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Harvest (ハーヴェスト Hāvesuto) is the Stand of Shigekiyo Yangu, featured in Diamond is Unbreakable.


Harvest is one of the few Colony Stands, composed of about 500[2] small units that may act individually.

"Harvest" takes the form of small, oval-shaped, insect-like creatures with four articulate arms and two legs; three fingers on their hands; with large appendages at their posteriors, resembling a bee's abdomen.

Their entire bodies are patterned by stark, even horizontal stripes alternating between black and a light purple color. Their faces act as pockets behind which they store whatever they carry. They have a hole on their foreheads that can produce a needle to inject liquids. Their eyes are semicircular, in line with blocky noses.

Harvest's basic design and concept draws from honey beesW.[3]

Most media portray Harvest as yellow and purple-striped bugs.


Harvest speaks in a high pitch of limited phrases, including "Found it!" and the laugh "Hee hee!" autonomously. Their user can speak through them with complete sentences, however.


Harvest is a long range colony Stand one can underestimate because of its and Shigechi's innocuous appearance, its basic power, and the petty way in which it is used to gather lost coins and other knickknacks across Morioh.[4]

However, the number of units coupled with their ability to still punch into the flesh means that Harvest can easily overwhelm even Josuke and Okuyasu,[2] and Shigechi is imaginative in the way he uses his Stand, making it a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Harvest possesses the following basic characteristics:

  • Persistence: Each of Harvest's 500 units can be destroyed with ease, but with little to no effect on Shigechi himself, as the damage is divided by 500.[5] It makes him more resilient than average in a fight.
  • Strength in Numbers: An individual unit of Harvest is fairly weak, although its fists have enough power to punch a correspondingly small hole through human flesh, and 3 Harvest also seemed to be able to pull back against a human. In combat, Harvest will swarm someone and attack weak points like the eye;[6] Shigekiyo having also threatened to sever Kira's carotid on one occasion.[7] In addition, Harvest's units are quite fast, able to outpace an athletic runner. Working together, the units can carry Shigekiyo faster than a man can run and even scale the side of a building like a tank thread.[6]

In addition, Harvest possesses the following abilities:


Harvest searching the whole town for coupons

Shigechi can command Harvest to search for and collect any particular type of item, provided it’s light enough for Harvest to carry and bring back to him; the child typically uses this power to gather lost coins[4] but on Josuke's advice takes on harvesting store coupons which can bring more money.[8] Harvest has an extremely large range, with its units being able to move through the entirety of a small city without any issue.[8]

It has limited use in combat, but Shigechi is able to dismantle objects rapidly thanks to Harvest, enabling him to occasionally take advantage of the environment[6] or create hiding spots rapidly.[9]

Hypodermic Needle

Each individual Harvest possesses a needle with which Shigechi can inject any liquid directly into his opponents' bloodstream, at one point intoxicating Josuke and Okuyasu by injecting alcohol inside them, dazing them and crippling their fighting ability.[6]

Chapters / Episodes

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  • SBR Extra Chapter 3: "Untitled Stand Chapter" (Mentioned only)

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    • The anime adaptation represents Harvest through computer-generated 3D models, in contrast to most Stands which are drawn.
    • Harvest appears in the bottom right corner of the loading screen of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven.


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