pass the test to enter Passione. Giorno and Polpo were civil toward each other, but Polpo only saw Giorno as a potential tool and used his position of power to grimly warn the teenager about misconducting oneself. On the other hand, Giorno despised him as soon as his Black Sabbath killed a helpless civilian, prompting him to kill Polpo as soon as he could.
  • Baby Face: Giorno and Baby Face were enemies, and the Stand Baby Face tried to assassinate Giorno to make a getaway after capturing Trish and Bucciarati. Baby Face grew increasingly frustrated at Giorno's determination to the point it forewent any precaution and tried to fight him openly. Ironically, Giorno thanked Baby Face for giving him enough trouble to be pushed into a wall and progress. It didn't prevent Giorno from summarily killing it and sending a venomous snake after its user, Melone.
  • Cioccolata: While Cioccolata didn't think much of Giorno, only noticing that he discovered Green Day's ability rather quickly, Giorno witnessed the ruin Cioccolata's Stand brought to Rome and greatly execrated the psychopath. When Giorno defeated Cioccolata, he reminded the mad doctor that those like him didn't deserve to live and vented his scorn with a lengthy and mortal pummeling before throwing Cioccolata's mutilated body into a garbage truck.
  • Illuso: Illuso was an assassin that wanted to kill him and take Trish. With help from Fugo, he managed to trick Illuso into getting killed by Purple Haze.

Relationships in Eyes of Heaven

(The information below derives from a Video Game not written by Araki. As such, it may not be considered canon.)

  • Yukako Yamagishi - Giorno tends to swindle other characters in his Eyes of Heaven interactions, acting much like he did in the early chapters of Vento Aureo. Giorno, underestimating her, attempts to scam Yukako by offering a taxi ride for 8,000 yen, but she doesn't fall for Giorno's trick and demands that he lower the price. Realizing his mistake, Giorno comments that it "looks like I decided to talk to the wrong girl." In another interaction, Yukako warns Giorno that she has come to retrieve Koichi's stolen bag (referencing Giorno stealing Koichi's luggage at the start of Vento Aureo). After the match is over, he acknowledges her ability, saying that "Koichi really found himself an unforgettable girlfriend…"
  • Josuke Higashikata - Giorno steals Josuke's wallet, causing Josuke to tremble with anger upon discovering it's been stolen. Giorno notices that it "only has 12 yen," a reference to the "Shigechi's Harvest" arc. After a match between the two, Giorno notes that his Stand ability and Josuke's are similar. When paired together, the two consider themselves a great tag team, and note it is like they can read each other's moves.
  • Jolyne Cujoh - Much like Josuke, Giorno steals her wallet, causing her to become angry, but soon realizes that there are only five dollars left in her wallet, "not even enough to buy a pizza." However, in another interaction, Giorno asks Jolyne to partner up for a fight. In their dialogue after the match is over, they reference their fathers' "catchphrases" ('Yare yare daze and 'muda'). The two feel like they had already met, likely referencing the battle between their fathers.
  • Joseph Joestar - Giorno describes Joseph's Ripple ability as "a feeling of numbness different from the Stands".
  • Old Joseph Joestar - Giorno thought Joseph was just an old man and that he was a little repulsive. Giorno also tried to scam him.
  • Jonathan Joestar - When the two are on the same team, Giorno will ask Jonathan everything he knows about DIO. If victorious, Giorno will mention that DIO is his father, surprising Jonathan.
  • DIO - In quotes and character actions, he has clear interactions with DIO (and curiously none from the original Dio Brando), from actually admiring him, refusing to serve his father, to scoffing him off to a mere path to progress. However, he does acknowledge his patriarchy, which DIO surprisingly reciprocates by acknowledging him as his son. They have a dual heat attack where both pummel their enemies repeatedly with their shared battle cry.
  • Jotaro Kujo - Part 4 Jotaro knows who he is. They have banters and lines of mutual admiration for one another. In hidden files for an unrealized Part 6 Jotaro, their interaction is even more apparent, going as far as Jotaro daring Giorno to consider if he's an ally or an enemy, or Giorno asking Jotaro if he's fine dealing with himself, DIO's son.

Video Games

Jump Ultimate Stars (DS Game)

Giorno appears as both a support and help Koma-character, and is also the only representative character from Part 5 to appear in the game.

His supports use Gold Experience (2-Koma) or Gold Experience Requiem (3-Koma) to attack with his "MUDAMUDAMUDA!!!" and his help Koma boosts the special attack gauge recovery when blocking or attacking with a support character.

He's one of the 3 characters who serves as an ally boost to DIO (along with Jonathan and Taizou from Taizou Mote King manga series).

GioGio's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (PS2)

Giorno ps2game

Giorno's appearance in the PS2 videogame

Giorno makes his playable debut with the rest of Team Bucciarati is one of the main playable characters in the game, being voiced by Romi Park.

He can use his Stand, Gold Experience, to create life and use it to his favor. In an example of the use of his Stand, he can create roots to capture the enemy and give himself a chance to attack. Gold Experience can also create trees to inflict considerable damage, and transform one of Giorno's brooches into a frog, that deflects enemy damage back at them, or a ladybug which follows the enemy (A useless ability added in for comical effect and loyalty to the manga). Giorno's main Stand attack is his "MUDAMUDAMUDA!!!" series of punches (which can be charged to extend the punches' duration).

In all chapter where Giorno is playable (and all the missions in Another Story) aside from the final chapter, he has Gold Experience; In the final battle, he has Gold Experience Requiem. G.E.Requiem possesses most of Golden Experience's attacks, but instead of using its ability to create life, G.E.Requiem will shoot scorpions from its finger not unlike firing bullets as a longed ranged attack. G.E.R can also counter Diavolo's King Crimson's ability: When Diavolo erases time and GER's ability is activated Giorno will stay slowed in the erased time, while G.E.R can freely move and attack Diavolo.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (PS3)

Giorno appears as one of the playable characters in the game. He is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa this time around, with his previous seiyuu, Romi Park, instead voicing Koichi Hirose. He was confirmed for the game alongside Mista, Polnareff and Kakyoin.

Along with Enrico Pucci, Kosaku-Kira, Johnny Joestar, Hol Horse, and Koichi Hirose, Giorno is a character who can utilize more than one Stand during a match as part of his moveset. As one of the mass majority of playable characters in the game with the "Stand" Style, Giorno can turn Gold Experience on/off, changing movesets, as well as having access to the Stand Rush ability returning from the Capcom game, being able to attack in conjunction with his Stand.

  • Throw - I must beat them!: Gold Experience uppercuts the opponent, kicks their leg, and beats them.

While Gold Experience is off:

  • MUDADA!: Giorno summons Gold Experience to kick the opponent's feet in a low attack, tripping them.
  • Now, it lives.: Giorno brings one of his ladybug brooches to life. The resulting animal is dependent on the attack button inputted.
    • Light - A flying fish that leaps forward momentarily. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
    • Medium - A snake that crawls on the ground and chases the opponent. The opponent is knocked down if they touch it. This version is a low attack that cannot be blocked if the opponent is not crouching. (Comboable)
    • Heavy - A piranha that leaps upward. The opponent is stunned and left vulnerable if they touch it. This moves doubles as an anti-air. (Comboable)
  • Life, spring forth!: Giorno instantly grows a tree under his feet. This skill can assist in evasion or setting up air attacks.
  • This is our true path!: This move can only be used in mid-air. Gold Experience is summoned and sent down to rapidly kick the opponent. This move can be used instantly following "Life, spring forth!".
  • It's useless: A counter. Giorno turns one of the ladybug brooches on his chest into a frog. Any attack by the opponent that is not a Throw/HHA/GHA will cause them to be sent into the stage wall, and the ability's damage is proportional to that of the opponent's own attack.
  • Now this is a part of me!: Expending half a bar of the HHG, Giorno uses his life-giving ability to heal himself using one of his ladybug brooches. While the health regained is substantial, this ability takes time to perform, and can be interrupted. After it is performed, Giorno must not take any damage for a set period of time in order for the health to successfully recover.

While Gold Experience is on:

  • This doesn't feel good...: This ability can only be used when the opponent is down. Gold Experience stomps on them.
  • MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!: Gold Experience rapidly punches as Giorno walks forward. The opponent is knocked off their feet on the final hit. This ability can initiate Rush Mode. A Stand Rush skill that Giorno can disconnect from to attack the opponent while it is executing. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
  • WRYYYYYYYYYY!: Giorno leaps into the air as Gold Experience punches upward. This move acts as an anti-air and has a follow-up.
    • MUDAAAAA!: Gold Experience delivers a powerful hook to send the opponent into the ground.
  • A path opens on dark plains: A counterattack can only be used once Giorno is hit by any non-Throw/HHA/GHA, or any attack that does not down or send him flying upon the first hit. Gold Experience retaliates by rapidly kicking the opponent away and onto the ground. During this move, Giorno is invulnerable and cannot be hit, even by HHA and GHA. However, the activation costs two stocks of the Heart Heat Gauge to use, and Giorno will suffer an extra small amount of damage, half of which is healable. This move also cannot be Puttsun Cancelled.

Giorno's HHA, "Savor the taste of pain!", is a slow-motion punch to the face from Gold Experience that sends the opponent flying across the stage and leaving them unable to act for a moment afterward on landing (taken from his first encounter with Bucciarati). The HHA will have a different effect depending on the character (such as Gold Experience jabbing its thumb in Jonathan's eye like Dio has, or punching DIO in the upper head like Star Platinum has).

Giorno's GHA, "Your 'end' has no ending!", has him take the Arrow and stab Gold Experience with it in order to evolve it into Gold Experience Requiem, requiring roughly 3 seconds of animation to play uninterrupted. However, Requiem Mode only lasts until the Heart Heat Gauge empties; GER will revert to Gold Experience once it runs out. During this mode, Giorno's moveset changes completely, and he cannot turn GER off. Giorno's singular normal attacks do considerable amounts more damage and Puttsun Cancels now spend a fifth of a bar of the Heart Heat Gauge instead of the usual whole stock.

  • Beyond the arrow's power: Replacing the normal forward and backward dash, Giorno and Gold Experience Requiem momentarily fly through the air, covering much more ground, potentially passing over the opponent, and evading many attacks. Giorno can perform an air attack during flight.
  • Can you escape destruction?: GER fires a scorpion at incredible speed from the tip of its finger. This move is unblockable, and if the opponent is hit, they will be stunned and left vulnerable. (Comboable)
  • YOU WILL NEVER REACH TRUTH!: GER unleashes its ability to return any action to zero. In a radius around Giorno, a sphere of black and grey energy will appear and expand. This move is unblockable. If the opponent is caught, they will immediately flinch and be left wide open to attack. This ability can be activated even if Giorno is being attacked. It is also capable of nullifying all projectiles, even those unleashed in HHA and GHA. Using this move expends a fifth of a bar of the HHG. (Comboable)
  • MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!: GER rapidly punches as Giorno walks forward for 2 to 4 seconds, depending on whether or not the attack button was rapidly pressed. This move has a follow-up if fully completed. (Comboable through Puttsun Cancel)
    • MUDAAA!: GER finishes with a singular powerful strike that sends the opponent flying far.

Naturally, Diavolo's "Erasing Time" skill is automatically nullified in Requiem Mode; The ability will initiate as the confirming sound plays, but the time erasure does not actually take effect. If Requiem Mode is active while Enrico Pucci is in "Made in Heaven Mode", the slowdown effect on Giorno will be nullified due to GER's powers, making him one of the only two characters who can truly counter Made in Heaven's effects, the other being "Kosaku Kawajiri's" Bites the Dust.

Alongside the rest of the playable members of Team Bucciarati (sans Narancia) and Ermes Costello, Giorno is one of the only characters who activate Resolve Mode instead of the normal Rumble Mode when low on health. In this state, attacks that do not result in hard knockdowns or blow-backs no longer phase the character. Resolve Mode is also activated as a passive effect during Requiem Mode, regardless of health level.

Besides the entire cast from Part 5, Giorno possesses special dialogue before a fight with DIO or Koichi. When fighting Koichi, Koichi will demand his suitcase and passport back (recreating their encounters during early Part 5). While fighting DIO, Giorno admits that DIO was the person he wanted to meet most, and DIO does not recognize him. If Giorno wins, he will say that he will use the power he inherited from him for his own dreams. If DIO wins, he will admit to liking Giorno.

Giorno and Gold Experience also appear on the cover for the Italian version of the game. Since Giorno is never shown in any other outfit, all of his alternate costumes are based on pattern alterations to his outfit shown only in chapter/volume covers or other special pieces of artwork, such as the one based on his Volume 59 appearance and another one based on his Volume 63 appearance.

Eyes of Heaven (PS4/PS3)

Giorno Giovanna was confirmed for the game alongside Mista, Fugo and Narancia.

Since most of the game's animation, effects and attacks were reused from All Star Battle, Giorno's repertoire of abilities remains mostly the same, though with some new additions to aid him in battle.

As a Stand User, Giorno is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle.

Giorno interacts with stage objects not by breaking them or picking them up, but by transforming them into small creatures. Depending on the size of the object in question, it can either be transformed into a flying fish that flies towards the nearest opponent to attack them, or a hidden snake that bites and inflicts Poison on opponents whom attempt to interact with it.

  • Style Action - Gold Experience Requiem!: Giorno pierces Gold Experience with the Arrow in an attempt to evolve it into Gold Experience Requiem. While he is left vulnerable to attacks, if the animation fully plays out uninterrupted, Requiem will emerge, and Giorno gains a completely new array of moves. Giorno may manually cancel the transformation with a Flash Cancel or DHA. Once the transformation is successful the first time, not only will the cooldown on the skill be reduced drastically, subsequent transformations will also be immediate.
  • Gold Experience!: Gold Experience punches the ground, causing a number of wooden branches entwined together to rapidly sprout forward. The branches will paralyze any opponent they touch and leave them vulnerable to further attack, but will also immediately collapse. Even if they do not connect with an opponent, they will remain as an active trap for a longer period of time before collapsing.
  • MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA: Gold Experience attacks by rapidly punching 12 times while advancing forward, the final hit sending opponents flying.
  • I've got the perfect attack for you.../Now this is a part of me!: The attack unleashed is dependent on whether or not the activating button is held. If pressed, Giorno turns one of the ladybug brooches on his chest into a frog. While active, Giorno's stamina gauge will slowly drain. Any attack by an opponent that is not a DHA or received from behind will cause them to be sent flying a long distance away, and the ability's damage is proportional to that of the opponent's own attack. However, Giorno may not use Normal Attacks or Powerful Attacks, and attempting to use other skills, a DHA, or his Style Action will immediately banish the frog. If held, Giorno uses his life-giving ability to heal himself using one of his ladybug brooches. While the health regained is substantial, this ability takes time to perform, and can be interrupted. Using it will also increase the cooldown on the skill.
  • Life, spring forth!: Giorno instantly grows a tree under his feet, becoming invincible for a brief instance. This skill can assist in evasion, setting up air attacks, or can allow Giorno to reach high places for traversal. He may cancel the skill into any action, upon which the tree will crumble.
  • EX - Gold Experience!: The skill executes quicker and Giorno gains super armor until the attack begins.
  • EX - MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA: The skill executes quicker and Giorno gains super armor until the attack begins.

Gold Experience Requiem

While Gold Experience Requiem is active, Giorno's movement speed receives an incredible boost, and his moveset changes completely. All Normal and Powerful attacks start in the air, with the two taking flight and covering a considerable distance with each attack. Giorno is also able to see and attack Diavolo while time is being erased via his "All movement is useless now!" Style Action. GER is still not permanent, however, and Gold Experience will revert to its original form after some time.

  • Style Action - That which is inherited must move toward what lies beyond!: Giorno takes the Arrow from GER, prematurely reverting it back into Gold Experience.
  • He cannot even reach the final fate ordained for him: death.: Giorno and GER fly forward with a single punch. If that punch connects, GER will follow up with a barrage of 23 punches, sending the target flying a long distance away, while Giorno himself becomes invincible during the entire attack. This skill has a unique, special effect: Should the attack be used to Retire an opponent before their partner, a Soul Succession will not activate and the battle will immediately resume, leaving the remaining opponent without the usual Inherited Will power-up.
  • MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDAAA!: Giorno rises into the air as GER rapidly punches 12 times while advancing forward, the final hit sending opponents flying.
  • There's no road ahead for you.: GER unleashes its ability to return any action to zero. In a radius around Giorno, a sphere of black energy that distorts colors will appear and expand. This move is unblockable. Any opponent that comes in contact with the energy will immediately flinch for a much longer period of time than normal and be left completely vulnerable to attack. The energy will overpower/nullify any and all opposing attacks and projectiles, and even opponents that have super armor or outright invincibility under normal circumstances still remain vulnerable to it. This ability can be activated even if Giorno is being attacked and-or caught in a combo with any attack that is not a Dual Combo Finish or DHA. It is also capable of curing him of any active status ailments upon activation. Giorno may cancel the skill at any time with other skills.
  • EX - He cannot even reach the final fate ordained for him: death.: Giorno flies farther and with increased speed, the attack itself deals more damage, and he is also invincible until the attack begins.
  • EX - MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDAAA!: Giorno is invincible for the entire duration of the attack, and GER unleashes 8 more hits.


  • I hate pointless things. MUDA MUDA...: Giorno must connect "I've got the perfect attack for you". (200 Points)
  • Something new is coming out!: Giorno must transform a total of 3 stage objects. (200 Points)
  • Are you sure you'll be able to survive this?: Giorno must connect "There's no road ahead for you." twice. (300 Points)
  • True resolve means cutting open a bright path through the darkest of fields!: Giorno must perform a Dual Combo Finish. (500 Points)
  • That's what Gold Experience Requiem does.: Giorno must Retire an opponent while GER is active. (800 Points)

Dual Heat Attacks

Giorno can only participate in Special DHAs while Gold Experience is in its base form.

  • Solo (Normal) - WRYYYYYYYYYYY!: Gold Experience pummels the opponent at an upward angle over an extended period while the camera shifts perspective multiple times, ending with a downward hook that launches them hard into the ground (referencing his iconic 7-page long beating of Cioccolata).
    • Solo (Gold Experience Requiem) - Your "end" has no ending!: GER releases its power as a sphere of black energy that distorts colors appears and expands until completely encompassing the opponent, leaving them completely unable to take action. With Requiem claiming to the opponent that they will "never reach reality", Giorno and his Stand fly forward and attack their target with a powerful barrage of punches, ending with a forceful punch to the face that knocks them out of the energy zone.
  • With Bucciarati - Double Arrivederci: Giorno has Gold Experience punch the opponent away and onto the ground, before Bucciarati has Sticky Fingers place a zipper on the ground. The zipper rapidly closes and two ride it to close the distance on their target, before they leap into the air. In unison, both Giorno and Bucciarati inform the opponent of their resolve before Gold Experience and Sticky Fingers pummel their target while letting out their Stand Cries. The two Stands glow with golden and blue auras, respectively, and finish their assault with a joint uppercut that sends the opponent high into the air, while both users bid them an "Arrivederci".
  • With Mista - True resolve!!: Mista, claiming that his true resolve has just begun, aggressively fires away at the opponent, each shot getting redirected by Sex Pistols multiple times to hit them at different angles. Giorno subsequently appears and jumps high into the air until he is directly above the opponent. Following up on Mista's statement by telling him that true resolve "isn't about self-sacrifice", Giorno proceeds to stomp down on the target several times with Gold Experience, the final kick hitting with the impact to launch him off and create a shockwave. Both attacks are references to the two's battle against Ghiaccio.
  • With DIO - Surpassing Existence!: DIO summons The World to batter the opponent, before being joined by Giorno and Gold Experience. After exchanging looks, both of them yell out their shared Stand Cry in unison and attack their target with steadily increasing power, before delivering a combined powerful strike that sends the opponent reeling.


He is paired with Mista in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Rohan Kishibe and Polnareff in the first round, and "Kosaku Kawajiri" and Weather Report in the second. In the semifinals, they are defeated by Bucciarati and Trish in the first round.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor

Giorno was one of the characters first confirmed during the game's announcement.


  • His hairstyle is associated with chocolate cornets. The notation "@@@" refers to Giorno's unique hairstyle and is often used by Japanese fans to refer to him.
  • Giorno takes after his father's "MudaMudaMuda..." battle cry, only shouting the last "Muda" as a finishing blow. He also lets out a "WRYYYYYY!" during his climactic pummeling of Cioccolata.

Top: Volume 60
Bottom: WSJ 1998, No.35

  • The volume release of Giorno's beatdown on Cioccolata includes two extra pages drawn by Araki. This double page spread was not present in the Weekly Shōnen Jump version. According to JOJO A-GO!GO!, this was the first time in shōnen manga history that a "seven page beatdown" was featured.[30]
  • In Araki's top Ten Favorite Characters in 2000, Giorno ranked 5th, Araki's second favorite JoJo, and third favorite Part 5 character; Mista ranked 7th, Diavolo at 4th, & Bucciarati in 3rd place.
  • Giorno's English voice actor Philip Reich previously voiced Yuya Fungami.



Part 5: Vento Aureo







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