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The Spin in action

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The Zeppeli family's Spin technique, usually applied with special Steel Balls, is a versatile skill Gyro has trained in since his youth. Gyro equips himself with two Steel Balls as a means of self-defense, attack, and general strategic advantage.

Throwing his Steel Balls with the Spin, Gyro may create a variety of impressive trajectories, able even to have them return directly to him, mainly after successful contact with his target.

On impact with flesh, spiral ripples often appear. Gyro may apply a wide range of effects to human or animal targets, including muscular, nerve, and bone manipulation, and the forceful wringing of flesh to drain water.

Gyro explains that although used by his family for execution, the Spin was not developed for destructive ends, and is in many ways equally suitable in medical treatment.

The Spin may be viewed as the Steel Ball Run counterpart to the Ripple featured primarily in Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency.


Gyro Scan01


Manga Debut: SBR Chapter 31, Scary Monsters (4)
After the Corpse's right eye binds with Gyro's, the word "TURBO" is inscribed on Gyro's iris, behind it a diagonally oriented cross; with a cross pattéeW emerging from the bottom-outside of his eye, on his cheek, to begin with. A single eye appears within each of Gyro's active Steel Balls, staring outwards, also marked on the iris.

When Scan (スキャン Sukyan) is active, the ability places eyes representing those of the Corpse in each of Gyro's active Steel Balls. These enhance Gyro's aptitude for the Spin, and his vision as surrogate eyes (enabling him to see remotely when Hot Pants blinds him with Cream Starter); as well as allowing him to see through people's bodies as though by X-ray, permitting him to calculate for better targeting.

Gyro relinquishes this ability when he gives his eye to Lucy Steel.


Saint's Corpse

The complete guardian of the Corpse's eyes appears as a largely insentient, robotic humanoid figure. When Gyro departs this figure, it is divided, missing its left arm, leg, upper "eye" and the left plate of the two originally framing its head. A similar figure is seen once more when Gyro uses Scan, growing from his Steel Ball, in his battle against Ringo Roadagain.[4]

Ball Breaker

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Ball Breaker manifests when Gyro finally achieves the "Super Spin". The stand is a visualization of Spin energy unleashed from Gyro's steel balls, the technique behind them ultimately becoming a Stand ability.[1] Ball Breaker embodies a vast force capable of bypassing dimensional barriers.[5]



Gyro is an experienced and capable equestrian, competent enough to ride across many types of terrain and be a serious competitor in the Steel Ball Run. His riding style can be summed up as aggressive, Gyro seeks to remain at the first place constantly, and takes dangerous shortcuts when he deems it necessary. When another rider challenges him, Gyro will actively try to get rid of him. His beloved horse is named Valkyrie. Related to that Gyro is knowledgeable about horses, particularly Valkyrie whose abilities and limits he can gauge at any moment.

Medicine, Surgery and Anatomy

Being trained as a surgeon, Gyro is an accomplished surgeon, being able to make surgical operations on his own. This training also includes intimate knowledge of the human body Gyro uses in conjunction with the Spin in combat.


Gyro is an adept tactician, being able to hold his own against several Stand users, and outsmarting them in several occasions. Gyro has been shown to be able to use his surrounding, or even the enemy's own power to his advantage.


Gyro is worldly, possessing a range of knowledge, including in tracking, opera, paleontology, and mathematics.


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